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Hi I’m Thomas and Sheena and we’re
Chasing a Plate, today we’re in Jeli in Kelantan a state on the east coast
of Peninsular Malaysia. We’re with our friends Aida and Amry and we’re going to
be eating traditional Kelantan food today. Let’s eat. Woo hoo we’ve got a feast of breakfast dishes in front of us. We have got nasi kerabu, nasi dagang, nasi berlauk, pulut pagi and some traditional Kelantan kuih which are
snacks or sweets called akok to try what a feast I’m so excited. So I’m gonna start
with the nasi kerabu it’s a traditional breakfast dish it’s made up of blue
rice which traditionally is coloured from the petals of the butterfly pea flower
more common than not now people use food colouring I’m not sure what they’ve done
here but it’s very beautiful there’s some kerabu which is salad, sambal which is chilli, keropok which are fish crackers, half a salted egg, some fried coconut and
also some budu which is fish sauce the first time we had nasi kerabu was in Kuala Lumpur and we were in Kampung Baru,
we will link the video up there so I am so stoked to actually be trying this in Kelantan where it is from. So I’m gonna give it a big mix-up just go for gold, get all those flavours going mingling and give that a huge bite that one mouthful is so intense in
flavour there’s a beautiful freshness from the
salad there’s that gorgeous chilli which is quite fiery or pedas as the Malay would say and then there’s that beautiful toasted flavour of the coconut and
the rice is really sort of springy and has great texture. I’m going to try that kerepok too. Mmmm it’s like a prawn cracker, but fish! There’s also some ayam goreng or fried chicken on the side so I’m gonna add that into my mouthfuls later. This one here is the nasi berlauk and it’s just umm white rice or coconut rice guys? white rice, there’s some slices of cucumber some
sambal or chilli sauce and there’s some chicken gulai which is sorta cooked in
the style of a coconut milk curry but without the curry leaves so let’s give
this one a go. Gosh it looks good, I’m going to add a little bit of that Sambal to give
it a bit of heat it’s really creamy and that chilli sort of
gives it a tang, that is amazing, this is a breakfast of champions. I’m gonna jump in
and try the nasi dagang so it’s got sticky rice and normal rice it’s got a
piece of fish on top which is kind of like a tuna it has a half boiled egg
this is just a normal egg not a salted egg like Sheena had, it’s got some toasted
coconut it’s got like a pepper or big chilli and some
sort of vegetable, what is that? Cucumber! Ahhh it’s like a very soft like cooked cucumber let’s dive in and just get some. I’ll grab
some fish off here this is quite a beautiful dark fish looks quite oily, we’ll
grab some of the rice, we’ll grab some of that coconut I’m gonna do that for my
first mouthful Wow that sauce is so deep in flavour and
the fish the fish looks like it’s going to be really fishy but it’s really
subtle and the texture of it is incredible you can see how it just folds
off or ust crumbles almost it’s got an incredible texture the flavour is just
so subtle let’s get some more I’m gonna have some of the egg some of the fish
some of that amazing rice with the two styles of rice so the sticky rice or
pulut and the normal rice you get these two textures in your mouth as you
eat Oh the egg gives it this creaminess because of the
yolk, the fish I had a much bigger piece of fish next time and it’s got real by
stunning flavour this is awesome it’s the flavours are so deep they keep evolving
so I’m getting even that first mouthful I’m still getting flavours like real
sweetness is coming along and there’s a real tang
not a spice tang like almost acidic tang it’s not spicy at all. That is unbelievably good oh and the flavours are coming out of the fish still it just bursts this really
like sea sweet flavour. Unbelievable! As Thomas said the flavours in those dishes keep evolving
and I can still taste the salty creaminess of that salted egg yolk in
my mouth. So tasty! Have you tried nasi dagang, nasi kerabu or nasi berlauk, if so let us know which is your favourite. I think mine was
the nasi dagang I just love that combination of the sticky rice and the
normal rice, so let us know what your favorites are in the comments below and whilst you’re down there we would love you to subscribe if you’re enjoying our food
and travel content but now time for the pulut pagi so we’ve got both a savoury version and a sweet version so the savoury
