talking travel with tea on a Thursday
come on along hello everyone welcome back to my channel coral joy travel
today I am sipping some tea and I’m going to tell you what kind of tea this
is because it will change your life if you like lemon tea this is unlike any
other lemon tea I’ve ever had by the company red rose I picked it up at my
local grocery store which is not even a fancy grocery store so I bet everyone
can find it somewhere or Amazon I imagine and it is called lemon cake it
is the best lemon tea I’ve ever had that has nothing to do with Disney or travel
but it has everything to do with good tea so I’m sipping my lemon cake tea in
my Epcot mug that I got down in Walt Disney World and I thought today we
would just sit and talk because I just wanted to do that today a little
different this is very different so if you are new to my channel this is not
normally how I do things but I needed a little bit of a change because life is
busy right and I just kind of wanted to stop for a moment and just talk to you
guys so thank you for being subscribed if you are coming back and if you are
new I hope you consider subscribing because we’ve grown so much over the
past two years and I’m just so very grateful for all of you so for all of my
returning subscribers you may want to watch this video and for those of you
who are new you yeah I encourage you to watch too
alright so what are we going to talk about today I was thinking I want to
talk about my travel agents on my team I have not yet done a video on my travel
agents I do talk about our travel agents see we do specialize in Disney vacations
and off honestly that is really what we talk about on this channel is giving
Walt Disney World tips and tricks’ Disney Cruise Line tips Disneyland etc
and I talk about my team but I really don’t get into it too much so I kind of
wanted to do a little video about some of my well actually all of my ladies on
my team I call them my cjt coral joy travel
dream team because they are I know a lot of you might have applied to our agency
and it’s not that you’re not fantastic and wonderful people and Disney
knowledge filled it’s just that I am being very selective and these ladies
really do mean so very much to me so I just wanted to give huge shouts shouts
out give a huge shout out to Lila Melissa Amanda and Tori those four
ladies are the coral joy travel dream team and you can meet them by going onto
our website coraljoytravel.com I’m just so proud of them I am so proud of
them and I wanted to talk about that today I wanted to talk about how proud I
am of them so a lot of you you know we have really grown our our
travel business through YouTube me doing these videos once twice three times a
week has has found has found many of you and I thought a so greatly appreciate
that and now these agents are booking some of your trips if you’ve worked with
one of my agents on the team let me know who your agent was below like you said
they’re all very wonderful some of you have just recently booked so you haven’t
had your trip yet some of you our past clients and some of you are brand new
and yes if you’re looking for a Disney vacation there is a link in the form
below that you can fill out and one of our team members will be assisting you
on your vacation and I like to say I mean two categories of people should
really use a travel agent one is someone who’s never been to one of these parks
whether it’s Walt Disney World or Disneyland and they need an expert again
this doesn’t cost any additional to use a travel agent it’s amazing it’s amazing
the second type of person who should reach out to us would be someone who
does not have any time to do any research and maybe they’ve been to Walt
Disney World before but they just don’t have the time for it they want someone
else to do their Fast Pass reservations they want someone else to do their
dining they want a direct link to someone who will answer all of their
questions if one of those people are you reach out to us if you know we’re not
here for window shoppers we’re here to really help families these women on my
team are so eager to help and that is that’s such a it’s such a gift for me to
see what I had when I started the passion the nice when I started selling
travel on my own that passion I see in each of these four women it it just it
makes me so happy so I don’t know I’m just I’m just so I’m just so happy with
my team and I wanted to talk about that what else what else can we talk about
today spring started yesterday today is March 21st and the first day of spring
was yesterday I live in New York State it doesn’t look like spring yet nor does
it feel like it but it’s coming and that makes me happy something else I’m
looking forward to I’m going on a Walt Disney World vacation very soon you guys
are the first to hear about it you’re the first to hear about it so yes I’m
going to Walt Disney World with my entire family we haven’t gone all
together as a unit I have two sons in high school and a husband I’m leaving my
dogs home yes Disney will thank me for that but we’re going to Walt Disney
World over spring break over Easter spring
and we’re gonna be staying at the beach club so I’ll be there I’ll be filming
and doing some rides and having some fun with my family because those of you who
have older children who are still in high school but are getting towards
going to college you know that time is precious well everyone who has children
you know that time is precious but I’m now in that later stage later stage of
life I’m not that old but I’m old enough to have high school kids anyway uh uh
you know you just start thinking about making memories making memories and
traveling together is one way to make memories so I’m excited about that too I
appreciate all of you guys we are now I think we’re at like fifty five hundred
subscribers is that amazing and I haven’t done a giveaway so guess what
I’m gonna do a giveaway and that’s why I said you should stick around because I’m
doing a giveaway today I’m gonna give away three things a pair of ears a
keychain and a pin so let me take a sip of my
lemon cake tea do you want to see what we’re giving away of course you do we
are giving away these purple potion ears these are from Disney I got these on
shop Disney awesome yay what else this I’m really excited about guys I bought
this why am i standing here let me stand back here hello
I bought this keychain last September October I bought two of them I bought
one for my friend Jen the forge hey Jen I bought this for my friend and then I
bought one for me but guess what I didn’t use it so I’m gonna give it away
and this is this is awesome I’ve shown this before look at this keychain
rose-gold ears with a little clasp up here which I love see I’ve never used a
guide I promise and then last but not least we have this pin a donut
Mickey head pin that I picked up actually I might have bucked I might
have bought this online all right so uh this is that’s the excitement I am
sharing with you a giveaway because I haven’t done a giveaway in a long time
and I and I am really celebrating my 5000 subscribers so now we’re at 5500 so
I’m super super excited about that gosh I just I so appreciate this
community we have here there are so many great Disney youtubers I am like
speechless that you come and you watch and you watch me but I I so appreciate
it I so appreciate it alright we’re going to end this giveaway in two weeks
so it’s open today and it will end on well we’ll end it on the 3rd of April so
that’s Wednesday the 3rd of April I will end it at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard
Time it really matters but so it’s open for just under two weeks and I will
announce the winner on April 4th 2019 which is a Thursday now again you will
win all of those items there will be one lucky winner I will post a winner’s name
in an Instagram story on April 4th so if you’re not yet following me on Instagram
it’s at coral joy travel one word you’ll find me I will also post a video that
day so I will post it in that video and I will leave it in this video in two
weeks to let you know who the winner was so how do you win this we’re just gonna
make it simple number one please like this video just that just means give it
a thumbs up number two please make sure you are subscribed to my channel if you
are subscribed already that’s easy you don’t have to do that and number three I
would ask that you would comment on this video and that’s where my tea which is
not in my hands right now will come into play if you are a tea drinker can you
please let me know what your favorite tea is I know this is like such a weird
thing to comment just let me know the reason I mention that is because someone
just introduced this lemon cake tea to me and have they not I would
never have tried this I would never have looked for it and it has changed my life
okay it will change yours if you were a tea drinker so let me know what your
favorite tea is if you don’t drink tea gosh let me know what your favorite warm
beverages cocoa is it coffee what else is warm I don’t know if
there’s something else it’s a warm beverage let me know am I missing
something tea coffee cocoa whatever just let me
know curious and also let me know in the comments below what state or what
country you are from I just like to hear and I love seeing where people are
watching from because we often see that a lot of our friends are from different
countries which I love that YouTube can bring us all together and we all share
obviously the same interests of Disney specifically I’m sure because that’s why
you were here so yay thank you so much I had to get my tea back because this is
t-talking third what did I call this tea travel t-talking travel and tea I forget
what I called it I’ll have to watch myself back but um guys thank you thank
you for being a part of this Disney family here on coral joy travel and
thank you for being such wonderful clients those of you who are watching
who are my clients and lastly ladies Melissa
Tori Amanda Lila thank you for being part of my dream my dream team I’ll see
you guys next week bye

