Fixing Lucas!!! Sam Wu’s Nursing School Journey ep1

It’s been hard… It’s has definitely been hard… My name is Sam This is Lucas Lucas say hi Lucas had a good life Yea, definitely! Lucas had a good life He would be rolling around in school carrying my books for me We would walk around the school Lucas would get all the attention He’s one of those special book bags that you don’t see often He had a good life But the one day… I started to notice that His wheels are getting smaller, and… but I didn’t put too much on my heart at the time but it was… It was that one day when I was walking out of my house and then… I was just pulling him along and I realized that instead of wheeling him I’m like dragging him and at that moment I realized there is something horribly horribly wrong with Lucas here What I found out was that… The wheels had tremendous changes to it It was deforemd it was small it was nothing compared to the other wheels and it was scary looking at these pictures beside the normal… “it’s hard to walk” There’s just a lot of stuff that becomes trouble in our lives Lucas, what happened? What do you say on your part? yea, so… People would laugh at him because of his small little wheel He would fall down really often and the other suitcases and roller bags would just laugh at him and this is just really hard on his mind and self-esteem It’s hard man! There’s a couple times when we just keep trippin’ and fallin’ It hurt so it’s definitely been hard but we tried to have fun I tried to go out with him you know play around we haven’t give up yet but finally I did find something and that day, that was the day… When Lucas’ life would be much much different

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  1. This is the content that I signed up for! Been here since day one 👌🏻 So excited for Lucas’s new shoes and all his future adventures! (Love the series idea ❤️)

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