version is just plain sticky rice there’s freshly grated coconut and
there’s a tiny salted dried fish on top so I’m gonna give that a go grab a
little piece of that salted fish and then some of that sticky rice and
coconut. Amry was saying that this dish was actually eaten during times of
flood because there was no sort of fresh rice available so they’d have the sticky rice or pulut instead. That fish sure packs a punch like you only need the tiniest bit because it is very salty what I love about the pulut is that it’s not overly sticky it falls apart in your mouth really easily but it’s still that glutinous rice texture and it’s not hard it’s very
soft. I’m going to try the sweet one this has been flavoured with gula melaka which is coconut palm sugar, it’s made from the nectar of the coconut palm and it’s just got the
toasted coconut on top of that as well it’s like a really different flavour, really caramelised, sweet, nutty, gula melaka flavour’s come out in that rice. Now let’s give these akok a try these were picked up from a different vendor, so we’ll pop details below in the description
they smell really eggy, so they’re made with eggs, wheat flour and pandan leaves and
they’re quite a soft consistency, oh they’re still hot, so quite floppy really eggy, really soft sort of like the
consistency of scrambled eggs but sweet scrambled eggs, it
reminds me of the texture of French toast because of the egginess and the type
of soft batter consistency that’s sangat sedap Can we just say Kelantan is absolutely beautiful, beautiful scenery and beautiful people. Kelantan is amazing, look at this view that we’ve had while we’re eating lunch, look at that. So we’re sitting here with this view incredible and now we’re hitting the
road again and we’re gonna find another famous dish in Kelantan, laksam. Change of plans so we drove all around town trying to find a restaurant selling
laksam but to no avail as everything was closed because it’s the long weekend here
in Malaysia for Merdeka Day and Hari Raya Haji the Muslim celebration for the
feast of sacrifice we actually filmed a couple of videos of our time here during
Hari Raya Haji so check them out we’ll link them up above. That way hahaha. So instead we grabbed some roadside snacks and we’ve come back home
for a cold drink because it’s absolutely stifling it is so hot and we
have got our etok which are some clam like shellfish and they’ve been boiled
with salt and lemongrass so Aida and Amry said that you’ve got to crack into
them with your teeth like they’re not open as you can see so hopefully I don’t
go breaking my teeth lets give it a go Ahhh they’re tough, real tough, oh here we go, I’ve got a little flap open and I can really taste that salt, look that not gonna
come out I might have to suck it out, nah okay there we go, cracked open the rest of that shell it’s really like soft and tender
it tastes quite similar to a clam and that salt and lemongrass is really
tasty hmm yeah really juicy it’s a nice little snack hard to get into that
little sucker but worth it we’ve also got some bahulu which are
like a sponge cake and these ones I think have been flavoured with pandan if
you’ve never tried pandan it’s like the vanilla of the tropics it’s a really
fragrant beautiful leaf that’s used to flavour a lot of the desserts here in Southeast Asia. Hmmm really good, just like a sponge cake it’s really really tasty. That’s another huge day of
eating done what a weekend we’ve had like Sheena said check out the other few
videos we’ve made from this weekend because it has been incredible being up
here in Kelantan checking out all these sights we’ve had numerous amounts
of durian, we’ve been on scooter rides, I got leeches for the first time, we’ve had so much good food, we’ve seen amazing things happen that like just
outside of our normal thing like sacrificing of animals, we’ve learnt
so much about the culture up here, the religion, the people have been so
welcoming it has been absolutely incredible. A whirlwind of amazingness
and it’s all thanks to our incredible friends. Aida and Amry. Get over here you two. We haven’t featured them much because they’re so shy These are our incredible friends who have made
everything possible so so nice of them best tour guides in the world these two we
hope we’ve inspired you to eat and explore like a traveler not a tourist,
thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed this video please give it a
thumbs up and we’ll see you next time. Jumpa Lagi!!

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