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Hi I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re
Chasing a Plate, today we’re in Malacca Malaysia and we’re about to go and try
Nyonya or Peranakan food we are so excited to try this mash up of Malay
and Chinese cuisine, we’re hungry, let’s eat we’ve ordered a ton of different dishes
we’ve come to Unicorn Cafe in Malacca and actually when we were trying to find a Nyonya restaurant to visit it was sort of hard because a lot of the restaurants in town were really quite
expensive but we stumbled across Unicorn Cafe and I really liked the story as
well, it’s run by a young Nyonya woman who’s trying to spread the love of
Peranakan cuisine or her heritage to the world and it’s awesome, it’s so great so we have
ordered some curry chicken it’s called chicken curry debal so it’s chicken
cooked in a spice filled gravy and there’s a touch of vinegar I hear, we’ve ordered
seh bak which is a pork which is cooked in a really dark looking sauce with
lots of spices, we’ve got a fish which is covered in this sambal sauce and we’ve
got some coconut milk vegetables which are cooked with rempah which are spices
this looks so good we cannot wait to get in so I keep saying Nyonya or Peranakan, when
you come to Melaka you’ll see a lot of Peranakan and Nyonya restaurants, basically the Peranakan or Baba Nyonya are the descendants of Chinese migrants who came to Malacca in the eighteen hundreds and who intermarried with local Malay so
the food is like a mash up of Malay and Chinese food so lots of Chinese
ingredients using Malay spices. The wait to eat this is killing me so I’m just gonna
dive in and grab some of everything to start off, there’s this chicken curry I’m gonna grab a huge thing of that I can see mustard seeds in there which is, that’s
pretty unusual and then we’ve got the pork I’ll grab some nice big bits of that, the sauce is really runny actually it’s got, it’s very watery but it’s very
dark looking and then the sauce on the chicken curry is much thicker and quite
gritty it looks like there could even be some nuts or something in there
really really gritty and then this fish is just beautiful with the chili
piled up on top so I think I’ll just rip into that too and just grab some while we’re at it. Look at this chilli it’s so thick on top the sambal, incredible let’s just try it, oh there’s a lot of oil underneath so can you see that the oil from the from the sambal luckily
it’s gone down to the bottom that’s probably where you want that. The
fish is quite it’s not that fleshy but it’s kind of
like a tuna the style of fish, there we go I’ll just grab a little bit to get going I’ve
got a few bones in there I’ll have to navigate my way through alright let’s
start with some sauces actually I’m just gonna try the sauces so the
chicken curry it’s got a real twang it’s not very
spicy at all, it’s got a spice. I’m just gonna try some more as my spoon had the sambal from the fish on it still really good spice just a nice
mellow curry taste though oh that’s a really good sauce, let’s try this the sauce from the
pork, ohhhh that’s like a slow-cooked soy sauce style sauce that’s really deep it’s got
a great saltiness really deep in flavour I want to try some of the stuff
with the actual protein so we’ve got the rice the chicken and then the sauce Mmmm oh yum it’s got sort of a floral taste I can’t really pick what it is it’s quite unusual it’s sharp, then spicy and then just leaves this like tang that is really really good it sort of is this
the vinegar one Sheena? Yep! Yea so it’s got a touch of vinegar in it and that’s
the tang I’m getting this really vinegary just aftertaste which I love.
Let’s try some of this pork dish I got one piece of pork which looks like quite
lean pork oh man that’s phenomenal the meat just
falls to bits, that sauce it’s really sweet but it’s salty as well, it’s so
well-balanced often with a sauce like that you put it
in your mouth and you think it’s too salty or too sweet
that is just perfectly put together while I’m at it I might as well try
everything. I’m gonna rip off some of the fish so I’ve got a little bit of the skin which should have
a nice crunch on it and then I’m gonna get a little bit more of the sambal sauce
because look at it, it’s just it’s so thick and beautiful looking so I reckon this bite deserves a whole lot of that samba it’s not as spicy as I thought it would be, it looks like it’s gonna be fiery as heck but it’s actually quite sweet and
then has a vinegar taste as well it’s coming on a little bit now the the
spiciness but just in a nice like tingle like popping candy
it’s just tingling all around my mouth but it’s not not that spicy I’m gonna
try a little bit more but without the big whack of sambal on top, oh the fish
it’s kinda like a tuna, sort of a mackerel in taste actually to it as well like, quite quite
oily that’s really nice, really tasty fish. I’ve gone crazy and just loaded up my plate with all of the dishes I’m gonna get in and try this curry it comes with potato which is really interesting and
the sauce like Thomas said is so textural there’s I think lemongrass, mustard seeds and there’s probably a lot of ginger. I’m gonna give that a go. It’s really flavoursome so it’s not blow your socks off in the pedas or chilli spice levels but you can taste
all that lemongrass and that ginger and the other spices in there, it’s so flavoursome I can’t wait to eat more of it, I’m gonna give these.. “thank you Aunty, no that’a alright’… Aunty has just brought over the pai tee which we also ordered it’s a Peranakan starter and it seems to be like a dumpling skin or some sort of
skin- crispy and it’s filled with um shredded egg and I can see jicama which is like a turnip or a raddish, correct me if I’m wrong and then maybe some fried shallots I’m just gonna pop
