Four Seasons Maui Presidential Suite Tour

Hey guys! Cindy Williams, from Tripsy
Travel. We are touring the presidential suite at the Four Seasons in Wailea
Maui today. Come along with me I’d love to show you the property. Alright, Tripsters first I want you to
take a peek at this cool system we have here the Presidential Suite. A little
video camera to look at who’s outside. One for child level, one for adult level.
now one of the cool things about the presidential suite it is actually three
bedrooms, five bathrooms, and connecting lanai area. Right now we’re in the foyer
area of the main suite which we consider kind of the master area the most
luxurious of the three rooms. Our first of five bathrooms here and there is in here
a full shower and toilet area as well. Nice large dining area. There’s several
dining areas throughout the unit as well. Little work space here. I’m gonna get you a closer peek of that
view in just a little bit, but it is a gorgeous view from every room in the
suite. Our first of several living room areas in the Presidential Suite. One here,
and then we have another one tucked right over here. One features a viewpoint
of the gorgeous view, and this one features our entertainment area. Back
here we have a nice kitchen area. Coffee bar, full-size refrigerator, blender, full silverware, and another entrance here as well. Let me take you back through the
living room area, and we are going into the master bedroom. Double-door entry.
Foyer for the master. Gorgeous colors. Each of the three rooms is has a
different color scheme. The master is an aqua a little bit of little pops of orange. Now with the presidential suite, as I
said although a nice connect, they will even bring the exercise equipment that
you would like to use to the balcony for you. How great is that? So you can workout
looking right at the ocean. There’s the three Lanais that are all connected. Large
TV entertainment in the master. Then we have this gorgeous soaking tub book
marked by a beautiful mosaic on both ends. And it has a walk through, see
through to the master bathroom. Closet, we have your safe, hampers, and some
other great amenities. Large walk-in shower, vanity area, and
of course all marble. Water closet complete with, telephone,
as well as facilities. Alright so we’re going to walk through to the next, the three bedrooms. So again full ocean views. This is the ground floor unit there’s also an
oceanfront Presidential Suite that is a little bit higher on the property,
located on a higher floor. This one features a great yard space though which
is really nice for your families that may have children traveling. Second
bedroom two queen-size beds. Separate entrance, its own closet
space, coffee bar, fridge, mini bar. Full-size bathroom. And we’re gonna walk
over into the third bedroom now. Third bedroom has its own foyer, separate
entrance. Large bathroom. This one also has a large coat closet, to fit extra suitcases. This one is decorated in purple and lime color. Entertainment, full front ocean views as well. And another full dining area. So again great for
several families that would be traveling together. They could share this suite and
have total privacy and a shared lanai. Alright, i’m going to walk right back here. You can see they have another entrance here, and a little kitchen area as well. This unit has a total of three kitchen areas
and five bathrooms. And, this is the last of the
bedrooms. Office area. I believe that’s a king-sized bed. Bar, separate closet, and another lovely
well-appointed bathroom. Again this is the Presidential Suite, the Four Seasons in Wailea. I’m gonna take you out to the lanai area so we can take a look at
the views. So as you can see, we have full front ocean views. There’s outside dining as well in all the areas. And all three of the areas connect so
there’s lots of Lanai space for everyone to sit and relax. There is a fire pit. Yard area for the children to play. As you can see all along all three they’re a
little bit separated, semi-private, but dining space, relaxing space, in front ocean
view space for every single one of the three bedrooms connecting the
presidential suite. Walk over here and we’re back over by the master bedroom area so you can see this gorgeous view. Now when you rent the Presidential Suite
we arrange for you to have a greeting, which they host here on the lanai upon
your arrival. So again this is Cyndi, from Tripsy Travel. And we are touring the
Presidential Suite. If you are considering booking the Presidential
Suite at Four Seasons or anywhere in Hawaii, please contact us at Tripsy Travel.
We would love to help you. Thanks Tripsters, have a great day.

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