Hello everyone, welcome back to another day of vlogmas Luna So today I am actually going Shopping for some christmas decorations already have some but I want some more and I thought it would be really fun to show you guys All of the ornaments that i’ve collected from my layover x’ around the world and i’m going to decorate my tree later So I just got to a shopping center that has a ross right here and a michaels down there So i’m gonna go check out what they have There’s also a Bed Bath & Beyond across the street that I can check out also But I am trying to Christmas shop on a budget. So I’m definitely gonna check Ross first and see what they have So I’m home now and I ended up getting some really cute stuff and I am super excited to start decorating So this is my fireplace And this is the main area that I want to decorate today and possibly my dining room table as well I’ve never decorated for Christmas on my own So we’ll see how this turns out up here in our office which definitely needs to be cleaned I have some of my Christmas decorations. I have different Santa’s from around the world. That was a gift from my grandparents and then I have all of my Ornaments from all of my different lay overs in here so what’s really fun is I haven’t even seen most of these ornaments since I bought them on my layovers, which Some of them were over a year ago because I actually didn’t set up a tree last year. I’ve just been collecting ornaments So I’m really excited to look through all of them with you guys. So I have them all in This back this first ornament is from Guadalajara, Mexico This is actually a really recent ornament I got this one in Orlando at Disney spring This is an ornament that I actually think is a magnet too because I have this exact same thing on my fridge but I think I can loop with string through it right here and That it becomes an ornament and I got this in the Rita Japan This ornament is from Vancouver This one is actually a Starbucks ornament and I got this one in Japan as well Alright this ornament is like a little ball and I bought this in Guatemala I Got this ornament in Cabo, Mexico This is also a very recent ornament from my last trip I got this one in Jamaica This aura is so cute this is one of my favorites, I believe I got this one in Toronto Is another Starbucks ornament and it is from Portland, Oregon? This is my Gryffindor ornament that I got from Harry Potter world in Orlando, Florida So this one’s kind of big I got this one in Honolulu in 2018, this was the first time that I went there So this little one is from Washington DC this Ornament is from Las Vegas, Nevada Another one of my favorite ornaments this one is from London. Oh This ornament is so pretty I believe I got this one in Kona Hawaii when I went there with my family I Like that must have been from a different Hawaii trip because this one I bought in Kona, Hawaii Alright and this is a super cute ornament that I got from San Juan, Puerto Rico Obviously, I’ve been to many more places but these are just the destinations that I happen to get ornaments from and I’m really excited to Start decorating my trees Okay, so I’ll admit my tree is not perfect but I do have all of the ornaments up from all of my layover Zhh, and I don’t know. I think it’s still pretty cute and now I have the rest of the fireplace to decorate This was a gift from my grandparents, it’s different Santa’s from around the world So we have the USA Austria Czechoslovakia Yugoslavia Poland England What’s that one? That’s Germany, Hungary Romania Holland Belgium and Russia So I’m going to find a spot for all of these guys Alright everyone so this is the finished little fireplace area so I have our tree right here and it’s not getting a tree skirt I ended up getting fake snow just because it was cheaper and I think it’s cute anyways And I was able to use it up here When our Christmas stockings come in which I just ordered them online I will obviously put them right here And then this is what I put on our dining room table. And obviously I will get some flowers to go in the middle

38 Replies to “DECORATE FOR CHRISTMAS WITH ME | Vlogmas Day 3

  1. It was so fun decorating my little tree with ornaments from around the world! 🌎🎄 Do you decorate for the holidays? Thanks for watching! ✨

  2. You did a very nice job of Christmas decorating. We can't put up a tree because our cat would climb it and sit on top of it thinking she was the angel. 👼

  3. Love, love, love the ornaments from your travels! My favs are the Mickey ears, the lantern from Japan, and the seashell from Hawaii. 🎄

  4. I love that you get ornaments from all your travels! I started collecting magnets from my travels! Got magnets in Cozumel and from the ship on my last cruise!

  5. Nice job decorating 🎅 One of these days maybe we will fly together 😚 Been doing the job for 33 years. It only gets better each year! This time of year is special. Why? I have a six year old daughter 😘 God Bless 🙏

  6. Luna with big brown eyes ❤️ You must give her something special ☺️ Actually in Russia they have Father Frost instead of Santa!

  7. Your little tree looks nice. I like your ornaments from different places that you've been too.
    It's actually a very cool idea.
    I haven't done much Christmas decorations the last few years. I'm usually on vacation somewhere. : )

  8. What store did you get the mickey ornament from in Disney springs?

    That shirt is super cute too. Makes your gorgeous eyes pop. :-):-) 🙂

  9. Well done, have been to Germany? What has been your favorite place to visit in Europe and which country would you recommend to visit first?

  10. I love the ornaments from all over, I’ve been collecting for a few years now and I get so excited reliving my wonderful trips. Those Santa’s from your grandparents are amazing.

  11. Hi Julia,
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful ornaments around the world that was pretty cool.
    Every thing looks very nice.
    I also decorate for Christmas as well.
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful video.

  12. Your ornament collection is fantastic! Love them all. Yeah the one you got in Toronto is among my favs. Also adore the one with Santa chilling on the dolphin and oh the turtle in the stocking 🙂 The Santas from around the world is so cool! Nice job on the tree. And I think it's cute too!

  13. So many cute ornaments from your travels! I just recently decorated my tree and it was fun to hang up the ornaments I got from trips. Merry Vlogmas!

  14. I love that you have one from Portland Oregon because that is where I live. I may need to look for it at Starbucks. Thanks for showing us your Christmas decorating.

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