we’re in Melaka, Malaysia and we’re
taking you on a breakfast food tour there is gonna be tonnes of delicious food
and we’re filming with another food YouTuber Luke Martin, I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate we hope you’re hungry, let’s eat first stop on the breakfast tour is mee goreng, fried noodles but the locals call it mee bodoh which means stupid noodles
it’s made up of these wok fried yellow noodles, I can see bean sprouts, there’s a
dollop of sambal on there which looks super fiery and then some beautiful
shredded cucumber which is fresh and then there’s this incredible looking egg it was deep fried in like a huge
ladle of sambal and it is just fiery red I cannot wait to get into this, so
we’re here with our mate Luke Martin who also has a YouTube channel- hey guys! and we are so excited to be eating this, bring it on these noodles look incredible let’s give them a huge old mix up the noodles are just glistening with that sambal, like the oil from the sambal has just coated the noodles and it looks so good, I’m going to get a spoonful with noodles and a bit of cucumber for freshness I’ve gotta get some cucumbers in there too Do it Alright? Alright, go! that sambal is quite fiery! a little bit salty too but
really spicy like that is just a whole mouth spicy yea like your whole mouth is just tingling that is so beautiful yea that is delicious it’s a really simple dish though Yeah, yeah but it’s really just you can
taste the wok in there and the way that he’s cooking is just amazing
let’s try this egg, oh my gosh it just looks incredible and I reckon if we break into
that yolk it’s just gonna explode everywhere look at that, that is a
perfect egg, it is gorgeous! alright I’m gonna chuck some cucumber and a bit more sambal on there as well, lets do it, cheers, that’s a big mouthful! that yolk is so creamy! That is so far from over-cooked, that is perfect egg. I want eggs like that every morning! Yea. On the table there’s also some kicap manis which is sweet soy sauce and some vinegar and we’ve seen the locals sort of add bits to their noodles so I reckon we give it a go. I can imagine the vinegar would sort of cut through the heaviness of the noodles so let’s taste and see. I love vinegar on anything is good, yeah absolutely you need that! Vinegar is a must on the mee bodoh. That is a sensational start to our breakfast tour. Definitely! these are incredible, incredible they’re
very spicy, the sambal just coats the noodles these are like no mee goreng I’ve
ever had, that amount of sambal that crazy, good egg it just goes
together so, so well remember down below in the description we always put
the restaurant details so you too can try out these places and today we’ll
also have Luke’s channel down there make sure you check him out, he does incredible
food content so when you finish this video hit subscribe if you haven’t
already and then head straight to Luke’s channel, binge watch his because you’ll be stuck there for hours getting really hungry watching his content and hit
subscribe on his channel too I love these noodles and watching them cook them here this place is absolutely ragingly busy it’s really early in the
morning we’ve come here at 8:30 in the morning
the locals are piling in, there’s a guy with a huge wok just cooking, cooking, cooking those noodles and tossing them in that huge wok, getting that real
wok hei through the dish and that flavour you can tell that that that wok has
been cooking noodles for years and then there’s the eggs cooking, just sitting
in the oil, bubbling away and they’re just so soft and perfectly cooked covered
in that sambal and in that oil match made in heaven and we can see why this
place is raging because it is so good and if you’re in Melaka you have
to put this on your list of places to try, incredible dish. Oh I forgot to say the
stupid noodle thing we don’t actually know why it’s called that, I asked the staff here and he said it’s because of the customers but I don’t think he was
meaning the customers are stupid I think he meant the customers came up with the name, we’re not really sure why, Luke had a really good option though he thinks
it’s called that because it’s stupidly good so I’m gonna go with Luke’s decision because it is stupidly good next stop Malaysia’s national dish we’re heading in for a nasi lemak on to our second stop the nasi lemak so
to break this dish down we have the sort of the centre of the dish and one of the
most important parts the rice, the rice is always cooked in coconut milk so it
has a really fragrant coconut taste and there’ll be pandan leaves in there while
it’s cooked to really give it a fragrant, fragrant taste, second most
important part of this dish the sambal and this one is quite dark so
it might be a little bit sweeter although it has a real fiery sort of oil
coming out of it but often when they’re darker it’s because they’ve cooked down
a little bit more so the sugars come out of the, out of the sambal, but we’ll
