Email Newsletter Template for Travel Agents

Hello travel expert! In this video I want
to talk about your e-newsletter template. This is a template that gets
programmed into your email marketing system or your email service provider
which might be MailChimp or iContact or constant contact, whatever system
that you’re using. Your e-newsletter template is something that is custom
designed to match your website and represent you and your brand, your niche
your ideal client avatar. It should for sure include a photo of you and that
gets then programmed in so that each time you send out a new newsletter you
would just go in and use your template. As part of our e-newsletter templates
service, after we design you your e-newsletter template that you love then
what we’ll do is go log into your email marketing system also known as your
email service provider MailChimp iContact, contact constant whatever you
have, we will login and we will upload it in there and test it to make sure that it
worked and then we do give you access to tutorial videos that show you how to log
into your system and use your template. Each time you want to create a new
enewsletter using your template you’ll know how to log into your system find
the template and then use it for each of your newsletters and you can also use it
for your promotional emails as well if you choose and the e-newsletter
templates that we design and create are all one hundred percent mobile friendly
meaning that your email subscribers will be able to easily see them on any mobile
device or tablet. The reason that we keep them quite simple where it’s
to header image is that we’ve split tested it six ways to Sunday and those
get the best results and the reason is for the types of subscribers that you
have on your email list, the studies show that over eighty percent of them are
reading your emails on mobile devices and so when you have this big
complicated enewsletter template that has a sidebar and all this stuff those
even if they’re built to be mobile responsive or mobile friendly they still
really aren’t they’re a little overwhelming to look at on a smartphone
and so people are less likely to actually read them and even more or less
likely to click through to your website or to take an action such as scheduled
with you so we found that a simple newsletter template with key elements.
One of the key elements is it has your picture on it with key elements like
that building know like and trust relationship and are truly mobile
friendly those get the best results so we would love to design you a fantastic
new enewsletter template that really represents you your travel business your
brand and it’s something that your ideal clients are attracted to it’s really
easy for you to use for you to actually log into your system and use we make
that process simple and it’ll help you get better results with your
eNewsletters that you send out. We’d love to help you all of the details
about that are on this page and if you choose to purchase the service just
click the orange button below to make your purchase and if you are a brand new
client if you’ve never bought anything from us before then within 15 minutes of
making your purchase you will get an email with login credentials to what we
call the MTE Vault marketing for travel expert vault and when you log in there
anything that you buy will be lit up in color. Then when you click on that it
will take you to that thing that you purchased so in the case of an
e-newsletter template that will be lit up in color you click on it and we take
you to a very simple and short checklist of a couple of steps where you make some
decisions about your e-newsletter template will guide you through that
process you’re making great decisions and fill out a short little form so that
we can design your template to your specifications and to your aesthetic
something that really represents you your agency your brand and is going to
attract your ideal clients. Then you just submit your form and your images
and we get to work designing it and showing it to you and once you’re happy
with it we program it into your email marketing system or email service
provider test it and then we’ll give you access to a video that shows you how to
go in and use it so it’s really simple process we look forward to working with

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