etrailer | Spectro Trailer Wiring Junction Box Installation

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  1. Hello,can you please do the whole wiring layout of a one vehicle trailer double axle because I want to instal a set of new cables on my trailer and also install a junction box where all the wire terminals will be connected.When I bought the trailer new in 2012,it did not come with a junction box and the wires were just spliced and now looks a bit rough because of usage but now I have bought so many things from with which to do this project and all that I want is just get help about how to run and connect the wires.Now instead of the regular 7 way pin adapter and connector I will be using the adapter and connector from Ez Connector.Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you asap.

  2. The wiring of my trailer is not connected with the grey wire that you used that has the white and black wires,to have a ground connection for the trailer will it be okay if I just use the short connection that you first used with the short white wire.

  3. Made hooking up my wiring to seem like i was av pro at doing it! Just takes time to listen and follow directions.

  4. Hey etraler I have a question for you. I have a battery that came with my cargo trailer that gets power from the truck as we tow the trailer to either charge or maintain its power. I just purchase a Hopkins charging breakaway battery kit.

    If I connect the Hopkins charging battery to the truck as usual and it charges the breakaway battery can I parallel that battery to the battery that came with the trailer to then run my LED lights in the trailer when not connected to the truck?

    I do realize that the lights will draw the batteries down but not that much and I only use the LED's in the trailer for at most one hour and they are low power LED's.

    Any issue with this idea outside the draw usage?

  5. wouldn't you mount the box orientated where the side of the box with the clamp is facing the front of the trailer to use the clamp to hold the 7pin wire side to help keeping it from pulling out when you turn the trailer

  6. Where is the best place to hook up my junction box? My landscaping trailer tongue rails are not big enough for it to fit inside. Can it go on the ouside of those rails sitting on the outside of the trailer or should it be tucked between the a in the trailer front?

  7. if you can't help me out. the right side of my lights won't light when I turn on all lights. they turn on when you brake or hit the turn signal but when you just need them on they don't turn on…there is current to all wires

  8. Great video–to the point and exactly what I need to do–without unnecessary comments like those hour long videos with "hey youtubers, I bought this from xxx or maybe it's from xxx-I can't remembered…, I don't know what this is for but I'm not gong to use it, or I've looked everywhere for an instructional video and I can't find one – so I'm doing this video". And let's not forget : people have asked me all kinds of questions and so I'm doing this video,

  9. when installing side lights do you run their ground back to the box or attach the ground to a screw into the metal frame?

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