Good morning everyone welcome back to another episode of vlogmas A lot of you asked me with my job as a flight attendant how I don’t get sick all the time And the truth is I have a pretty strong immune system But I do get sick every now and again like right now I am pretty stuffy and I feel like I have a lot of fluid in my ears, so I do get sick I just don’t really show it on my channel too often today is also one of the worst days that I could possibly get sick too because I am also fasting I Cannot eat for 24 hours because I am having a small stomach operation tomorrow I am really glad now that I did not get called for like a 2 or 3 day trip Eric and I always use this calendar that we just have a bun or wall right here is just like a whiteboard calendar So we can see everything that we have going on for the month and I’m about to make our December one So now I have like the first draft of our calendar obviously as the month goes on We add in a lot more things, but as you can tell in the blue I’ve put when I am on flight attendant work trips I have the first like nine days off of the month, which is awesome And then Eric and I do have some trips planned and some holiday fun stuff going on So I’m excited for this month. This one is here to make me feel better Aren’t you Luna? Giving me lots of cuddles and love this morning What do you guys like to do when you’re sick? are you the type of person who’s still pretty active and likes to work out and stuff because sometimes I am and then sometimes I’m the type of person who just likes to lay around and do absolutely nothing when I am sick I started a new book called Will Grayson Will Grayson by John Green and David Lettie Levithan yeah David Levithan and John Green is probably my favorite author besides JK Rowling who wrote Harry Potter But I absolutely love John Green. I love all of his books This is the last book of his that I need to read before I’ve read all of them My favorites of his have probably been looking for Alaska and The Fault in Our Stars which The Fault in Our Stars I feel like is the most famous of his books because it was turned into a movie I just love the way that he writes his audience is typically young adult readers because oftentimes it’s about high school kids and kind of how they are navigating through life their ups and And so far this book is about two different kids who are both named Will Grayson I think they’re about the same age, but they live very different lives. So the first chapter so far Well Grayson is in high school, and he doesn’t have many friends He has like one best friend and he’s kind of just going through high school I don’t really know much about his character yet and then the next chapter they flipped to the other world Grayson who is pretty depressed he talks about suicide and He talks about fighting with his mom and I just find it really interesting because the book so far has like very contrasting characters I’m really interested to see like what the deeper meaning behind all of this is and I guess at some point in the book they Are supposed to meet up these two characters, but this is probably one of John Green’s like darker novels I’ve never heard him talk about suicide in any of his other books Turtles all the way down was also another amazing book by him That’s probably another one of my favorites and it is about a girl who has anxiety And how she navigates through her life that book had some dark moments, but it never really talked about suicide This is definitely a different style of writing for him, but I’m very excited to read it I am always looking for new book recommendations so if you’ve read John Green and you know If any similar authors or books that are that are close to like what he writes. Please let me know I also really love suspense thrillers like gone girl got Luna right here. Just hanging out with me, Luna Lena What you looking at, Luna? Hey, Luna, Luna, what the heck Luna Luna hey one thing I found really interesting about this book too is on the Will Grayson chapters from the Will Grayson who I’m assuming is depressed None of the letters are capitalized not a single one and it’s been like that for the whole chapter So I definitely want to look up and see kind of what the meaning behind that is I’m about to start editing some YouTube videos and I also am looking up Christmas gift ideas for Eric because Believe it or not he wanted a specific headset and I ordered that for him and then his mom ended up ordering that for him to and Sent it to our house as just like a care package for him just for fun. So now I’m like, oh my gosh Hi Luna So now I have to find another Christmas gift for him I am just scrolling through this website and Trying to find something that I think he would really like so I basically didn’t vlog much of any Actually today because I have been really sick like I said earlier, but I’m feeling a little bit better now I do have my stomach procedure tomorrow morning, though So I’m really hoping that goes well now I’m just hanging out with Eric on our couch downstairs And we’re actually watching Fear Factor on Hulu. This was seriously one of my favorite shows growing up as a kid I think I’m a natural adrenaline. Junkie though. So that’s probably why I really liked it cuz out lumina hanging out over here I’m jealous. Eric can actually eat food who made himself some burritos and All I can stomach right now is just some chicken broth So this is the very first episode of fear factor and their first challenge is they have to hang on to the back of a horse like what like on a rope and it has to Drag them across the mud as Eric and I watch the show We’re gonna look at each challenge and see which one of us would have won He thinks I would win the horse driving one He said the reason I would win is because I would have better grip because I was a gymnast Alright here he goes. Oh That’s not too bad you just have to hang on I mean I might hurt a little bit but But then you can’t really see everything that’s going on oh My gosh you went flying Elena you want to pull us through the mud we both think it actually looks pretty fun. I Think we could both do it very easily It’s time for stunt number two, and they’re heading into it. Looks like a really dark room. What do you think it is? The rat pit oh No, I don’t know if I could do this Could you lie in a tub for four minutes with rats crawling all over you? I honestly don’t know if I could do it. Look how cute Luna looks right now I’m such an obsessed dog mom, but seriously, she looks so adorable all curled up. Oh my gosh You should quit because getting now is gonna take a couple seconds. Anyways, don’t quit. That’s true. You might as well Just stay in the tire. It gets driving me to the doctor’s office where I’m going to get my little stomach procedures So we’re gonna hope that everything goes well I will update you guys later I’m out of the procedure now. Everything went well They did find a small mess that they are going to biopsy and I’m gonna have a follow-up appointment and there was a little bit of inflammation of my intestines but Nothing too bad We stopped at chick-fil-a so we could get milkshakes and Eric got real food This is about all I can eat right now And then tonight I can try eating more solid foods, but no meat for 24 hours But I’m glad that it’s over and we’re heading home now If any of you had the frosted lemonade milkshake from chick-fil-a It’s one of Eric’s favorites and it’s my first time having it today and it is seriously one of the best Milkshakes I’ve ever had it is so good. Good morning, everyone So I came home yesterday after my little procedure and I was napping on and off all day long And then I slept all night long So I’ve basically just been resting since I’ve gotten home and I woke up today feeling much better But I still feel like I don’t have all of my energy back So I’m going to take it easy, but I’m going to conclude this vlog now Thank you everyone so so so much for watching Make sure that you stay tuned for the rest of vlogmas If you like this video go ahead and give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel So you never miss any more travel tips and adventures. I will see you guys next time. Bye

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