85 Replies to “DISNEY Travel 2019 | DISNEY TRAVEL Talk

  1. My favorite tea right now is this Lemon Cake by Red Rose. Thanks for watching along on my Disney chat this Thursday! This video is a little different than usual, but it was fun for me to do…sipping tea and talking about my favorites….and once again I am going to CHEERS to my amazing Coral Joy Travel agents!

  2. Now that I've finished watching your vid hahaha! I need to try that lemon cake tea! My fave tea is Earl Grey. I'm also a fan of Jasmine Green Tea…but I feel like Lemon Cake tea would knock all of those out of the water lol. Also, shout out BACK to you! I'm so lucky to be a part of the CJT Dream Team! ❤ I'm ready for Spring and Summer. And warm weather! Also looking forward to my upcoming trip to WDW!!!!!!!! And finally….CONGRATS ON 5.5K SUBS! ❤😍😘

  3. Congratulations on 5K subscribers, Coral!! 🎉 I’m actually a coffee girl, and I’m from Alabama!! 😊 Roll Tide! 🐘

  4. My favorite warm beverage is hot chocolate! I’m from Arkansas & I’ll be seeing my favorite mouse in 65 days!!! Yay!

  5. I love your Disney Videos that’s how I found your channel I love coffee ☕️ and I’m from Puerto Rico but live in MA

  6. I love your team too!! Hehe. And you of course!!! Whew say it again about window shopping v. actually helping people! Girl, I may be basic in my tea drinking, but I love just the Lipton regular tea. I also love the Bedtime tea by Yogi for when I’m about to go to sleep. And of course I’m from NC ❤️ you made me want some tea now watching this video hehe!! Love it

  7. Liked! Already subscribed! Love hearing about all things going on with Coral Joy and Coral Joy Travel. Oolong Orange tea.

