Disney Orientation with a Travel Agent

Hey tripsters! Congratulations on
booking your Walt Disney World vacation. Are you excited? Maybe you’re a little
bit overwhelmed, that’s why you’re watching this video. A trip to Disney
World especially if it’s your first trip or you haven’t been in several years can
be a little bit overwhelming which is why we put this great video together for
you. Where do you start? My first recommendation is absolutely download
the my Disney experience app. Available at any app store for free. It looks like
this. Basically you put it on your phone and it has a whole wealth of information.
You can search the park maps, you can search weight times, you can load up your
tickets on there, and keep your fastpass plus selections organized, all your
dining reservations. Anything that you would want to know Disney wise you’re
going to organize in that app. So that’s your first step. Get in there and get
yourself familiarized with the app, also the next thing you want to do is decide
on your itinerary. Which the app will help you do. Now my suggestion is any
time you’re going to Disney World, particularly if you’re staying on
property, you want to take advantage of the my the magical hours. Which are
available only if you’re staying on property. So during the magic hours you
get to either enter the park ahead of time or you get to stay late in the park.
So the way that I always build my itinerary and recommend that my clients
do is pull up the park hours for the time that you’re going to be there. For
example if Magic Kingdom on your first day is offering Magic Hours in the
morning make that your home park for the day. Know that you’re going to go ahead
and probably take advantage of those magic hours, enjoy the park, and then
you’ll know where to make your dining reservations later when we get into more
complex areas of building your itinerary. So that’s where to start.
Particularly if you are going during a high season spring break, Thanksgiving,
Christmas, you must take advantage of the
Magic Hours. The parks get very very busy, and on some days I have been there at
Christmas time where they actually shut Magic Kingdom down because they are at
occupancy. Now that doesn’t happen a lot, but in terms of your planning and for
the comfort and relaxation of the trip you want to make sure you’re taking
advantage of those magic hours because there’s less people it’s less crowded. A
lot of times you just walk right on the rides or it’s less than a 10-minute wait,
so you definitely want to get as many rides done in those magical hours that
you can to just get everything that you want to get done. The other suggestion I
have for you particularly if you have young kids is go to the park in the
morning do whatever Park has the magic hours take a break in the afternoon, and
go back to the park at night. The heaviest time in the parks is generally
that late afternoon time frame, so skip it all together it’s too crowded. That’s
when the kids are going to have their meltdown. Go back relax catch a nap or go
swimming at the pool, and then if you have the hopper you can go to a
different park at night. If you’re doing the one park a day pass then you can go
back to the same park, and it is like a whole nother experience because Disney
at night really is it just feels so different and it feels so magical
particularly Epcot and Magic Kingdom. And now even with Animal Kingdom with the
introduction of Pandora they have all the luminescent things in Pandora world.
So that’s my best tip for families. Our kids are older now and we still follow
that process we get way more done we don’t get as exhausted. It is a lot of
walking but it’s just at a more relaxed pace and we get a lot done. So that’s my
tip for you today on that piece. So once you have the park selected there’s a
couple of dates to be aware of. You need to know when it’s a hundred and eighty
days before your trip because that’s when you can make your dining
reservations, and 60 days before your trip you can do your fast passes. So
first with the dining. Once your reservation is built, you booked that
with us you can go ahead and go on my Disney experience app you can load your
credit card on. You do have to hold your reservations now with Disney
with a credit card. You put it on your app and you can make all your
reservations. If you want to change it just remember you have to with the
minimum of one day 24 hours notice you have to cancel otherwise they will bill
you a booking fee for that dining reservation. But for whether you’re going
during busy season or non busy season if there’s certain dining experiences you
want to get into you need to book those well in advance. The castle for example,
Cinderella’s castle, needs to be booked on exactly that 180 day window. You need
to be on the phone when the call center opens for Disney. At something like if
you’re in central time zone you’re getting up is something like 6 a.m. to
make that reservation, or to do it on the my Disney experience app because
those will not be available if you try to make them later, or last minute. The
other thing with dining is if you have one that you want to try to get into
don’t be discouraged if it’s not there exactly during the time you want it. Just
keep watching it because people cancel and change their plans all the time, so
