Custom Countertop Build – 13ft Scamp Trailer

Hey people! Got a really cool video for
you today! You know Josh from Dust City Designs, I’ve talked about him a million times and he’s the manufacturer of my wood stickers! Well, he was a very, very good friend to us and built this killer countertop in the Scamp. This is a really cool process and all you need to replicate it is some several thousand dollar tools and machines! Super easy. Lets see how he did it! First josh measured our little countertop leaving a hole for the sink. That other large hole is where the original scamp stove used to be. He brought those measurements into a program called AutoCAD. Because our
countertop isn’t level he made one measurement out of plywood for the base
layer and one measurement out of the material called alumalite that we used
for the top portion of the countertop. With the measurements in the computer,
Josh used the program Vectric Aspire to create the cut files and sent those over
to the giant CNC machine. They have four CNC machines by the way. Next step was to secure the materials
to the cutting surface. Josh used the coolest stapler I
have ever seen. They’re plastic nails with twice the tensile strength of a
steel nail lengthwise, but half the strength widthwise, so he uses them first
to hold down the material but can then hit the side of the material with a soft
hammer and they’ll shatter and release the material with no damage. It’s really
cool. Yeah! I’m excited! Oh yay, we won’t have a
hole here anymore! With everything cut and measured we
secured the pieces in place with clamps and drilled holes for the bolts that
would hold the whole thing in place. Before putting the bolts in permanently,
Josh used some liquid nail glue to reinforce the materials onto the counter. It’s gonna stay in place, this is more just to keep it from rattling, to kind of
keep it like held down to the surface as well. So that you don’t have to put bolts
in the middle? Yeah, see how that’s gonna bend just a little bit? Putting this liquid nails in here it’s gonna keep it from doing that. Next it was time for the
best part of the entire build. Directors man, they’re so hard to work with. Leaving the glue to dry with weights and
all the bolts in place, the last step was to work on the trim. We grabbed some small pieces of wood from the hardware store and Josh cut them to size and angled the
edges so the corners would fit snugly into place. Josh made pilot holes in the
fiberglass then clamped the trim onto the counters edge and screwed it on from
behind. Next step, I taped all the edges in prep for caulking. I put the caulk
right on my finger and carefully pressed it into all the open edges around the
countertop and let it dry overnight. The final step was to paint the trim and the interior of the cabinets black and then we were done! Countertop complete!
Thanks again to Josh for being so freaking awesome and making this happen for us.
We love you and you know that! If you’re curious about the rest of my kitchen and what I keep inside of it you can watch my latest video along with the rest of
my Scamp videos. Leave a comment letting me know what you want to see next and
I’ll see you in the next video. Bye!

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  1. I just started living in a new 14 ft fun finder trailer and am pregnant and going to raise my son in this trailer for a few months before upgrading to a bigger trailer and i discovered u on YouTube searching rv meals!! I'm soo blessed to come across your channel Elsa!! Your great!!! Thanks for all i learn from you!! Btw you partner is great too!! Love ya♡

  2. Love your Scamp videos. New subscriber here! C ant wait for more videos. I do have 2 questions. How do you guys handle winters? And how do you handle your monthly while in the scamp?

  3. I would love to see a vlog style about the scamp life. Your adventures and your spirit . ❤ thank you for your uploads dude! Namaste.

  4. I'm going to spam your comments like a freak, I just really want a video of how the outdoors keep your soul alive. I fear I will never see great valleys and mountain tops. Smell the sweet sickening smell of wild flowers. Hear the gossip between creatures. Sorry I am a weird one. Thank you for being you elsa.

  5. I miss watching you body paint. That's why I originally subscribed to you but I still love you and the videos you post. I would just like it if you did body painting videos more often.

  6. I love these videos about your scamp! I really really want to get a scamp once I am done with school so I can easily travel for work and live a more minimal and eco friendly life

  7. Can you do a video about how you shower/wash? My boyfriend and I lived in my van but it didn’t last very long because it was winter and we were in the mountains not close to a gym or anything

  8. Get a fucking job so you don't have to live like a tramp taking shits in the woods and bathing in streams.. You're embarrassing

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