Ex-Boyfriend Reroute

(gentle music) – If there’s one thing I know about being a flight attendant, it’s that while 99% of your
passengers may be wonderful it’s the 1% of bad
passengers that will take up all of your time and energy. And of course, these passengers
are the ones who keep coming back no matter how much
you try to make them go away. – Charlie? Charlie, it’s me Nick. – Oh, Nick (laughs).
– Hi. You’re back. – Don’t worry about me. I’m completely over you. I’ve met someone new. (airplane engine) – Guess who I bumped into today? – Raven Symone? That bitch took a pen from me in a flight and never gave it back. – Nick. – Nick, as in ex-boyfriend Nick? – He’s apparently out of
flight attendant training. – And back to his old stalking ways. – Says he’s over me. He met someone new. – Hey, is this where I catch the Q207? – Yes it is. You can also take the Q202, the M420, the B666… – Okay, cool, cool, cool. Where can we share a cab? – The unicorn? Not so bisexual after all, I see. – He slept with you. – Oh honey, I think half
the guys I sleep with turn out to be gay. You know how they say the
difference between a straight man and a gay man is six beers? Well I think it works
the other way around too. – Fascinating. – So does Nick know he hooked up with a top tier frequent flyer? – I told him. – I already picked out
the names of our cats. Butterfinger and Almond Joy. Because they’re sweet. Sweet like he was in the morning light. (crying) Oh Charlie, please take me back! We can have cats together! – He’ll, get over it. – Yeah, like he got over you. – Kurt. It’s me.
– Oh, hey… J–
– Nick. – Really?
– Yeah. How can you not remember me? You took my heart. – Oh, but okay lis– – It’s okay, I’m strong. I wrote a song about this. – Don’t sing it. ♫ We are never, ever, ever ♫ – Sing without touching. – We can get back together if you want. Call me. (mysterious music) (gentle music)

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