Don’t Go See Jay And Silent Bob Reboot Until You Watch This

Well before the Marvel Cinematic Universe
ruled the world, indie writer/director Kevin Smith was ahead of the game with his own “View
Askewniverse.” Now, the filmmaker is ready to take us back
there with Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. If you’re wondering what it’s all about, we’ve
got the answers to all your blunt questions. In keeping with Kevin Smith’s indie film roots,
Jay and Silent Bob Reboot will roll out in a slightly different manner than most major
movies do. Fathom Events, which distributes special and
live events to select multiplexes, will handle Reboot’s first showings on October 15, 2019. These special screenings will include an introduction
from Smith, some bonus material, and free movie posters for lucky fans. Two days later, Reboot will screen again as
part of a double feature alongside Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. “Jay and Silent Bob only work in small doses,
if at all. They don’t deserve their own movie.” “He’s got a point-” “F— him. What’s the next one say?” After those initial events, Smith and Mewes
are taking the show on the road. The pair will travel around the U.S. to personally
present the film and follow it up with Q&A sessions. Between October 21 and December 12, “The Jay
& Silent Bob Reboot Roadshow” will hit 31 cities for 45 screenings. “So come on out and join us and give us your
money because we gotta eat this year.” Kevin Smith has been doing his own thing in
the movie industry for 25 years. In that time, he’s built up a massive world
of characters within his View Askewniverse, and Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is bringing
back a ton of them. Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith are back as the
titular duo, while Jason Lee once again plays Brodie Bruce, his comics-loving character
from Mallrats. Joey Lauren Adams will appear as her Chasing
Amy comics creator Alyssa Jones, as will Ben Affleck, returning as his Chasing Amy character
Holden McNeil. Affleck’s frequent collaborator Matt Damon
will also make an appearance, likely portraying Loki, his Dogma character, though he’s also
appeared in the franchise playing a version of himself. “It’s hunting season.” Rosario Dawson has signed on to play Becky,
the role she originated in Clerks II, alongside Brian O’Halloran, returning as Clerks protagonist
Dante. “I’m not even supposed to be here today!” It’s not all Kevin Smith veterans along for
the ride, though; Val Kilmer, Melissa Benoist, Joe Manganiello, Justin Long, Craig Robinson,
and Chris Hemsworth are also set to make the leap into the Askewniverse for the first time. Yes, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot will revisit
the world of Smith’s classic ’90s comedies, just as fans remember them. It’s a self-aware movie, making fun of both
itself and Hollywood’s obsession with retreads. According to Smith, speaking at a post-podcast-taping
Q&A in May 2019, the movie follows what happens when, “Jay and Silent Bob find out that Hollywood
is making a reboot of that old movie that they had made about them [in Jay and Silent
Bob Strike Back], and they have to go cross the country to Hollywood to stop it all over
again.” Smith is well aware of the irony of the situation,
adding the observation, “It’s a movie that makes fun of sequels and
remakes and reboots while being all three at the same time.” Along with the road trip to stop a movie from
getting made (again), there’s a major plot addition: Jay has a child, a young woman named
Millennium Faulken. “Millie” is a lot like her father in that
she also has a constant companion who never speaks, a deaf friend named Soapy. They insist on heading to Hollywood, too. On July 18, 2019, movie distributor Saban
Films released the first trailer for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. The profanity-laden preview proves that Reboot
does indeed imitate the plot of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, while also making fun of
that movie, and Hollywood, too. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back concerns the
duo’s trip to Hollywood to shutter a movie version of Bluntman and Chronic, a marijuana-meets-Batman
style comic book created by Ben Affleck’s character Holden McNeil. Jason Biggs and James Van Der Beek appear
as themselves as the stars of the adaptation. Along the way, Jay meets and falls for an
animal rights activist named Justice, played by Shannon Elizabeth. According to the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot
trailer, the new movie centers on a reboot of the Bluntman and Chronic movie in production,
with Val Kilmer and Melissa Benoist taking on the roles in a winking nod to their other
jobs. Biggs and Van Der Beek do return for a cameo,
though. “Who’s directing this s— anyway? Kevin f—ing Smith?” Along the way, Jay reconnects with Justice,
who introduces him to their teenage daughter, played by Harley Quinn Smith, Smith’s real-life
daughter. Jay and Silent Bob diehards can also get a
load of the official Jay and Silent Bob Reboot poster. This winking-at-the-past key art is consistent
with the rest of the movie in its nod to the past, as the poster depicts Jason Mewes and
Kevin Smith in character standing against a brick wall, not unlike the one they leaned
against in Clerks back in 1994. Smith also unveiled a movie poster for the
movie-within-a-movie, advertising the Bluntman and Chronic reboot. It strikes a dark, gritty tone, reminiscent
of the DC Comics movie starring one of the View Askewniverse’s most successful alumni:
Ben Affleck. “Affleck was the bomb in Phantoms.” “Word, b—-. Phantoms like a motherf—–.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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79 Replies to “Don’t Go See Jay And Silent Bob Reboot Until You Watch This

  1. Anybody remember when filming dogma jay was so fucked up on heroin he kept passing out while filming w Chris rock?

    Heh I do lol

  2. Sucks that Ben Afleck and Matt Damon are gonna be in it. I doubt Jay & Kevin wanted to work with those losers.

  3. The movie doesn’t make no sense when did the girl have sex with Jay she went to jail at the end they only kiss

  4. Justin Long has been in many K Smith movies, sir, not to mention his leading role in Tusk! Do you even watch movies!? HFS, my man!

  5. I want to see it but I gotta feeling it’ll be better in my home with a few “snacks”. 😉

  6. Fun fact Kevin Smith was the first to do the “__ will return in ___” WAYYY before marvel. It goes back to his first film, Clerks, in the credits of Clerks it says “Jay and Silent Bob will return in Dogma”. Even tho his next movie wasn’t dogma, two films after he actually granted his promise, also at the end of jay and silent bob strike back, there is an End Credits Scene of God Shutting the view askewniverse Bible, that predates IronMans after credits scene. So if you really think about it, MARVEL COPIED KEVIN SMITH.

  7. Don't watch Jay and silent bob reboot until you've watched this? Iv watched all of Kevin smiths movies for years and can pretty much quote them all, I think I'm good

  8. Ummm Justin Long is reprising his role from Zach and Miri which is another view askewniverse movie idiots.

  9. Jay and silent bob strike back was my first I introduction to Kevin Smith,

    My list
    Jay and bob
    Clerks 2/clerks
    Chasing amy

    In fact I can’t put this on any order their all great for their own reasons,


  10. Awesome video and my favourite Kevin Smith movie is dogma and jay and silent bob strikes back amazing job looper

  11. I need and can't wait to see this. I own and warch all his movies and jay and silent Bob strike back is one of my favourites

  12. Justin long IS NOT making his view askew-niverse debut in Reboot- he was in zach and miri and was the star of Tusk! He was damned Walrus for crying out loud

  13. I only just realized Matt Damon was Loki in Dogma and in the MCU when Loki is doing the stage production of his life.

  14. Jay and Silent Bob were funny when they weren't the focus of a movie. Jay and Silent strike back DOES have it right…they work in small doses.

  15. “Madness In the Method” looks better. Should of Just left it as That as Their last Movie. jay & Bod reeboot just looks like a terrible reboot Cash-grab. Just like Everything Else . also, the two of Them don’t look like crack Heads in it, As appose to Now for sum Reason.

  16. Who is playing Wilson High School,American Pie and YDKJ's version of Indiana Jones and the Emperors Jay and Silent Bob's Tomb?

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