this in my gob whilst it’s here. There’s also some I think this might be sambal belacan
which is like a fermented shrimp chilli condiment, I’m going to stick some on there, they’re so cute and just give it a go, it’s like a little cup, not sure how it works but I got a really strong hit of garlic from the sambal belacan and I don’t know what that wafer is but its almost like a bland potato chip that type of texture and flavour. And then that
beautiful, soft vegetable in there the jicama it’s really sweet. That’s a great little starter. I’m
gonna get back to this plate of deliciousness. This fish Aunty told us it was called cencau and it does it looks really oily like a mackerel like Thomas said and I’ve just loaded up with that sambal lets try it yeah that’s so delicious, it’s not as strong
in flavour as say a mackerel but it’s got the same texture and that sambal is like the perfect spice, the heat is starting to come through now but it’s sweet when you first put it in your
mouth. I’m gonna try this seh bak, the pork dish this really is quite Chinese, it
reminds me of a dish that my grandma used to cook and you can see in this broth here that there’s heaps of soy sauce it probably has aromatics like clove and star anise it
looks real good mmm yea you can really taste that star anise it’s really strong in flavour but overall it’s quite a sweet dish. I’m loving all this food- Nonya food all the way. I loved that meal it was so good and remember always details down
below in the description box of where we’re eating, what we’re eating because
we want you guys to be able to try this food as well so always look down below to figure
out where we are so you can try these places and while
you’re down there drop us a comment say if you enjoyed the video which dishes
do you like if you’ve had Nyonya food before, which dishes should we try, yea what dishes should we have next time and the most important thing make sure you hit
subscribe if you haven’t already and hit the little notification bell beside the
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whenever we post a video. We’re gonna carry on with the Nyonya theme and we’re
gonna go find some Nyonya kuih so kuih are snacks or sweets, did you get dripped on? Arrgh air conditioner drips a lot of our subscribers told us that we
had to visit Baba Charlie for their Nyonya Kuih so we’re here
it looks really local like I think it’s just someone’s kitchen, there’s someone’s washing line and fence it’s
very much a back-alley little restaurant this is pretty exciting to check out
this kuih shop There are so many kuih to choose from so you just grab a basket and go for it and
everything signed so there’s apam balik which is that delicious like pumpkin I mean pancake/crumpet kuih, there’s kochi hitam which is shredded coconut
with gula melaka there’s all these beautiful looking snacks I’m just going
get right in kuih are purchased, these look really
interesting and so different to some of the other ones we’ve tried if you
haven’t seen our trying kuih videos we’ve done two of them so far so we’ll
link them down below, there’s playlists so check those out if you’re interested in
us just eating kuih but these are the Nyonya kuih super interesting, they’re so beautiful, look at all the colours the blue look at those layers I think the blue would come from the sweet
pea flower? Butterfly pea butterfly pea flower which you see in
some dishes here they flavour things or colour things blue and it’s just it’s
just really jelly like this one and it’s really really interesting looking I’m
just gonna dive right in what are you gonna have? I’m gonna try this one here, I’m not sure what’s in it but it’s wrapped in a banana leaf and it just feels really
soft and squishy, how’s that? This is like coconut jelly on top and its really
soft it’s really pudding like and down below here it’s much more jelly in
texture quite sticky and chewy and I think it’s a gula melaka it’s got a
burnt taste the blue doesn’t really have any flavour but looks incredibly pretty
that’s super nice. Oh look at that thing. I’ve just unwrapped my one and it’s like sticky I think
glutinous rice flour, blue on the bottom too, blue on the bottom too and oh wow
look at that blue, that blue is sensational, it looks like an amazing texture, it’s really soft and squishy, I’m gonna bite into it, give that a go look at that, wow look at how stretchy it i, what’s inside? Coconut. Coconut and sesame seeds and the glutinous rice flour’s very sticky and
quite savoury but then you get that burst of sweetness from that coconut and the sesame seeds, so good. We’ve got plenty more of these to try but I am so
full so I think we’re gonna have to save them for later sadly we won’t video them
sorry but based on these two these are all going to be something special so
this I reckon is another place you’ve got to check out when you’re in
Melaka, it’s once again, slightly outside the centre we’re actually on the other side
of town now but totally totally worth checking out, super cool place and the
locals all these cars you’re seeing that’s where they’re going no one’s
going anywhere else but that little stall so it’s clearly a popular spot
thank you so much to all our subscribers who recommended Baba Charlie to us
we’re so glad we came here because it’s proving to be super delicious, winner! We
hope we inspired you to eat and explore like a traveller, not a tourist,
remember we’re here in Malacca for a week and we’re gonna be filming a ton of
food videos so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out on new videos
we’ll see you next time give this video a thumbs up if you liked it. Jumpa lagi!

