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Rising from the western edge of America’s
High Plains, and shadowed by the Rocky Mountains, is Colorado’s
capital, Denver. The city sprang up in 1858, right were the first flakes of gold in the
state were discovered. As it turned out, there wasn’t that much gold
around Denver, the real riches lay up in the mountains, but ever since, The Mile High City has continued
to grow, thanks partly to its incredible weather. Denver is blessed with over 300 days of sunshine
per year; that’s more than Miami! Just an easy walk or bus ride from Denver’s
modern downtown is the Golden Triangle, an area filled with
grand civic architecture, museums and public art. Climb the stairs to the Capitol Building, where at the 13th step, you’ll be exactly
one mile above sea level. Spend some time in the Denver Art Museum, which celebrates the region’s landscapes and
peoples. The museum houses 18 000 Native American treasures, making it one of the most important First
Nations’ collections in the country. Not far from the Golden Triangle is the Children’s
Museum of Denver, where little adventurers can discover the
world of kinetics, explore nature, and climb aboard a big ol’
firetruck. There are plenty of other natural wonders
to explore, at the Denver Botanic Gardens, and Butterfly
Pavilion. Denverites have always enjoyed the great outdoors, and believe their animal friends should too. Denver Zoo pioneered the use of natural habitats, so its guests can feel right at home, whatever
the weather. Uncover the region’s prehistoric past at the Denver Museum of Science and Nature. But to really walk in the footsteps of giants, hit the Triceratops Trail at Dinosaur Ridge. Here, on Denver’s western outskirts you’ll
find the Morrison Fossil Area, one of the most extensive dinosaur track and
fossil sites in the world. Just up the road is the historic mining town
of Golden. Mosey on into the Buffalo Bill Museum on Lookout
Mountain, dedicated to the life and times of America’s
greatest Wild West showman. Just outside, his final resting place sits
high on a ridge where the winds whistle through the Ponderosa
Pines. Down the hill at the Clear Creek History Park, peer into the lives of the pioneers who carved
out a life in shadows and snowdrifts of the Great Divide. Golden is also home to the Colorado Railroad
Museum which lovingly maintains the locomotives,
cars and cabooses that once traversed the region’s High Plains
and mountain passes. For many in these parts, the mountains become
an obsession. Golden’s Mountaineering Museum is dedicated
to the technology and spirit of those who answer the call of those lofty
peaks. Denverites can’t seem to get enough of the
great outdoors. While you’re in the Golden area, call into to one of the world’s most beautiful
natural amphitheaters, Red Rocks. Go for a run with locals, or time your visit
to take in a show. Many of the worlds great artists, from the Beatles to U2 have performed here
under the blood red rocks. If all that sightseeing and history builds
up a thirst, you’re in luck. The area around Denver is known as the Beer
Triangle. Take a tour of the Coors Brewery, before exploring the regions dozens of brewpubs
and microbreweries. Denver is surrounded by places of incredible
beauty. Just over an hours drive south are the ancient
sandstone formations that have been attracting travelers and dreamers
for thousands of years the Garden of the Gods. Nearby, is the pretty town of Manitou Springs. From here you can hike, catch the cog railway, or drive to Pikes Peak ~ weather permitting! This is where Colorado’s real high country
begins. Try your hand at prospecting, keep an eye
out for the legendary Bigfoot, or just soak up the views from 14 000 feet. When the sun starts to drop, it’s time to
head back to Denver. Warm up by the fire, then make tracks to the
Buckhorn Exchange, a Denver institution spanning three centuries. Order up a rattlesnake dip, an alligator tail,
or an elk steak. But don’t miss the house specialty, Rocky
Mountain Oysters, mmmmmm…. The Rockies loom large over Denver, turn any street corner and there they are. Maybe that’s why folks here are so relaxed; living this close to nature’s majesty has a knack of keeping things in perspective. So, if you’ve got a hankering for best of
big city comforts and clear mountain air ~ there’s a warm, wild,
welcome, waiting for you, in Denver.

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  1. What a shit video, Denver is way more alive than this depicts, especially since all these people have moved there in the last couple of years. Downtown 16 st Mall is amazing and the party's are awesome. Great mexican food and diversity.

  2. I'm going to Denver this week.

    I heard nothing about Marijuana or crime levels.

    Aren't Rocky Mountain Oysters really BULL TESTICLES?

  3. Garden of the gods is in Colorado Springs you should have mentioned castle rock and Blackhawk casinos

  4. It's all nice and fun until you go to the mountains or do anything on the weekends. Traffic stops everything, even in the mountains.

  5. Hahahaha Colorado doesn't have that great weather. In the winter it is horrible with high temps as low as -10. But, hey I guess it really doesn't compare to Minneapolis, Des Moines, or Madison, WI.

  6. the job market in Denver is completely saturated. traffic is out of control. the city has outgrown what its infrasturucture can handle. homeless everywhere. Stay out if you can.

  7. I was born in Denver, but now live in San Diego. The only thing I miss about Denver is Red Rocks amphitheater and the skiing. Other than that, no reason to go back.

  8. Denver is beautiful in the summer. The state of Colorado is home to some of the best skateparks in the world (Denver Skatepark was even voted the number one park in the nation). If that's your thing, I highly suggest visiting. I am headed there for the next several months to take full advantage of them (and the mountains) and gain experience before headed further west, trading the glorious pine trees for warm palm trees.

  9. should mention Denvers sports scene as well one of North American cities that has a major league team in every major league North American sports

  10. Once blue skies – now Chemtrails spray a fog like haze over the city and front range – shit they spray so much you can taste it. Lung problems on the rise in Colorado

  11. In Denver, many of the parents ignore traffic laws with their children. Many of these parents are civil servants. Youth in Colorado deserve law-abiding, ethical and conscientious civil servants. Their future depends upon it. Double traffic fines in capital cities and see law-abiding streets and adults appear, in Denver. Imagine that!

  12. Me and my wife visited Denver from MI. So many things to do. Natives are cool as fuck. Down 16th street mall is where shit goes down as far as city life. Weed is legal. Def going back.

  13. i live here. super dry.super boring,super expensive,traffic is getting bad,20000 people moving every month,smells like weed everywhere, alot of homeless,alot of wild fires because of the heat and the grass is never green.allergies,2017 can't wait to move out

  14. My future hometown, can't wait to get here. Just wondering how many 2 year olds get shot in the head there like here in Memphis.

  15. Great shots and Denver overview. I shot a short 3-minute travel video (my first video ever) of my trip to Colorado. The shots were taken over the course of 8 days and included Denver, Boulder, Jeeping in Ouray, exploring the Maroon Bells, and stopping at Hanging Lake. Check it out (only vid on my channel so far) for a good perspective of what to expect in such a beautiful state.

  16. I went to most of those places😭😭😭😍 my profile photo is up at pikes peak! I just loved Colorado 😍

  17. Forgot that Denver euthanized over 3,000 dogs and puppies in jusr a few years via use of gas chambers because of the way they looked. Also they separated dozens of other dogs from their families for the same reason.

    Happy travels.

  18. I live in Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods and Manitou springs, Pikes peak, is ours. Piss off Denver! I don't need to climb stone stairs to be a mile over sea level. Have fun with your traffic.

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