just keep watching it and keep going back. Sometimes the week of I’ve even
gotten into good experiences when we booked last-minute trips because people
just booked they cancel the day before or they change their plans. So that’s my tip
for dining. Again you can make those reservations now if you have your
booking made through us already. With the fast passes you need to make sure your
final payment is paid at least 62 to 63 days in advance of your trip so you can
get your ticket numbers, your park pass ticket numbers. Once I give you the park pass
ticket numbers, I send that to you in your paperwork, you can link your tickets
in your my Disney Express and it will allow you to make your Fastpass
selections. Very similar to the dining except for with fast passes you can only
do it at that 60-day mark plus your reservation time. So and fast passes
again if you’re going Thanksgiving, Spring Break, Christmas you need to
select those at that 60-day period if you want to get into the best
experiences or the best rides. We have a separate video on recommendations for
rides based on your kids ages so definitely check that out later. But in
terms of knowing the timeline please plan accordingly in order to do that so
your disappointed and can get all the
fast pass selections that you want. Those can be organized in the My Disney
Experience, and I’m going to give you another great tip on that Fast Pass
video of how you can actually get more than three fast passes in a day. So
definitely check out that other video. So ou’ve built your general itinerary
based on what? On when and who has magic hours you’ve picked the parts that
you’re going to go to on the days. You can load those itineraries in the My
Disney Experience. You can go on my Disney experience and you can read about
all the different dining you can make your dining selections. If you’re the 60
day mark or under get those fast passes made, that’s the next step you want to
follow. The other thing you want to make sure you want to do at least about 60
days in advance is on the My Disney Experience you can actually customize
your magic bands. So Disney has these great magic bands. If you’re not familiar
with them, magic bands get you into your room, they get you into the park, you can
buy any of your souvenirs if you link a credit card to it. Everything is on this
magic band, so you literally can walk around Walt Disney World without even
having a credit card. I just go with my phone my magic band and that’s really
all that you need. But you can select if you don’t select the colors they just
send whatever colors and you don’t want your kids to be disappointed of course.
So go on and pick the colors have you know the kids pick what color they want.
The other neat thing is they will actually put your name right on the back of
your magic band. That way if you have two daughters who both love pink they don’t
have to pick a different color their names are going to be on the back
of their band which is great. If your kids are old enough you can add charging
privileges if they’re not you can make sure that the charging privileges are
not on there when you check into the hotel. So those are extra features as
well so make sure to do that. Last but not least after the magic bands
is I get a lot of questions about Disney’s Magical Express. Magical
express is the free transfer service so if you’re flying into Orlando they will
actually send your luggage to the hotel directly, and the husbands always love
this. I love this too because I care I have a lot of luggage being in travel.
But they’re actually going to send these great little bands you can see here. This
family was going to, where were they going? They were going to all-star music
in this example. So this is actually the luggage
ticket tags that you put on your suitcase and when you check them in at
the airport your luggage goes straight to the hotel. You do not have to stop
at baggage claim when you get to Orlando. You literally walk off the plane
get the kids a snack or whatever they need and walk right to the magical
express transfer service. You will scan your magic band, you can put them on as
soon as you get to the airport, scan that magic band and they will tell you which
magical Express bus to get on, and that will take you directly to your
hotel. Once at the hotel it takes about an hour
and a half after you get there in my experience, and then the bags just
magically show up in your room. it’s the greatest process and just makes for a
great stress-free vacation. So that’s wonderful. So this is the basic
Disney World orientation. These are the things you definitely want to plan for
your family to build your itinerary and to do ahead of time. If you want to drill
down a little more on the fast passes and which ones might be right for your
family, or on dining and which experiences might be right for your family. We have
separate videos on each of those so definitely check those out. If this video
was helpful please comment, like, and subscribe. And no matter what, my last tip
for you guys no matter how beautiful your itinerary is remember you’re on
vacation. Don’t stress out, remember to stay flexible. It’s Disney it’s supposed
to be fun. Build magical memories and have a great time. You guys take care. Bye tripsters.

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