speeds time to market of new travel services with OpenStack and NetApp

Airline ticket sales, hotel reservations, car rentals, and vacation packages. We are constantly innovating with new technologies in the market. Despegar is an online travel agency, and it is number one in Latin America. One major differentiator of Despegar is that we can generate personalized packages for a better user experience to build client loyaly and increase the likelihood of purchase. We focus on quality of service for the users and on meeting their specific needs. The main challenge that Despegar faced was providing an online site that addressed the requirements of the business. We needed to make a change. The business required speed and better delivery to production and we achieved this with our private cloud based on OpenStack and NetApp. We were attracted by NetApp’s easy integration with OpenStack. We were able to go from deploying 3 to 5 applications per week to more than 300 applications per day. Developers can make their deployments directly into production without the need of an IT person. In fact, we now have 600 developers. The developers are now able to deploy their applications in a much more agile and dynamic manner. One of the advantages of Clustered Data ONTAP is we are now able to perform updates without any disruption and without downtime. We also gained benefits in scalability and performance. For the user, the new applications mean a faster website. Images can be viewed in different ways based on the user experience, and the results also vary depending on what the user wants. Year after year we’ve had 100% data growth. NetApp has been by our side since the company started. We’ve found a partner who could support our growth. We really value this and we believe that the services that they provide give us a competitive advantage.

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