Fresno State Travel Program Update July 2010

Hello I’m Monica Shackelton from Accounting
Services. I’m here today to provide the campus
community with some key updates to the travel program here at Fresno State. Effective July
1st 2010, the TravelStore has been designated as our
new system-wide travel agency provider. What does this
mean to you? In order to obtain state-contracted air fare rates, you must make your reservation
through the TravelStore. The TravelStore cliqbook online tool offers a one-stop shopping for
all travel, which includes air, hotel, and car rental
reservations. All department or travel coordinators will now
have to enroll with the TravelStore in order to make reservations for faculty and staff.
All of the existing BTA cost center accounts have been established
with the new agency, and all users will be notified to
update their profile page. Business as usual? You can continue at this time to use the
website to make your car rental reservations. Choosing to use the TravelStore online booking
tool will require a user profile setup. You can continue
to use the same BTA request form to activate your
enrollment. And yes, the Travel Shoppe can still be used; however they will not be able
to access the state-contracted, discounted air fare rates.
The American Express BTA accounts will continue to be
charged directly to the reservation to your reservation if you choose to do so. What do
you need to know? If you have an existing BTA cost center
account please access the TravelStore site to update your
user profile and password. An automated email notification will go out to you personally
requesting profile update beginning July the 6th. Familiarize
yourself with the existing travel policy and procedures.
Resources will be made available to you by visiting the accounting services website
( as well as Frequently Asked Questions. An accounting
personal will be available to assist you with the transition. Thank you.

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