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Hello. Today we are going to talk about Cuba because of all of my videos
about my travels to Cuba I have gotten so many questions. The best thing that I could do
is just make a video addressing some of the more common questions
that I get and hopefully I can provide you
with some answers. So here are some tips for traveling to Cuba. Money, this is one of the biggest questions The biggest? That’s weird. This is one of the most common questions
that I get, which is how much money should I bring? My answer to this question is
anywhere between eight hundred US dollars to fifteen hundred dollars per week. The thing about Cuba is that over there
they don’t have Apple pay they don’t have credit cards they don’t have any
of these digital commodities to pay with so you have to bring cash and that is very important because I’ve actually found
a couple people who have gone to Cuba and had no knowledge of this and had only brought a very small amount. So, you have to budget the money
that you are going to take to Cuba and take it with you. Don’t rely on your credit cards because you’re not going to
have access to it. The 800 to 1500 dollar range
that I just gave is pretty much on the low end if you’re staying in Casaparticulares or in Airbnbs and not if you are staying at hotels that would probably be
more in the $1,500 range or more. But you can find pretty cheap accommodations
for as low as maybe $30 a night. Staying in a hotel is obviously going to be
a whole lot more expensive and of course this is also taking into consideration
the food that you eat some places
you can get very cheap food and in others, like if you go
to the more fancy, Paladares then that is more gourmet food and you are going to be
spending a little bit of money, more money. But over all the money
that you’re going to want to bring is anywhere
between 800 to $1,500 per week if you would like
a little bit more information about budgeting then you should definitely check out
my friend’s video, potato jet he made a video all about budgeting and documented his expenses
while he was staying in Havana so you should definitely check that out,
I’ll put a link in the description if that’s something
that you are interested in. Speaking of accommodations I get asked this question a lot which is Are Casaparticulares reliable?
Are they safe? Is it okay to stay there and although I did not stay at Casaparticular
when I went to Cuba I stayed at an Airbnb. I do have a lot of friends and people that I know
who have stayed at these Casaparticulares and they are extremely safe and they are extremely reliable. You do have to remember
that these are people who live in Cuba and are giving up a part of their home
for you to stay in and when you do that you have to realize that they are going out of their way
to provide you with the best accommodation
that they can with the limited resources available. So if the breakfast is not the breakfast that you are usually accustomed to
when staying at a hotel or even a motel please keep that in mind and try not to complain because most of the time these people
do not have a lot of resources and they just want you to be the most comfortable and have the best possible time while you are staying at their home. How to get around Cuba? A lot of people have asked me
if the public transportation is okay to use and I did not use
the public transportation at all and the reason is because I have heard
and I have witnessed that the public transportation
is not reliable. The public transportation like the buses
do not really follow a strict schedule so even though you think that you are going
to go get a bus at a specific time and day that bus might not be there or her might appear two hours later and the thing about the buses is that you actually have to reserve your spot
for buying a ticket the day before and it’s just it’s very complicated. Definitely research that, plan that. That would not be my recommendation
for getting around in Cuba. I would say that
the best way to get around in Cuba is to look for a private driver. This is something that you can actually look for
using Trip Advisor and what you should do is find a private driver and coordinate with that driver
how much it’s going to cost you how many hours a day you’re going to need him how many days you’re going to need the driver and just be sure that you have that all planned
out before your trip. Getting a driver is probably the most affordable and the most reliable way to get around Cuba and these drivers
even for a little bit more money are able to take you to different towns if you plan it accordingly and it’s just probably
the best way to go around Cuba. On that note I would not recommend
for you to rent a car because the roads most of the roads on Cuba
are not paved and have a lot of holes and there’s not a lot of up
keep going on there even if you are a very experienced driver I would say that it might be dangerous it might be difficult for you to get around. If you aren’t familiar with the area you might not know
that any specific path is actually a road because like I said
there are a lot of unpaved roads. It’s best to just get a private driver and have someone who knows
exactly how to get around. Is it safe in Cuba? The answer is 100% yes. You can really go around town
and not have any issues really. The only thing that I have heard of and I have not have had
an experience with this but a few of my friends have mentioned that they have experienced
pick pocketing while in Cuba. That isn’t something that I witnessed but I have heard it a few times and even from one of my friends
who got pickpocketed. He said that the pickpocketer was very awkward and like apologized afterwards because he caught him
like grabbing his phone, I think it was. Of course with any place I would recommend to not go down any road that you are unfamiliar with or any dark alleys
or anything that looks suspicious. Always be on alert wherever you are traveling especially as a foreigner and if you don’t know the language
you might make yourself a target. For the most part Cuba is very safe
and people are extremely friendly and kind and I find that they’re super hospitable
and will go out of their way to make you feel welcomed on the island. Sometimes when you are a tourist in a new city and foreigner you can be a victim of scams and getting knocked off and I can say for a fact that this is something
that is not common at all in Cuba I have not witnessed it I have not experienced it none of my friends or people that I know
have experienced it it’s just not something that people will do. Honestly I think that’s something
that you really don’t need to worry about. Like with any other country if you are going to get a tour or something it’s always good to try to negotiate and for the most part
you might get you know a better deal and don’t be afraid to negotiate. The Cuban people are very nice and I’m sure
that you will come to an agreement for a price and will not be a ripoff. Those are all of
the tips that I have for you today. Let me know in the comments below if you have any other questions
about traveling to Cuba or anywhere else in the world
that you’ve seen me go to. I would be more than happy
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