69 Replies to “Delicious MELAKA NYONYA FOOD + NYONYA KUIH | Food and Travel Channel | Melaka, Malaysia

  1. Sheena I love how everytime you eat I always expect that body shake 😂😂 Love your content!! Hope you guys come to Kuching, Sarawak.

  2. Hai mate…ok i give u a challenge..can u eat Tapai i hope u can eat that exotic food hehe…i eat 10 of tapai after that i drunk hehe…

  3. Wow guys….thts look yummy indeed….d curry gravy was so thick…didnt try Baba Nyonya curry b4…how was it..d fish look so tempting too….finally saw d moves…lol…got an idea whr to hunt for tht curry nxt time….cheers guys….njoy😘

  4. Devilled Chicken!! My take is that the Portuguese then in Goa brought the spices of India to Melaka among them the recipe for Devilled Chicken which you also find in the south of India and Sri Lanka… then Ceylon. The Vinegar is sort of in place of wine in the cooking…

    The Pork dish is it "Babi Pong Teh"

  5. Even many Malays don't know that many kuehs are Nyonya in origin.. so is the culture so ingrained and intermixed…

  6. Hi Thomas & Sheena. So great when seeing your video again. Today i'm sharing with both of a link about food hunting around Melaka. You can see in this link below.

  7. 5:07 when Thomas said "with a little bit of skin.." I was like, "Nonononononononono don't eat the skin! You can't chew it and it's hard sharp skin!". Btw because of that, we call that fish Ikan Jaket (Jacket Fish) because of that hard skin that protecting the flesh underneath. For me, I prefer steamed Ikan Cencaru, so it'll be moist and you can taste the sweetness of the meat rather than fried one because it can be slightly overcooked. Enjoy more Malaysian food and I'm waiting for you guys sampling Ikan Patin Tempoyak.. wohoooooo!! 🙋🏻‍♂️

  8. Since u at melaka..try this.. " Mee bodoh " as u translate it " silly noodle "@ " stupid noodle"..whichever u wanna call it..

