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Hi I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re
Chasing a Plate. Today we’re in Kuala Lumpur and we’re at Jalan Bellamy and
we’re about to indulge in a gigantic ikan bakar or grilled fish feast. There are amazing
delicious smells wafting through the air and there’s some incredible looking
seafood on the grill we can’t wait to get in. Let’s eat. I’m so excited out the
front of this restaurant there are these massive pans and there’s just seafood piled
into them being grilled and tossed and the smells are just absolutely sensational. We’ve
ordered a ton of stuff, we’ve got some sotong which is squid, we ordered
some stingray which I’m very excited to try, I asked the lady which was the
nicest fish and she pointed to this one so we grabbed one of those and then
there’s also a nasi campur or a mixed rice sort of area in the restaurant as well
so you get a plate of rice and you can load different curries and
vegetables on your plate so we’ve got a ton of different vegetables here and
we’ve got two types of dipping sauces I’ve gotta get in and try some of this stuff I’m going to start with the sotong or the squid, it looks like it’s a huge squid and it looks quite tender, I’m going to dip it in this chilli sauce, well I think it’s chilli sauce I can see some chilli flakes and give that a go.
Wow. Squid like that I’m often a little bit hesitant about ordering because it
just looks like it’s going to be so tough but this is not at all. It is so tender and
that sauce has a real fiery kick but it’s very very flavoursome. It’s definitely chilli, there’s some green stuff in there so maybe like coriander, if you know what this sauce
is please let us know in the comments below because that’s superstar it’s so good. I’ve got to try this stingray it’s been wrapped in I think
banana leaf and so I assume that the fragrance of the banana leaf as it’s been cooking
has just infused that stingray. Stingray is a funny type of fish. I’ve only ever had it
once. We had it in Penang and it was cooked in sort of a mild sauce and
there was just something about the texture that I wasn’t 100% taken with so I’m very excited
about trying this style of stingray a lot of you have really raved about
trying Ikan Pari, I think? Pari is stingray? in Malay? So lets give this a go. It’s almost a gelatinous flesh so I’m just going to scrape away a bit of it and it’s got these big bones I’m just going to eat it straight with no sauces Wow there’s something about the way that that
has been cooked that’s completely different to the first time that we had
it, it’s got a really smoky charred flavor, the texture of the fish isn’t gluggy
even though it looks a little bit mushy it’s got a a real beautiful soft
bite to it. I’m going to try another bit and give this dark dark sauce a go. It looks like it’s
made out of soy, there’s some red onion or shallots, some chilli there’s a
lime in there. Give that a dunk. Hmmm that sauce is quite sweet and it’s completely
different to that fiery chilli sauce that’s really really beautiful.
I’m going to try the fish the skin on it looks amazing so crispy but before I try it
I want to tell you guys about coming to Jalan Bellamy it was crazy
we got an Uber here and it’s very very close to the central station but excuse
me I tried some of that chilli sauce that Sheena had on the squid and it’s sitting in my
throat, it’s very close to the central station except you feel like you’re
in the middle of the country there’s just these like skinny windy roads through the
forest and the grasslands it’s very very cool and it does feel like we’ve come to
like a whole new world it doesn’t feel like we’re in KL it’s really exciting and a
fun place to come I highly doubt public transport would
get you here so get a grab or an uber but really cheap and easy. I’ve got to try
this fish it’s just begging to be eaten. I’ll just grab a little bit off the
bone I’m going to try it naked, it looks like it’s got some sort of chilli
sauce all over it from where it’s been cooked so I’m not going to add to that
for now Oh oh the flavour, I love that! So it’s
coated in that chilli sauce but it tastes like fish and I love that with fish I
hate it when a sauce or condiment just takes over and ruins the fish flavour because
it’s so subtle and this is a really soft white fish with a beautiful subtle flavour, oh the texture that is amazing. That is a great well
it’s my second bite because I tried some of the squid off camera with that chilli
sauce that got stuck in my throat but as far as on the camera goes that is
an amazing first bite to kick off this meal this environment is amazing you can hear the band playing over there people are piling in because it’s right
on lunchtime I’m so excited for the rest of what we’ve got on this table. I am
loving the look of all these salads I went a bit crazy because every dish looked so vibrant and appealing but before I get into this I just wanted t to say thank
you to all of you who have a recommended places to us to eat in KL and in
Malaysia and dishes that we need to try we are all loving the suggestions so
please keep them coming, pop comments below, we love to hear from you and whilst you’re down there hit that subscribe button if you’re enjoying our
food and travel videos. But now it’s time to get into this. Wow. So I’ve got this salad which look likes mung beans, carrots there’s some spring onion, shallots, chilli, I’ll load up a bit of that with some rice. The rice is buried I can’t even
see it because there’s just so much on this plate Mmmm, so crisp. So refreshing, quite subtle but because the flavours of the sauces are so punchy and bold and we don’t want to overshadow the seafood, like these side
dishes are going to be perfect I’ve also got some salads here, various herbs, grated coconut I think, give those a go that’s fresh, there’s a burst of flavour from all those herbs and then I also got a cooked vegetable dish it’s got some melon, I think some rice vermicelli
and some greens, it looks a little bit like water spinach, give that a go mmmm really really tender
and they were wallowing in this milky-white sauce which I assume must be some sort of coconut
milk sauce oh and I just ladled it all over the rice. This is just one epic meal.
This is awesome this meal is so good the thing that’s really caught me is this
stingray it’s amazing like Sheena said we’ve had it one time before and it was a bit so
so that was in Penang but this time unreal, the texture is incredible
it’s actually more like the texture of meat then fish to me or seafood, it’s got a real fatty feeling skin and then a real tender flesh underneath that and
quite divided it does have a really interesting bone structure with all
these back and forth bones so we’re going to have to figure out the best method to
tackle that I’m adoring this it is all so good. And this black sauce with chillies lime, shallots- unreal. Just seafood doe this way like on the grill on in this case in those big pans, it just lets the flavour of what you’re eating, the true flavour shine through. It’s phenomenal. I’m loving this! That was so good, we had lunch at Kak Jat Ikan Bakar and we’re
walking away now and the smells are just wafting everywhere that I almost wanna
go back inside and have another meal we had a lot of food but because it was so
light I totally feel like I could go back in do it all again. So good. So good, we are going to head off now for a bit of a rest but then we’re
meeting up with some other YouTubers for dinner so we will pick this up
at a mamak. So we’re at a mamak and we are with the awesome, awesome Mark and
Amanda from The NYC Couple these guys quit their 9 to 5’s and they are traveling the world so check out their account I’ll link it up there, there, I never know where it goes. Wherever! Hi guys! Hey how’s it going? Nice to meet you! We are not going to get into the food but stay tuned because we will be filming a full mamak video sometime soon
thank you so much to those subscribers who recommended Jalan Bellamy and Ikan Bakar to us we had an amazing amazing time. If you have any more
recommendations pop them in the comments below
we hope you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up if you did and we’ll see you
next time we hope we inspired you to eat and explore like a traveler, not a tourist, jumpa lagi!