  8. My favorite tea is twinnings English breakfast (which thankfully they have at all the resorts and parks in Disneyworld) but I’ve also become fond of twinnings lady grey. I’m from NJ and I really like watching your videos….even though I’m a Disney veteran I always learn something new from you. Thanks!

  9. No tea here, love a white chocolate mocha or just hot chocolate. ❤ the video! Thankful to be a part of the CJT Dream team! You are just awesome!!

  10. I'm a coffee drinker but I love peppermint tea! … I just found your channel while researching Disney because I would like to go to Disney with my family in 2020! It will be our first time… all I know is we want to stay at Animal Kingdom! I'll have to fill out your info form! 🙂

  11. Hi from your neighboring state NJ! I do enjoy tea, hot chocolate and coffee but I always start my morning with Folgers coffee!

  12. Hi Coral , Nice to see you 🙂 l bet your CJT are great l wouldn't expect anything less as you are so very good at giving Disney advice etc x l wish l lived in the USA l would book though you 100 % x Always enjoyable to watch your blogs x
    My favourite tea Pukka three Cinnamon delicious x
    Caroline Aberdeen Scotland x

  13. I don't drink tea. Probably one of my least favorite drinks. I like hot chocolate though. I'm in Cleveland, TN, which is just north of Chattanooga.

  14. My favorite tea is Candy Cane from Sub Rosa, it's a peppermint loose leaf tea but they only have it during the holiday season but if I stock up I can extend it past, because I like Peppermint all year long. And I'm from Ohio. Oh, and thanks for trying to help me and my daughter with our trip to WDW. I love lemon cake I'm going to have to see if I can find that tea to try some.

  15. Hi Coral! Kerry from Virginia here and I love Earl Gray Tea but now I am going to search for Lemon Cake! Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on the 5.5K subscribers. Thank you, always, for your videos and advice about Disney.

  16. Earl Grey, Breakfast, Peach teas are all my favorites. Congrats on the 5.5k subscribers, that’s AWESOME 👏

  17. Hi Coral! I am a tea drinker but I’m boring. I like just regular Lipton tea everyday. I’m tempted to try the lemon cake tea because I love lemon cake. I am from the lovely state of Pennsylvania. And I have used CJT and am so happy I did. You helped my family have the best vacation. Yay for your upcoming. I definitely agree you need to make so extra special memories now. Senior year goes by so fast. Have a great trip!!!

  18. I love hot chocolate. I live in Middleburg Florida. When I meet people I tell them I live in Jacksonville Florida so they know where I am from.

  19. Hey Corsl from Dallas, Texas. I've been watching you for awhile and really like your videos. And all the info you give.
    I'm not a tea drinker, but I love hot chocolate when it's nice and cold.

  20. OMG I’m also going on easter vacation!!! My first time in Disney world Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom ! I’m going to celebrate my 7th year anniversary with my husband & my brother’s 20th birthday!! Those ears are so beautiful & my favorite tea is Honey Vanilla Chamomile from Celestial Seasonings. I’m from Tijuana Mexico !

  21. Hi Coral love your channel I recently binge watched your videos since I’m going on my first Disney trip in October. My favorite hot beverage is coffee of course and I’m from Texas.

  22. Cleveland Ohio……I'm embarrassed I don't drink tea!!! Hot chocolate is very good though.. I really enjoy you and your channel. Thanks for all your hard work❤

  23. Watching you from Massachusetts, a coffee drinking (hazelnut) gal early in the morning, the rest of my day I'm drinking lemon tea, constant comment, english breakfast….I do like tea! Oh boy, that Lemon Cake tea is the bomb-diggity!!! I hope everyone who likes tea gets a chance to try it 🙂 Sounds like you have a wonderful dream team working with you, thanks to everyone, for all you do to make our dreams come true!!!

  24. Hi Coral,
    I do not drink tea, would be up for trying the lemoncake. French Vanilla coffee drinker. I am also from New York. 25 minutes south of Canada near Watertown. Have a magical day!

