Ep. 135: Grand Targhee | Wyoming skiing ski travel

Hey friends, welcome back to Grand
Adventure! I’m your host Marc Guido, and in this episode we’re going to do something
a little bit different. We’re heading up skiing at Grand Targhee Resort in
Wyoming. Come along for the ride! Unlike many RV travelers we actually
seek out snow in winter. We spend our winters skiing, and our regular viewers
have begged us for a little bit of ski content this season, so this episode’s for
you! Grand Targhee sits in Alta, Wyoming, on the western slope of the famed Teton
mountain range. You can only get to it through the eastern Idaho town of
Driggs. There are two lift-served ski resorts in the Tetons. Jackson Hole
Mountain Resort in Teton Village is the larger and more famous of the two. But
Targhee gets more snow and is far less busy than Jackson. We decided to make the
four and a half-hour drive from Salt Lake City to Targhee to escape the
skiing crowds of the Martin Luther King holiday weekend. Driggs has certainly changed a lot in
the 20 years since I last skied Targhee. There’s actually now a traffic light in town.
For the past 20 years our friend Camille has owned a condo right on Ski
Hill Road, and she graciously invited us to enjoy the holiday weekend with her at
Targhee. In search of a hearty meal ahead of a
full ski day, we ended up at the Knotty Pine Supper Club in the tiny nearby
hamlet of Victor, Idaho. If you’ve got a table of four to six
meat eaters, we highly recommend the Knotty Pine’s “Pignic” complete with house
smoked ribs, pulled pork, smoked brisket, mac and cheese, and more. It’s a true
barbecue delight. Grand Targhee’s base area sits at an
elevation of 7,851 feet, and the ski
area reports an overall vertical drop of 2,270 feet.
A full 75 percent of its terrain is well-suited for intermediate skiers.
Lift service is provided by two high-speed quad chairs, two fixed grip
quads, and one magic carpet lift for true beginners. Annual snowfall averages an
enviable 500 inches of light fluffy powder. Situated on the windward side of the
Tetons, clouds often obscure Targhee’s summit, leading to the well-worn
nickname “Grand Foggy”. But when the skies are clear as they are today, the views of
the Tetons from Targhee summit are nothing short of mesmerizing. Famished from a full day on the hill, we
found an exceptional shrimp pad thai at Teton Thai right adjacent to the only
traffic light in Driggs. So we trully hope that you’ve enjoyed
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21 Replies to “Ep. 135: Grand Targhee | Wyoming skiing ski travel

  1. This video was so well done! Great ski footage and a rare shot of the Tetons from that perspective! Excellent work Grand Adventure!

  2. Thanks for giving us a ski video!! Great choice of location as well. I'd love to see one on Powder Mountain or Snow Basin! Thanks for showing great turns Mark!

  3. Always awesome footage from Marc, I would love to bring our rig there to ski one day but my Florida girl hates the cold and snow, haha Larry.

  4. That was one of the best videos of skiing that I’ve seen.
    I’m going to watch that one again!
    Such a different view of the Tetons.
    Great skiing conditions!!
    Thanks Marc! 👍🏻👍🏻

  5. Thanks for making a skiing video. Your friend Camille was doing bumps around the 8:35 time, then again at 9:05. That looked liked a couple great runs, and a whole lotta fun. I think he did air several times. ⛷🏂

  6. Hey Mark, great video as always! Looks really cold though. We’re now full time RVing in Texas, originally from Ohio. Thanks for reminding me why we got outta there and far far away from the cold and snow. We just left South Padre and I didn’t even realize it was winter until I just now saw your video. 🤣 Seriously though, we really enjoy your videos. Stay warm up there!

  7. I love Targhee, thanks for the video. You even included the view of where I proposed to my wife over 20 years ago. Great memories for us. We are going to start full timing in a couple of weeks. GT will be on our must do list along with Alta.

  8. I love Targhee. We went there back in march of 07. My best runs that day were on the good, the bad, and the ugly. Also did a hike up Mary's Nipple that resulted in some really good turns. The views of Grand Teton were unbelievable. Great video, Marc.

  9. This looks like so much fun! I know if I had the proper gear and my leg wasn't damaged, I could really enjoy a beginners day out. I remember passing through Victor last spring, heading to Colter Bay. And I Love really good Thai food, glad to know there's a quality restaurant in that area, should I ever be up there again. There's also a very good one in Siloam Springs, AR on S. Mount Olive St., if you are ever passing through 🙂

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