Dexter E-Z Flex Triple Suspension System Kit Installation –

Today on our fifth wheel trailer, we’ll be installing the Dexter Axel EZ Flex Triple Suspension System Kit, with five and five-eighths inch equalizers, part number K71-656-00 Now, the reason you want a set-up like this is on our case we’re replacing something that’s damaged, so we’re replacing with a better quality component, which will provide is with a much smoother ride when we’re going down the road, provide us with 100% equalization, and will take out a lot of the roughness while we’re going down the road Here’s what our kit consists of We have our front equalizers here, which would go between our front and our middle axle Then we have our rear equalizer here, which goes between our rear and middle axle We have your bolts and brackets here, which will connect our leaf springs to our equalizers As you notice, they all have zerk fittings in here, so we can grease them to extend the life of our bushings inside

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  1. does this installation affect any other stuff like alignment of axel's? I imagine no, since everything gets bolted back into the same spot.

  2. Instead of using your fingers to grease those bolts, you could use a small paint brush and be a lot cleaner job.

  3. 1:40 1) saltwater is not a "weather condition" 2) other than a hurricane or oceanic flood, what "harsh weather conditions" should one expect their RV to experience which might cause saltwater exposure to its suspension?

  4. You made some very very bad mistakes in this particular install video. Never grease threads on suspension. For those of you watching this video that liked it you're idiots

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