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Hey Everybody, we thought we’d show You around what we’ve been living in for the past 11 weeks. This is our 17 Foot bunkhouse model forest river viking. come on in! Welcome to the master bedroom this is our full-size bed, we have the storage underneath here. So under here we have our shoe storage, we cut a hole so that we could have our shoe Collection for the four of us stored somewhere that was out of our way and not having tracked dirt And stuff inside the camper so, we have a shoe storage that, we created, here just out of some plastic We have our swimming, bag and then we also have, some long-term snack storage pantry food items paper Wear toilet paper that kind of thing this is our closet. Hats coats jackets, we hang them here on these three hooks command hooks are everywhere. This is our Electronic storage so, we have the kids ipads, we have our camera gear, that kind of thing in there. This, is kind of our junk drawer it’s got More storage for backpacking hiking Bug spray… We’ve got batteries and tools and tape and that kind of thing in here also This cabinet has my storage this is my closet so i’ve got two buckets in here one has on my pants the other one has all my Socks that kind of thing it’s really easy to grab and get out This area we use to store books that were reading to the kids We do read alouds every night so we’ve got the stories that we’re reading, and that we’ve collected, along the way. our pillows so back here we’ve got more books glasses our Laptops, some charging devices pretty much what you typically find in a nightstand all shoved back behind there which actually works pretty, well with a Counter top right there And this one’s peters closet so same thing he’s got his two containers up there so he has room for his clothes i’ll show you where we put our hanging clothes here in a minute. welcome to our kitchen this is our kitchen table um This actually folds down into a bed also if you Want to use it for sleeping or you can kind of use it as a lounge or couch area, which We do sometimes do under this bench is no storage it just holds the hot water heater under this bench We have our propane tank that we keep as a spare. We have one on the outside one on the inside so we can switch them out and not run out of propane and then the Electric is under this bench so they do open up but there’s not a lot of storage there so for our kitchen storage We actually have this cabinet, which is all of our cups and utensils on this side we have our food storage so this is our pantry i added a shelf in here just for a little extra storage so we’ve got our vitamins and medicine up here, also i Love this model because i actually have a fair amount of counter space i know it doesn’t look like a lot but for this small of a travel trailer it’s nice to have at least a little bit of prep space and i’ve got a dry spot here for when i do dishes. The sink, it’s not super deep, i have a bucket that can fit inside to make it a little bit deeper and it works great and then a two burner propane stove and a microwave Down here we have our fridge Which it is small but it holds enough for we’ve found about a week’s worth of groceries depending on how often we’re eating out and how often we are eating in the camper. We try and eat out of the camper as much as possible and not eat out that much. Under here i have all my cleaning supplies and then also there’s a fan, a vacuum and all of our pots and pans and cooking supplies. We picked this model for two specific reasons one was we wanted a bed that was down all the time so we didn’t have to raise and lower it and remake it Every single night and then the other reason Was because we needed, bunks for both of our kids so we’ve got two kids they’re 5 and 9 and they’re here in the bunks. They’re going to show you their spaces. So this is my bunk i have my pillow my stuffed animals over here and I have my flashlight and i have my chapstick and i have, my storage up here that has this little camera and i have This dreamcatcher and i have my window, and i’ll show you the view And i have different campsites and I have different views every time we move that’s kind of cool Because I can see out at the stars and try and look for constellations this is where i have my storage where i keep my barbies and more barbies and Another junk and then my watch and my toys all in this area and then i have my Blankets and I have my Stuffies so daddy put my little step up here it’s strong enough and it won’t break so then i can get up And this is how i get up i just put one leg over one Like over and I’m up. My brother down there we’ll show you his bunk now. Hello! So this is my bunk i have everything pretty much i need in here and So in here i keep all my books this is my nightstand i have my sunglasses my phone my Flashlight, my, headlamp light i use for reading a lot I have this light on sometimes but not a ton this is my extra blanket Right next to you is my Junior Ranger vest. This is my bear – hi – his name is teddy And then this is kind of secret this is actually a door. I unlock it and then This, goes up We have a pop-up trashcan, we have our grill, we have all of our sewer things and we have our firestarters we have our extra propane for the grill This is my garage i have all my toys in here and a lot of extra books, and everything so adjacent to the kids bunks, we have the kids Closet in here i’ve got a container for their jammies all of their hanging clothes and then Just, these, little plastic drawers that i found at target that can pull out And have their socks and underwear in them and then in this i have peter and my hanging clothes We just added a wooden dowel rod that we found Then peter made a couple of little brackets to hold that in so we could hang up all of our clothes Unfortunately they don’t actually hang all the way Down because our clothes are a little longer than the space we have so in here We’ve added a hanging closet hook also so that we can hang our clothes and like let them wrinkle release while we’re Driving down the road so we kind of just think ahead a day or two of what we’re gonna Wear as far as our shirts go we just hang them up here so that they’re all set to go on the back of the bathroom Door i put some more command hooks We’ve got our towels so everything stays wet in here a little bit longer even when i have the fan vent on And these tend to dry out more quickly, so that’s helpful for when you’re taking showers with four people In here we’ve got the toilet, we don’t have any cabinet storage in here Above the toilet or a sink in here so we added this Which is actually a shoe divider that i found on clearance at kohl’s for just a couple of dollars that was for the college kids And we put our names on them so that everyone has a row of four pockets and in those we have our toothbrush toothpaste Lotion i have a hairdryer we’ve got our brushes our soaps all of our bathroom and personal care items Stored in here so they’re not floating around the rest of the camper, and that seems to have worked really Well and the back side of that is our shower curtain and really a nice full-size shower For a camper that we’re able to use comfortably We also have added some extra hooks so we can hang things like swimming suits or extra towels Clothes that get wet and then our laundry is back here, also So i’ll show you around the outside of our camper it’s been, super easy to set up every campground That we go to. Basically when we get here we just disconnect the front Then, we level it off and the last step we do is we set up the water and the sewer and the electric lines so That we’re all plugged in so over here on the front we’ve got just our standard Trailer hitch and this is a bumper pull camper so it just Latches on to our two and five-sixteenths ball We raise it up and down Using the jack stand so we’ll raise it up pull it disconnected from the truck unhook the chains unhook the trailer plug and then We go around and use our Four jacks to level it out i just bought a Drill that can run those and so we just run those down level out the camper and then on the back, side i’ll show You where the water and the power and the sewer is. So over here by josiah’s secret Door is where all the utilities are so when We get to our campsite our power plug is actually stored right here, so we’re just able to pull out as many feet as We need, and plug it into there 30 amp power service right at my feet here below His door it is where the gray and the black sewer tanks are so every Campground that you go to has a sewer line that’s already plumbed into the ground so you just connect a flexible hose over to it Pull the releases and everything is just connected right into their system which is great and then we hook up a water line as well so that we’ve worked in other city water and Every camper is gonna have a pressured water as, well as a holding tank so we don’t actually tow Much water with us, we make sure that, we have hookups wherever We go that way our camper is as light as possible when we’re driving but, we’re also all set whenever we get wherever we’re Going, so that’s the utility side of things there’s also a few storage hatches like This one over here on the outside of the camper and so this just accesses underneath the bank Where leslie showed you earlier and it’s able to Give you a different way to get in there and store different long items you can Go all the way through to the other side of the campers that’s the outside of our Bunkhouse camper it’s been a really fun thing to have and this one’s super easy to set up and maintain Hope you enjoy this video bye

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