  9. Hi guys, we loved getting to try Nyonya food when we were in Melaka. What an interesting and tasty cuisine! Thanks to all our subscribers who recommended we visit Baba Charlie Kuih- the visit certainly satisfied our sweet tooths! Make sure you’ve subscribed to our channel: so you don’t miss out on more food videos! A couple more Melaka food videos to come… Thanks for watching, commenting, liking and sharing our content guys. We both really appreciate your support. Cheers,Thomas & Sheena

  10. Notification Squad here 🔔

    Aaaah nyonya food. I miss ang ku kueh so much. Ang ku kueh is the one looks like a cute tortoise 🐢 filled with peanut 🥜 or chickpea or any other sweet filling. We have Nyonya Colours restaurants here in KL selling some good nyonya kuih, even though being a bit pricey. Some other restaurants or kiosks and Malay kuih sellers in KL are also selling some types of nyonya kuih. Nevertheless, the best time to hunt for these hard to find kuihs is during Ramadan, sadly that's May next year 😂😂😂

  11. Another delicious video. Keep on eating folks, I am enjoying watching you eat. Although I am not from Melaka I love their food and here's some things you might want to add to your list when next there. First, you have to get the taste of cincalok which is a very Melaka thing. Typically served as a condiment, it is made of fermented small shrimp , salt and rice and served with with chillis, shallots and lime juice.
    You can buy a bottle there to take home and it can liven up almost any rice meal . Try a cincalok omelette. It's delicious. Also, you may have noticed that the sambal belachan in Melaka is a little different. In KL and many other places the sambal belachan is a mix of belachan with fresh and dried chillies, often with a little bit of cili padi (the really hot tiny chilis) added to make it hotter. In Melaka, the Nyonyas tend to use fresh chillies in their sambal belachan, no dry ones. A really nice but relatively simple dish to go with that is Belachan ladies fingers. It's just steamed ocra which you dip into the sambal belachan.
    Other nyonya favourites include Enche Kabin, fried chicken marinated in coconut milk and rempah.
    Also Ayam buah keluak, a chicken dish cooked using the nuts from a mangrove tree.
    Then there is Ayam pongteh – a salty sweet chicken stew cooked with tauchu or salted fermented soy beans, and gula melaka.
    Nyonya otak otak, is usually steamed instead of grilled over fire and is worth trying in melaka if you haven't already done so..
    Try also the Mee Siam in Melaka . It is a spicy, sweet and sour mee which has some Thai influences as its name suggests.
    Happy meals folks!

  12. Be careful with that fish skin. Ikan cencaru/ikan jaket have a really tough, thorny skin, almost inedible. But it is one of my favorite fish. I freaking love pie tee. The key to awesome pie tee for me is the sauce. My mom used to make them when I was young. It was the only way to make me eat vegetables lol

    Try our popiah (spring roll) next time. There are 2 versions: popia basah and popia goreng. Easily available everywhere. Unfortunately I dont know the best place for it. Dont want to disappoint you with mediocre one.

  13. Everytime when we are undecided where to eat over the weekend, my hubby will always suggest "let's see what Sheena and Thomas has to say; then we decide". 👌 This shows how much impact both of you had in our food choices and yummy place to eat. Btw, we have tried the paus in Klang that you recommended earlier. Love it 😋. Terima kasih. 💖

  14. While you're in Melaka you've try malaysian, Chinese and nyonya food. What other types of would you try next?

  15. What do you prefer? Malaysian food or Singapore food? N which country that u come from? I would like to know 😊

  16. Hi sheena. There is one more delicious kueh you should try. Putu piring somewhere at jalan tengkera, melaka. It so delicious. Really hopu you can find it.

