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  1. Hey Kayley. could you do a video talking about current favorites? like different shampoos and everything you use to get your hair perfect. thanks

  2. What kind of haircut do you recommend for round faces? I have been soooooo conflicted on this which prevents me from even trying to do my hair

  3. Thatโ€™s the point with heavy hair.

    It limits you so much in basically everything.
    I had mid-thighs hair until last December and I cut it off, I couldnโ€™t handle the monotony.

  4. I am so excited to finally get advice from someone who basically has the same hair as me. I can let it air dry and it is as straight as a ruler. I also have a lot of hair which doesnโ€™t seem normal for someone who has ridiculously straight fine hair.

    Dry shampoo is amazing! I got it down to where I only have to wash it at the most twice a week. But what kind of moose is your favorite? Do you make sure it doesnโ€™t have alcohol in it or is it ok to have the alcohol?

  5. This is so helpful!! I have fine, straight, virgin, healthy hair (I know, poor me) and I never can get my hair to do anything so I can't wait to try these!

  6. Kayley, help! I have very fine hair but mine is wavy/minimally curly and super dry. Do you have recommendations for dry curly hair that's fine???

  7. I remember my hairdo for prom, my hairstylist put so much hairspray on my curls (thin hair) that when I arrived at the location my hair was completely flat and stiff, so I really feel your advice on mousse before hairspray!

  8. Omg no one will read this but….this type of hair is almost exactly mine…. I thought I was crazy lol. I kept telling my cousin who's a stylist that I don't have that "smooth Barbie hair" that keeps a style. It's pretty fine and gets heavy easily with products or oils/touching. The best thing I've done is what you said: cutting it a little shorter, but also I've gotten my hair less oily by washing it only about twice a week, whereas years ago I would wash it pretty frequently… but my hair is still very virgin (I don't want to damage it) so it's still a bit flat.

  9. My hair looks exactly the way yours did in high school! This was the most helpful hair tutorial I ever watched. I have to change out pretty much every product I use, haha.

  10. Huh, I thought we might have the same hair type, but mine is oily, fine, heavy, but it's not flat- it sticks out a mile- and it's stylable, but there's so much of it it takes forever to style!

  11. I used to have very oily hair and had to wash it almost everyday, I ended up spending a whole summer only washing my hair with water (sounds crazy I know), scalp massages, and a boar bristle brush theres vids on it, and it has been so helpful, and for a bit it was greasy (why i did it over the summer) but it made my hair so much healthier and it hasnt been greasy since ( i started using shampoo and conditioner again) definitely recommend if you can get yourself through the greasy stage (hats, constarch/cocoa powder, and scarves are your best friend!)

  12. Omgggg besides being incredibly sweet your tips are the absolute best. The whole oily roots with dry frizzy split endings is the story of my life

  13. I have hair exactly like yours but the only difference is my scalp is super dry (with super oily roots) and I never know what to do cause I feel like my scalp needs the moisture but it will make the oil worse

  14. The problem is my hair is naturally has loose curls but only if I donโ€™t brush it, so itโ€™s knotty. Iโ€™ll try the not moisturising trick, I just worry about damaging my ends and I donโ€™t want to spend a lot of money on tools and products if it isnโ€™t going to work very well… also I live in Australia and most of the products you use arenโ€™t sold here ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ญ but thatโ€™s a different issue

  15. this was THE BIGGEST HELP. I have super straight hair that has only been slightly bleached. I was so mad I curled my hair twice last Saturday… twice WITH a really good hairspray & it only took 15 minutes until it was super straight again. Sooooo frustratingggggg. Youโ€™re amazing. Saving my life.

  16. I am so incredibly happy that I found your channel. First off, you for explaining your hairstyle tutorials so clearly!! They are so easy to understand and I really appreciate you taking your time on them and spelling everything out for us. Second, I love that you and I both have fine straight hair because this particular video has helped me to understand what I need to do to make my hair look the best it possibly can. I know that mousse and dry shampoo are definitely my friends, but what do you recommend as a moisturizer for the ends of my hair? I have tried fractionated coconut oil (coconut oil that has the long chain fatty acids a removed so that it stays in a liquid state) and that honestly feels a little bit too heavy for me. Are there a few lightweight products you recommend that would be good to apply on the lower part and ends of my hair?
    Thank you for all of the helpful info you give us and for all of your hard work!! Take care. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Very interesting. I had my hair colored for a long time and never had trouble with my hair at that time. Last year I decided to not color my hair anymore. And since a while now I really have trouble with my hair being SOOO oily all the time. I did not think about that it might have to do with the coloring. So thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I watched this on saturday and dug out an old can of moose on Sunday, curled my hair and wow. It started a little 80s (barrel might have been too small!) but I still have nice curls today which for my straight af hair has never happened before! Thanks for this video!