16 Replies to “Delicious IKAN BAKAR- GRILLED FISH FEAST in Kuala Lumpur | Food and Travel Channel | Malaysia

  1. Hi guys, ikan bakar is AMAZING! Thanks so much to our subscribers who recommended we visit Jalan Bellamy- it was such an epic experience. The seafood was mouth-watering! Hope you enjoyed the video and make sure you check out The NYC Couple's channel: We've got heaps more food content planned so if you're enjoying our food and travel videos we'd love you to subscribe: Thanks for watching! Thomas & Sheena πŸ˜„

  2. i think the sauce is what we called sambal belacan…which is a mixture of prawn paste, bird chilies, calamansi,sugar and a bit salt…mash them together until it look like the your eating ..there are alot of version sambal belacan the one that i mention earlier was the basic version of the sambal….its a must have while eating grill seafood….

  3. Keep up the good work…. you guys are getting better everyday. Seen all of your videos… i think there is no one on youtube who do food shows and i havent seen their videos… good thing about you guys is that it really looks that you are enjoying the food not just there to make alot of videos and try to beat others in number of videos

  4. 30ringgit for 1 squid..
    I am appalled a malaysian i wonder have our food outlets gone mad when it comes to prices
    No wonder why most malaysians complain about our economy

  5. Hi bro.. nice video.. feel free to come to Malaysia during fasting month (Ramadhan) for Muslim.. you'll be crazy with the food preparation before break fast.. seriously 7 star dams very very good.. Ramadhan just around the corner in muslim calendar..

  6. If you cook stingray (ikan pari) very well . You actually can eat the stingray's bones and you can taste the crunchy of it . That is why most of malaysian love Ikan pari 😊

  7. Oh nooo! I shouldn't have watched this. I was actually drooling watching Sheena forked the stingray flakes into her mouth. Hahaha! How I missed Malaysian-style grilled fish. The way they're marinated, you just couldn't find it anywhere in Europe. Now I realized that I have been away from home too long.

    Keep up the 'bad' work guys. LOL

    From a Malaysian in Vienna, Austria

  8. Do you guy’s agree. That malaysia have the most delicious food in south east asia?? πŸ™ŒπŸ»

  9. Stingrays so fishy and so soft. Sheena ….I love vegetables……my favourite. Don't worry you can try at home.

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