  17. Hi sheena and thomas…if u go to kuala terengganu …please contact me in my emeil..i will be your hose…many local dishes u mus try hear such as
    1. Satar
    2. Ketupat Sotong (cuttlefish with sticky rice
    3. Keropok Lekor Originally local food
    4. Otak otak ( fish only different from other country)
    5. Koleh lemok
    6. Nasi Dagang ( local dishes)
    7. Laksam ( originally from)
    8. Seafood celup tepung
    9. Laksa Terengganu
    10. Ayam golek terengganu..

    10 dishes u all must try…c u soon 😘😘

  18. Fish 🐠 with sambal and the mix vegetables cooked in fresh coconut milk… my choice. 😋😋😋❤️💕

  19. You guys should visit some of the colonial schools in Malacca eg MGSS, ACS, SFI and Malacca High School (2nd oldest school in Malaysia). Try kueh badak which is uniquely available in Malacca only

  20. Unicorn has pretty good nyonya food but small portion. You can try another authentic nyonya food called Aunty Lee at Ujong Pasir. However, you gotta make a reservation first. Cheers!

  21. #nyonya_kuih… I feel like I want to grab the one Sheena’s eating for my hot chocolate drink. 😋😭

  22. My dads a baba from melaka as well, and he has this specialty dish that he cooks up that's super delicious called pongteh. If ever you guys do have a chance, hopefully you could also try out lemak kuning, omelette cincalok and sambal petai udang for nyonya food!

  23. Hi Sheena the little brown cup you eat nice right.. that is Malaysia turnip the local call it Sengkuang..happy eating..

  24. Thomas and Sheena, what a great story on Peranakan food! Yumm!! Looking forward to upcoming vlogs in Malaysia, my kids and I love watching your videos all the way here in the U.S. I follow other travel and food vloggers and I learned from them that if they called hotels and told them that they have a travel channel and would like to talk about their hotel stay, you can get your room comp'd! We would love to see your entire travel adventure including where you stayed and of course the food!!!

  25. I appreciate the way Thomas always tastes a broth or sauce before the first bites. 👍

    Great looking spread today and interesting commentary.

  26. You guys are really awesome. There are literally tens of Nyonya Restaurants in Melaka town but you guys chose the one that's relatively under the touristy radar and that's super cool. Not many travellers/tourists have covered Unicorn Cafe. All the food look delicious. I'm not a fan of Ikan Cencaru as the flesh tend to be more on a hard darker flesh meaty side (I prefer more soft flaky and white flesh fish type like Ikan Siakap) but the rest of the dishes look awesome. Keep it up guys! Cheers!

  27. Hi Sheena and Thomas, your videos really make me wanna fly home and have some Malaysian grub! I now live in Melbourne where fortunately we have quite a few Malaysian options too. Malacca, being my childhood city, is one of my favourites to visit! You need to go try two things: 1) pork satay with the malacca satay sauce (different to KL Satay, the malaccan style has a tang to it as they add a fruit called belimbing. 2) Popiah at Madam King. This is the legendary popiah that has been in business for more than 30 yrs! It has crispy pork lard in it and is so good! If you need to know how to get to these places, PM me.

