Drug Offences: Philip Stiles, Travel to USA

So will you have any trouble traveling
to the US if you have a drug offense on your record? The answer is there’s no
hard and fast rule. You can be denied for any reason, however there are certain
offenses that will more likely result in you being denied than not, and that’s
drug offenses are one, and the other are a category of offense that US homeland
security calls a crime of moral turpitude, a crime that involves some
type of moral wrong, so you know sexual assault or crimes of dishonesty
that type of thing. So a drug offense will more likely than not result in you
being denied at the border. I would suggest to any clients who have been
found guilty of a drug offense to apply for a record suspension at their first
opportunity. A record suspension means a board has essentially turned their mind
to your post offense conduct and also the nature of offense and has suspended
the record. It will still appear but it will be marked as suspended. It’s kind of
the modern-day version of a pardon.

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