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If you ask me, one of the best ways to discover
a place, is through its native language. And in Curacao, that language is Papiamentu. The
words, the parses. some tell a deeper story. Some tell you about the personality of its
people. . Others are just fun to say. To learn the basics of papiamentu it’s as easy as asking
any of the hende content, at the Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort. Welcoem, thank you,
room with a view, and have you seen my gnome. And of course, which way to the beach. It was on that beach where I spotted a washed
up bottle with a message inside. A list of papiamentu words. So, I decided to see where
these words would take me. And that’s where my adventure began. The first phrase, Mi Ti Hamber, Mi Por Kome
Un Vaca. SO hungry, I could eat a cow. I set out to find the best grub in town, and that
lead me to Piaza Biu. It’s like eating in mamas kitchen, where family recipes from all
of the different cultures of Curacao arer served under on roof. Pan Fried Snapper, Plantains,
Spicy Creaole Arepas and a local filler-upper, Tutu. It’s a creamy concoction of cornmeal,
red beans, and sugar, all mixed together. If you still haven’t had your fill from the
old market, I was tipped off that the floating market is a must. It’s as beautiful as it
is delicious. Venezuelena fisherman and farmers line the pier with floating shops of fresh
fish, fruits and veggies. It also seems to be a meeting a meeting place, where friends
come together to relax and just hang around. But I think the freshest fish I ‘ve discovered
is complements of Chef Schmidt back at the hotel. Just look at this baby! Bai Bandabao, it means go west, and as I did,
the island of curaçao revelaed treasure after trasure. Nature, beaches, raw perfection,
like Cas Abao. With Friendly people and the kind of turquoise water that doesn’t seam
real, but it is. Blow means the color blue in Papiamentu and just off the shore of the
Santa Cruz Beach Bar, Captain Goodlife will take you underwater at the blue room, an amazing
glowing cave I just had to see for myself. Sinti e Ritmo, as we drove back from the west
I was already starting to understand what this papiamentu phrase meant. To feel the
rhythm of the island, you only need to let the sun set and you start to hear the drum
beat. The sounds of Dutch House, salsa and ritmo comina come pouring out of every nightclub
in town. The free spirit of the island allows you to let go. To beat to your own rhythm.
To dance long into the night. Masha Danki to…and all the sushis I met along the way.

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  2. There was a contest in Curacao on Sunday, and this was the People's Choice winner. There will be another contest on the Facebook page for Santa Barbara Beach Resort next week! Stay tuned.

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