  28. I am Malaysian and you guys are trying stuff even I have never tried … so I am learning from you guys some new places to try haha.
    Anyway, as you've asked for suggestions in your past videos, here are some off the top of my head:
    1. Hokkien Mee in Jalan 222 Petaling Jaya (there are two shops selling it both at opposite ends of the row of shops Ah Wa Hokkien Mee and Peng Yuan Hokkien Mee).
    2. Roti Jala
    3. Roti Pisang (not sure if you've had this yet).
    4. Pineapple tarts (not sure if you've had this already as I didn't see it, but Melaka is famous for them)
    5. Since you guys are fans of cendol, you can try Durian Cendol too.
    6. Fruit Rojak with prawn paste and prawn cracker things
    7. Kuih Dadar/Kuih Ketayap.
    8. Fatty Crab in Taman Megah (with their original sauce. And maybe also Marmite Crab and Salted Egg Yolk Crab if they have it).
    9. Nasi Paprik
    10. Nasi Goreng USA
    11. Roti John
    12. Maggi Goreng and maybe Mamak style Indo mee.
    13. Go Noodle House signature pork ball noodles (Go has outlets around KL).
    14. Sup Tulang
    15. Pork Noodles (one famous place is Ooi Noodle House in Subang Jaya)
    16. Seremban Siew Pau
    17. Steamed Kampung Chicken or maybe Kampung Chicken Rice (it tastes quite different from regular conventional chicken).
    18. Puchong Yong Tau Foo or Ampang Yong Tau Foo.
    19. KL style Prawn Mee.
    20. If you try Bak Kut Teh again, try it with Yao Char Kwai (fried dough crullers). Changes the experience of eating Bak Kut Teh a bit.
    21. Nasi Kandar Kayu in Chow Yang with their famous Roti Tisu.
    22. Pajeri Nenas
    23. Lemang with rendang
    24. Malaysian snacks at Oloiya in ss2. They have a wide range. Can try Pangkor Satay Fish, CuttleFish sticks, dried tamarind sweets, Sak Kei Mar etc.


  29. Another great video from you guys. Are you guys still in Melaka ? if yes I reckon you guys got to try these few things before leaving:

    Porklard Popiah – Jalan Bunga Raya. (right outside of Madam King Department store) there's no seats so its a takeout affair.
    CharSiew Rice – Also at Jalan Bunga Raya (Medan Makan Boon Leong) What is interesting is, by day they offer charsiew rice, come nighttime a famous fried oyster omelette pops up. Same place.
    Satay Celup – Captiol or Ban Lee Siang (a totally different take on satay)
    Speaking of satay – Xiang Ji Pork Satay near Jonker Street.

    *finally Hing Loong Taiwanese Noodle. Though its says Taiwanese noodle, they have been in Melaka for over 30years. One of the local favourite noodle fix, try the beef noodles and the porkchop/trotters. (if you can't decide you can even request for Porkchop noodle in Beef soup, which is slightly spicy) – Jalan Bachang, out of the way from the town area, but not too difficult to find.

    Happy Food Hunting!

  30. life as a vlogger. 12:00 having people stares at you really weirdly. I mean that auntie at the back is really confused.. !!!

  31. Make your way to Kluang, Johor. Must try: Kluang Railway Coffee. Their Iced-Cham is really to die for. Make your way to the train station where the cafe originated since decades ago. You must also try Briyani Desa at Taman Desa. And the ever famous Putu Bambu Juriah at Ayer Hitam. And Murtabak Special at the old town of Ayer Hitam. I would suggest you make your way downsouth, passing Muar and Batu Pahat before reaching Kluang. Cheers!

  32. Man. I'm on diet and I stuck here in your channel, drooling like crazy. 😂 I don't know if you guys have been to Aunty Aini's Garden Cafe in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. I recommended this place for authentic Negeri Sembilan dishes like "masak lemak cili api", rendang, sambal petai etc. They were really good!

  33. You both look very tired over work very spices food again you both seen to enjoy it love all the food you both eat I love them all I,v to cook most the food you eat because we live in Spain not easy to buy food like you both enjoy thank you for your hard work very good video,

  34. There are a lot more for you to try in Mcca ie Kuih Badak, Pork satay with pineapple sauce, Cheese prawn noodle, Popiah with pork lard, Crab fried beehoon, Carnation milk crab, Teochew noodle with oyster and Satay celup..just to name a few..lastly for another 'burn taste gula melaka cendol is a cafe name Bulldog cafe..Happy hunting..😊

  35. I have been watching your videos non stop for the past few days. enjoyed them so much.. great descriptions about the food . It's making me so hungry.. pls make more videos on food as both of you are really incredible in it.

  36. Whoooo! I stumbled onto your channel yesterday… result: I was glued to Youtube/Apple TV for several hours! This is wonderful, just what I need – I’ve been into Malaysian food for a long time, so this is priceless.

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