have to taste that to know for sure we’ve got the half boiled egg we’ve got
the cucumber’s just to freshen it up we’ve got ikan bilis which is the fried anchovies
but the really exciting thing on this plate is this entire quail so deep fried
whole quail that’s going to be really interesting to try, it looks like it’s
really juicy still, let’s just get in and try I’m gonna try the rice and the
sambal the rice is quite dry oh and nice but it falls apart so it’s not a little
gluggy, let’s get some rice and some sambal oh it is really sweet that sambal, it’s got
a little like tingling kick afterwards or lingering kick but it’s not that
spicy at all oh and the rice it’s so soft and fluffy
let’s rip open some of this quail though Wow so there’s not much flesh on it
really just go for a bit of this leg meat it is so juicy, so we have some
quail, let’s get some rice and some sambal, now Luke is filming his one at
the moment so we’re gonna eat this together in a minute so don’t worry we
haven’t lost Luke oh the quail, that is perfectly cooked
sometimes with whole deep-fried things like this they can go over I find like
get a bit too overcooked but that is so juicy, this is great I can’t wait to get
right in, pile all these ingredients together and try this out and to see
what Luke thinks, Luke has jumped in and tried his first bite, what did you think?
Oh it’s so good this quail is unreal it’s super juicy on the inside, he just
suggested that we go for a big bite just to try the quail and Luke, Luke was
mentioning in this video that the quail is breaded or has spice
on it, some sort of mix so it’s got some flavouring so we’re just gonna go in,
yeah, for a big bite of quail, yeah, by itself right on the breast, all right cheers! it’s got a bit of a gaminess in that
breast meat and it’s a bit darker than the leg meat I had. Definitely. And the spice is very mild there’s no like punchy flavour from the spice, it’s the
overriding taste is quail I’d have to say the breast meat is a little bit drier than the leg bit I had, yeah, but still really good. Yum. mm-hmm now I think we should try
everything, yeah, because before obviously I just had the rice and the sambal, let’s do a
bite with these ikan bilis or these anchovies, so they had a real nice
saltiness to the dish we’ll get the rice, we’ve got the sambal rip off a bit of that quail, you going
for some leg meat? Yeah good to go? Yep oh that saltiness of the ikan bilis just gonna pop another one of those in those are awesome little crunchies, how they add the texture, yeah, they give a saltiness and a textural element to the
dish and then you’ve got these cucumbers that you can chase it all with so there’s a
bit of sweetness and spice and then that everything together it just goes so well
each component has its own unique taste saltiness, spiciness, sweet everything it
just goes really well together perfect dish yeah and that quail too! Loving it eh? The quail really adds to this dish and it’s so different to anything we’ve seen, yeah, these are gonna be devoured very quickly, very quickly our final stop for the day is Aunty Koh’s famous cendol, so we have been here before we’ll link our video up here but we just
had to bring Luke and his girlfriend Sabrina because this is a must eat
when you’re in Melaka, yeah I’m super excited let’s go, let’s go! so as I mentioned before we have
visited Aunty Koh previously we’ll link the video up there, the ice is melting
rapidly in this cendol and we have got to get in quick smart so we’re gonna
be filming for Luke’s channel, now what makes Aunty Koh’s cendol so special is
that she makes the coconut milk fresh so she got up last night at 1:00 a.m. to press 30 coconuts, yeah she said 30 coconuts, this is fresh as fresh gets so this is bout as fresh as it gets, it looks amazing. What have we got? We’ve got the little cendol noodles right? And they’re green from
pandan which she actually also has right over in the back garden over
here so it is extremely fresh so there’s also shaved ice and then there’s gula melaka syrup which is sugar syrup from the coconut palm let’s just get in you, we can’t let it melt Woah that coconut, so creamy right? Wow it’s so creamy and just you can just taste this it’s so fresh and those little kind of like worm
like noodles in there those have such a cool texture along with that shaved ice, but man oh man that coconut flavour it’s like almost like you’re drinking coconut water but super
super, super, creamy too – that’s amazing you can taste like we’ve eaten quite a bit of cendol, you can taste that is as fresh as it gets really. This is quality right here another incredible day of food hunting we’ve had so much fun hanging out with Luke remember his channel is down in the description make
sure you pop over there hit subscribe, he is so worth following an amazing food
channel, we hope we inspired you to eat and explore like a traveler, not a tourist,
thank you so much for watching, we’ll see you next time, jumpa lagi, jumpa lagi!