  25. I love coffee and also enjoy tea sometimes 😀 I really like a spice tea but I don’t remember who makes it lol I am from Indianapolis, Indiana

  26. Hi! I’m originally from California but my husband and I currently live in South Dakota! I love tea but I’m very plain Jane and usually stick with iced black or green tea

  27. My favorite tea is Hot Cinnamon Spice by Harney & Sons. A coworker gave me some a couple weeks ago when I had the sniffles. I’m from WV and spring is trying to arrive 💐

  28. I am loving your appreciation for your team! I wish I had known I could have had a travel agent for free on our visit a few years ago. I was so stressed. I am from Saskatchewan, Canada and I am a recent convert to tea drinking since coffee was bothering me. My favourite is Twinings Pomegranate and Raspberry.

  29. Hi coral! I’m doing my Undergrad in hospitality in hopes of being a Disney travel agent. Real talk: if I make travel my full time job, what are my chances of making enough to live off of or should I plan on only doing this part time?

  30. Love the tea talk! My favorite tea is Organic Peach Oo-La-Long Tea by Honest Tea. But I also love lemon tea and now got to try that! And I am in Louisiana.

  31. I love just some good old sweet tea but I also love some good hot chocolate especially hot chocolate from the Disney springs ghiradeli shop. I'm from Illinois!

  32. I’m a big tea fan. My favorite tea is yogi turmeric chai and the republic of tea lemon chiffon cuppa cake. I love this tea and travel talk 🙂

  33. I’m not a big fan of tea but my favorite hot beverage would have to be hot coco. Even if it’s not winter I could still drink it.

  34. My favourite tea is just the basic orange pekoe black tea from red rose, with milk and sugar and love it strong. 🇨🇦

  35. Green tea w/ mango is my favorite tea, congrats to you on 5.5k & your amazing team :0) From Chandler, AZ & soon to be in FL!

  36. Outsourcing is so important when your life is crazy busy and I think this is one of THE BEST ways to have a fantastic vacation without spending all the time and it's ALSO TOO FREE?? Win/win/win. Such a great team! And favorite tea is Earl Gray, hot. Like Captain Picard of the USS Enterprise. And you are actually REALLY old. Like, I'm amazed that you could get this video done. (to all reading: I'm older than her so I can joke) (AND DO NOT PUT ME IN FOR THE GIVEAWAY because people will think it's rigged and you already gave me that keychain)

  37. Watching while getting ready this morning and I’m drinking out of the same mug this morning 😂 #mugtwins ! Thank you for sharing your dream team! I’m really happy for the growth of your business:)

  38. Coral congratulations on your travel agency and your wonderful team. It is always a blessing to be surround with positive influences to help you.
    I really appreciate all the Disney info you share with our Disney community. It’s so helpful. Glad you’re heading back to Disney with your family. I hope you make many memories! I am not a hot tea drinker. Lol. Give me a tall glass of iced sweet tea. I guess I’m an old southern for sure. I sure enjoy your channel and wish you all the best! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  39. Congratulations on the 5,500 subscriber milestone!! I hope it's only another level in your journey to success and happiness! I am from nw Indiana and my favorite teas (cause I can't choose 1) sweet- tazo chai vanilla caramel, inexpensive – Lipton green tea purple acai blueberry, decaffeinated- harney and son's birthday black tea, loose leaf- tiesta tea Maui mango pineapple and k cup- celestial Mandarin orange spice and I love good unsweetened cold black tea anything! Hope you find more new tea loves and have a wonderful day and a great big beautiful tomorrow!!!

  40. Hi Coral! Tea is great! Favorite is Coconut Cabana by the Tea Spot (they're in Boulder Colorado, and make amazing tea!). Live in Aurora Colorado, from the Chicagoland area …. but been here a while. We chatted live when you and Jen Lafforge were hanging at the Nomad Lounge… 🙂 Cheers!

  41. I love tea too!! The ONLY ones I don't care for are the chamomile flavors–I will look for this Lemon Cake one now too!
    From CT! Have a great day! PS: Hubby wants to take me on a Disney cruise in 2020 for our 25th and I think we will be in touch with you folks!!

