explore ’18 Highlights

welcome to explore this pattern we keep seeing that you
know travel just continues to grow faster than the overall economy this was
the highlight of the year really the creation of Expedia group and the vision
the purposed strategic imperatives everything that will drive us for the
future years one out of every five new job is going to be in tourism
we’re actually projecting pretty healthy rapid growth going forward let’s dive
into that for me it’s like coming home again what
is happening in the innovation centers of the world Silicon Valley Berlin
Singapore in any given time is going to be mainstream in five years we are at
the cusp of another major age in information technology please welcome founder and CEO of
Zuckerberg media Randi Zuckerberg we’re seeing a rise in travel companies acting
as media company is exploring long-form content you know this is really one of
the most exciting and innovative industries out there and a big thanks to all of you our
partners for an awesome 2018 on behalf of all our partner facing
teams and all of our customer facing teams thank you the partnership

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