50 Replies to “Epic MALAYSIA STREET FOOD BREAKFAST TOUR w/ Luke Martin – MELAKA famous food

  1. OH YEAH! So much good food in Melaka! LOVING our road trip for FOOD across Malaysia! Everybody stay tuned for our 2nd collab from PENANG coming soon!! Thanks Sheena & Thomas!

  2. So in other words, Aunty Koh's cendol is fresh. Is that what I heard? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘ I do enjoy quail for sure. Usually it's semi-boneless and cooked flat or stuffed when you find it at restos in the states. Tiny birds are often quite flavorful. Mmmm, mmmm. Stupid noodles and Roti Beckham are my favorite food names you've discovered. Ha. Excellent day, guys!

  3. I heard local called the noodles "mee bodo" because it super simple..with few ingredients but super delicious~`basically it a compliment!

  4. Mee BODOH. Let's me try my best define it.
    Mee = Noodle , Stupid = Bodoh.

    I personally think… it possibly 90% matched with KISS ie : Keep It Simple Stupid! Yup exactly.
    Which mean, cook the mee as simple as it is, but with a good great taste!

    You know, sometime we just want to eat something simple yet delicious. That's it! ๐Ÿ˜€


  5. Oh my…another great video frm you guys. To be honest, im nt fancy bout the quail nasi lemak. Bt aunty Koh, yes….u must go try when you are in melaka. Cheers buddy

  6. I remember when I was a kid, my mom made a kuih then I asked her what the name of the kuih she said 'kuih bodoh'. haha… Now I know the 'real' name of my mum 'kuih bodoh'.

  7. Amazing collab! I'm glad you guys tried what I consider the best cendol in the world. I only ever got to try it twice because each time I get there at around 1PM, it's already gone! Remember to wash your own bowls after finishing the cendol! (that's actually an unspoken rule at Aunty Koh's)

  8. thanks switch on subtitle for every video
    im hard of hearing disability, love your food video so much and welcome to my state melaka and my country malaysia

  9. the word 'bodoh' literally mean plain or simple ..for example if you eat plain bread it call roti bodoh ๐Ÿ˜‚ thats what i know๐Ÿ˜Š

  10. I appreciate that you both take time to be in front of the camera. It is nice to see both of you and share different opinions rather than always seeing the same person. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. It is called MI Bodoh/Stupid Noodle due to the simplicity of the noodle, with only chilli, noodle and beansprout without any protein, and it can be that tasty.

    I grow up eating this, this guy during his teenage years used to bring his basket with fried noodle wrapped in banana leave and newspaper go round our village shouting "Mi Goreng.. Mi Goreng". We will call him and buy a pack which about 10 cts and he will hand us the vinegar and soy sauce and we poured it on the noodle. We ate it using our hands. The fried noodle is still the same .. very tasty.

  12. Hi Thomas and Sheena! You could also try Nasi lemak Tengkera. Previously they sold it at their own house, now they've moved somewhere else. They sell nice nasi lemak, mee sup and popia. The owner is my aunt ( Hj Hassan of mee bodoh's sister in law) ๐Ÿ˜Š

  13. Yay Luke and Sabrina !!! nice to see these collabs, I'm glued to my computer screen. Well done for yet another fabulous video Sheena and Thomas ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. The term 'bodoh' here is not really mean stupid. It is more like simplicity.. no fancy ingredients etc. Cause sometimes if ppl ask me what I cook.. I will always say 'masak bodoh2 je…' meaning just a simple cooking/dish only. ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. The mee bodoh n sambal egg is my favorite. I love it since I'm childhood. I so miss it…๐Ÿ˜‹โค Why is call stupid noodle is bcos this mee goreng (fried noodle) dish only have 2 main ingredients which is bean sprouts n noodle simple cook only. Not same with others place mee goreng have few ingredients in the mee goreng. So it is simple cook then local call it mee bodoh(stupid noodle).

  16. Hi guys, your videos will be more watchable if you could please do your eating and talking behind the camera. You can show your self at the beginning and the end but please don't spoil your video by hogging the limelight. Take this suggestion constructively.

  17. Great video guys – those noodles look awesome, and I love spice, bummed we didn't hear about/try this while we were there

  18. actually we called it mee bodoh/stupid mee because this is an easy dish. Stupidly easy to be even a kid can cook this.lol. another thing is. mee bodoh doesnt have much vegetables and other recipe like mee goreng mamak or other mee. from that simple recipe we call it mee bodoh. but it is so freaking delicious tho hahahaha

  19. Thank you for sharing your beautiful video love this place very good all of them looking very spices food thank you for sharing.

  20. Very nice to watch you both eating so spices food very good healthy food nice fruits and vegetables the green you don,t know what it make from gluten flour now you know .

  21. Iโ€™ve only recently subscribed to Lukeโ€™s channel (itโ€™s really good), then saw that you guys knew each other. Great endorsement!!

  22. I had been watching Luke's channel very late one night and fell asleep and woke up to your channel, so I have Luke to thank for my discovery of Chasing a Plate! Nice to see you together!

  23. Do you think most restaurants will cater for the kids? Tidak pedas? Or will there be lots of detours past KFC?

  24. Sheena I don't understand why you did that much over action expressions and sounds. See how Thomas and Luke Martin enjoys the food and less talkitive. Don't be Soo anxieted and make horrible sounds and expressions. Learn from them

  25. I love your reaction for that fiery Sambal of Mee Bodoh, Sheena. Wooooooo!! It surely very spicy. hahaha, but seriously, spicy and Malaysian are two thing that cant be seperated. Wooooooo!!

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