  42. I don't like tea or coffee bitbibdo LOVE Hot Chocolate! and I'm from a small town in Hillsboro Ohio…. thank you for all the info that you give us about Disney world!! Would love these and they would be great for our second trip to Disney this August 🙂

  43. Hi, Coral! Love knowing another hot beverage person! I like just about everything except coffee. I do love the aroma of coffee though. I recently sample a loose leaf black tea with an orange peel infusion and it was life changing. 😉 So delicious and such a pick-me-up on slow afternoons! Yay for spring break travel! My high schooler has a huge project due just after spring break so we aren't going anywhere for Easter this year. But, the first week of May, WDW, here we come! I hope spring comes soon for you up there in NY. It is bright and blooming here in Atlanta, GA.

  44. Hi! I just subscribed and liked the video! I currently live in NC ❤️. My fave hot beverage is coffee. ☕️☕️☕️

  45. I love tea. I switch between Irish Breakfast and English Breakfast but I mix it up from time to time with Chai. I'm from Indiana 🙂

  46. Ooo I’m going to have to try that! David’s tea just discontinued my favorite “sweet lime” tea 😭 ! Time is precious, go on as many trips as possible !! AND NO YOU’RE NOT OLD!! I’m from NJ; but you knew that 😉 ❤️

  47. Hello, Coral! I'm Vanessa from Brazil! I'm a Disney Lover and I love your Channel! My favorite hot beverage is hot chocolate, but I also like to drink apple cinnamon tea! Thank you for so important information about Disney! I really appreciate it. Have a very special Spring break trip to WDW!!

  48. I prefer Chai! Originally from Seattle, WA, but now I live in Dallas, TX. Closer to the Magic 😉

  49. I like tea, especially iced tazo passion fruit tea, or iced mango or plain black tea. I am ready for this lemon cake though. What I normally drink is vanilla lattes, and I live in Kansas.

  50. I think that is so great that you make your appreciation for your team known! Edited to add: my fav tea is earl grey and fav coffee is mostly anything from door county coffee and tea company 😍. I'm from Chicaaaago suburbs!

  51. i love green tea with hunny on a winter night!! im also from new york so with all the changing weather the green tea helps with my sinuses!

  52. I drink Harry Potter themed teas all the time. It's so good. My favorite is called Cozy Elves. I love your You Are Here mug. I almost got one today for my own state (TN). lol. I was in Starbucks down in Chattanooga (I live in Nashville) and they had some. Almost got one but didn't. Speaking of Starbucks what is your favorite Starbucks drink? Mine is the Cafe Americano with Heavy cream and 1 packet of Stevia. This keeps me on my keto diet but still taste great! 

    Thats great that your team is so excited and doing good!!!

    I love the purple potion ears!!! Thats a cute keychain and pin too! I'm doing a loop giveaway right now with 9 other channels if you want to come enter. You probably follow most if not all the other channels I am doing a loop giveaway with.

    Funny little bit here. I had already answered your questions in my above comment before you asked the questions….I ramble so much.

  53. My favorite tea is David’s Teas organic cold 911 it really helps when you are under the weather! I also had a question what would be your biggest tip when traveling to Disney with a 1 year old?

  54. Always enjoy your videos. They bring JOY 😊. My go to tea is any black tea and I have to have it when I feel under the weather. I live in Minnesota but travel is a passion of mine.

  55. Love your channel! Love Disney!

    I don’t drink hot tea, but my daughter loves peppermint tea. My favorite warm drink is hot chocolate with cinnamon and cayenne pepper. Yum!

  56. I love all hot beverages!! One that I love in the fall that I didn’t hear you mention was hot apple cider 🤤🤤

  57. So recently I’ve been drinking mothers milk tea. I’m a mother of an almost 6 month old and well trying to help in that department. But before this tea I wasn’t really a tea drinker so I don’t have a favorite tea really. But as for a hot drink definitely hot chocolate! And for your other question I’m from PA! And last thing I’d like to say is we plan on going to Disney hopefully next year! And your videos help so much! I have never been to Disney so, I do plan on using you guys to help on our vacation!!!! 🙂

  58. I recently switched from coffee to tea and I'm really enjoying it and really enjoying trying different ones . I was NOT..!!! a fan of lavender though lol I tried a lavender flavor the other day and couldn't do it lol literally not my cup of tea..!!

  59. For my next trip I will def be using an agent I wish I would have used one this time . But I did alright considering it's been over 15 yrs since I've been to w.d.w. and I've never really planned a trip like this before . I really only had a few issues but I got most of them worked out except getting a fast pass for slinky dog dash lol I even got on there early the day I was able to start booking my fast passes. Sounds like I'm gonna be there around the same time you and ur family will be there I leave next week and will be there for 9 days total at w.d.w. But will be in Orlando for 11 days total . I can't wait and can't belive my dream vacation is almost here..!!

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