  19. Girl you have brought this lady's fine, flat (yet super thick) hair to life just by watching your videos over the years but this one was EXTRA helpful. Really does a great job of breaking down what you do to your hair to come up with your style (that I have been desperately trying to recreate – getting there haha). I am with everyone saying we want a product haul/recommendation video though. BTW, I did not know that color treated hair was such a great repellent of the whole grease situation…I just always assumed that my hair looked worse because my roots were growing out, not because the grease holds better to unbleached hair. Definitely validates my frustration with my hair when it's due for a touch up. ๐Ÿ˜œ Love your stuff and just love you in general!! Keep being amazing!! And if you could post some more bridal hair tutorials l would love you forever (my bestie is getting married in November and I'm her MOH and we are trying to figure out styles for all the girls ๐Ÿ˜ณ #allthefloofybraids)

  20. I've learned so much about how to take care of/style my hair from you over the last couple of years. Thank you. And after joining the braidaholic nation I've saved my length from the sweltering heat of summer and the urge to cut it all off and go to a pixie cut again

  21. Kayley!! I rarely do anything much to my hair, so I don't want to have a ton of hair products, do you think you can make a video talking about some HG hair products, or which handful you think are worth having?

  22. I have extremely fine, flat hair. I have already learned SO MUCH from you from watching you over the years, and I've learned so much more now! Thank you so much, Kayley! You are so incredibly talented, you are definitely my favorite hair person on youtube!

  23. We would love a video about texturizing products! I live in a really dry climate and most texturizing products I find has salt with drys my hair out so much!

  24. What SUPER MOISTURIZING Conditioner do you use?? HELP my hair is VERY platinum blonde and she is wicked thirsty!

  25. BEST video ever for fine straight hair! I agree with everything you said. I found that a modified wet set gives the longest lasting, moisturised and shiny yet voluminous curls on my hair. I do this instead of using hot tools on it. Fine hair gets more easily damaged too.

  26. I have colour dyed my hair a lot over the years but my hair never held a curl as well as when I bleached it.

  27. If you have naturally wavy/curly hair, would you still suggest curling it? Does heat styling add more volume?

  28. Iโ€™m so grateful to have found your channel! My long hair was effectively a curtain, sheet- if you will- of hair so i cut it into a lob for style- now I see a way out ๐Ÿ™Œ

  29. my hair used to be really thick, but due to stress it's gotten really thin, and I'm only 16. I'm a little concerned

  30. Okay, so I have tried used moose before, and it made my hair crunchy and clumped, so I don't know what to do there…

  31. This is great advice for people with this type of hair like myself! I can confirm that these techniques will work! No hair stylist has been able to help me and it took years for me to discover these things on my own. You have saved young people with this hair type years of struggling and disappointment. There is just one other thing that I have learned for keeping my hair curled. Use setting lotion and steam rollers. Any other method just falls out in about 10 mins or less. I did learn one thing from your video and that is the advice about curling your hair before doing a voluminous braid. I was unsuccessful when I tried this type of braid before. So, I'll try your advice. Thank you!

  32. I finally did my first dutch braid! woohoo…can you do a step by step on how to braid your hair back? I can only seem to master the hand motions from the side to make pig tails.

  33. This video is annoying because straight hair has always been mainstream and thereโ€™s always products and looks geared towards people who have straight hair.

  34. Hey could you please do a video of what products/hair care routine you recommend for thin hair (maybe including options from drugstore and high end stores) <3 <3

  35. My hair is so fine to the point where when I see someone with your hair type I just think it's normal hair cause my perspective is skewed. I guess no one with extremely fine hair does videos like that because eventually you just make peace with the fact that wigs might be your only option. Especially when it's also thin and silky on top of being fine. When you said 'your long hair was heavy' – can't relate :D. I don't even know what that means. The only positive things I can say about it – it dries in no time, I never feel hot because of my hair, it doesn't feel heavy now at below shoulders length and didn't feel heavy when it was tailbone length… It's practical but probably the least attractive healthy hair type on the planet.

  36. you have just described my hair to an almost crazy extent!!!! the oily, heavy, thick, super fine hair…. used to be really long and is not shorter! thanks for all the these tips!!

  37. Do you have any advice for a girl whose hair literally won't curl at all? Even when I use mousse and hold my hair around the iron for 30 seconds it doesn't curl! I don't know what I'm doing wrong!

  38. Question: what about dandruff in this type of hair? Mine has seems to have calmed down for now due to using a dandruff shampoo, which I only really use around my roots and a dandruff conditioner, which I mostly use on my ends and a bit on my roots twice a week. But my other concern is that I live in a very hot environment, so it makes me produce more oil. So I just don't know what to do. Help, please?

  39. Is your hair layered? Is that what its called I'm not sure but I love how it looks with the shorter parts in front and the different lengths, also how do you actually curl your hair? ik that sounds super basic but usually using a barrel, curls dont turn out how urs do still, your hair always looks wavy and beautiful

  40. which hair iron would you recommend for someone to super fine and bristle hair?
    I have been searching for one of the best one in the market but still havenโ€™t found the ideal one. My hair is really fine and I donโ€™t want to damage it/burn it with an iron as the one I was previously using. I am trying to let my hair grown and get thicker. Since about 8 months ago I donโ€™t use any heat in my hair and I definitely can see a huge improvement. However I would like to do my hair at least once a week or in special occasions.

  41. Yes! I wash my roots very well, then I add coconut oil to my ends. My hair has been silky and soft, but still, have the problem of no volume.

  42. Yaaaaaaaas Kayley Melissa, Hair Queen, to my rescue!!!! I have struggled with flat, oily, straight hair my whole life, and I am just now learning more about how to work with it (you are so right, damaged hair is definitely easier to style!), so I am super thankful for your extra tips!!!

  43. So what would you do if youโ€™re on vacation in a very humid place that you canโ€™t keep a curl? Looking for fine/straight/flat hair vacation tips. I always struggle with this ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  44. In this video your eyes looked like liquid silver! So beautiful! And thanks for the fine hair tips. I'm forever desperate for help with my super fine hair!

  45. For somebody with fine hair it looks Pretty sick to me I actually have baby fine hair that I won't even hold the smallest ponytail holder. I would trade my monstrosity for your hair any day of the week and twice on Sunday

  46. She's one of the very few people who's natural haircolour doesn't fit their type as well as a different one :O
    Makes me wonder, because my natural hair colour is the same as hers…

  47. can you do a part 2 of your favourite drugstore products for fine hair. i'd love to know what the best drugstore/affordable options are especially since im a teen and cant afford salon quality products

  48. Hear hear how life changes. A naturally wavy curly born, careless girl , succumbed to the pressures of the society's love of straight hair, I henceforth ruined my hair, lost half the volume and now live with thinning, damaged hair tht I had to get yet again a protein treatment tht has made my hair dead straight. And flat. And greasy, like USA can extract oil from it on day 2 of washing. This video is so cherished, I cannot tell. Thank you!

  49. "Damage is actually your friend" OMG everything you said is too real. Definitely have dyed my hair to avoid washing it rather than for color. Word for word, everything you said describes my fine hair journey. Thank you for posting a real, true video for this hair type. It's rare in the YouTube world.

  50. Every video I watch says: fine Straight Long Virgin hair is the hardest to style & curl. & thats literally my life๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ I have never dyed my hair & its past my butt Iโ€™m hopeless

  51. I definitely notice the weight of my hair being a problem but mine is about where yours is here so if I want to lighten it up I would have to go even shorter. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

  52. SUMMARY:
    1) Your hair can't be too long. Her hair was waist length and weighed her roots down, is now 'bra strap length'.
    2) Use dry texturizing shampoo to help give lift and volume to combat oil. her fav is in the description.
    3) Get roots very clean, moisturize ends. shampoo is in description. Don't put moisturizer on roots.
    4) Bleached hair absorbs oil better. Don't overdo it and damage your hair beyond no return but if considering highlights it will also help with oil and help your hair style better.
    5) If hair is extremely healthy (not colored/processed) and you want to curl your hair put in minimal conditioner and no leave ins or sprays. Your fine, virgin, straight, healthy, hair doesn't need any moisture or oils, that will only relax the curls.
    6) Mousse is better than hairspray. A lot of hairspray on fine hair creates crunch and mats. Mousse more touchable and effective. Flexible hold hairspray after is okay, not firm hold.
    7) Go with smaller barrel when curling because you know your hair will loosen up anyway.
    8) Curling hair before styles (braiding etc) gives volume and helps styles hold. Braids look different with curled hair, more 'bubbly' and voluminous.
    9) Pomade better than oil better for frizzy ends bc it won't loosen the curl like oil would. very damaged ends could use a tiny bit of oil on the very very ends.

  53. THANK U SO MUCH FOR THIS INFO. I think this is the first youtube comment I have ever left. But this video has changed my life. I have struggled with thin hair my whole life and never heard of most of these tips

  54. The brand "system professional" volume line, is a GAME CHANGER for fine oily straight longer hair! I've been using it for 5 months now, and my hair has never looked better! You only use a very small amount, dime size, for medium/long hair of shampoo. I have to wash my hair 5 times a week, because of gym. And do the hair mask once a week, to once every 2 weeks. And use the mousse after every shower. The mousse us actually a conditioner. It is a little pricey, and the bottles are small. But like I said, a little goes a very very long way. I learned the hard way the first use and spent 5 min trying to get all the product out. Haha. One bottle of shampoo lasted me 4 months. And I am still on my first tub of hair mask, 5 months in. The areolifter(mousse) lasts about 3/4 months depending if used after every shower, etc. But total game changer! I get it from my stylist, but I believe it is available at Ulta now. ๐Ÿ˜

  55. I understand you because i have one meter hair and i'm going to cut it off next week ๐Ÿ˜ because i'm tierd of it and i want to be able to do more hairstyles ๐Ÿ‘

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