Cristian Brasov – Biserica Fortificata (Fortified Church of Cristian)

Cristian Church, with its double defense wall and eight defensive towers well preserved is an impressive example of medieval military architecture. From the 13th century to the present day, the construction has undergone many changes mainly due to the earthquakes that affected its resistance structure. The Gothic basilica has been built between 1250 and 1270. In the middle of the room is a huge chandelier, of wrought iron, in memory of those who died or disappeared in the First World War. The current church was built between 1839-1841, on the ruins of the 13th century-old building. The altar and pulpit were built with the church. The altar is dominated by Christ blessing. The apostles Peter and Paul watch from the stained glass windows. The leaders of religious reform, Martin Luther Honterus are found in the chamber. The interior of the church is segmented by the pairs of pillars, supporting arches and caps. Behind the altar is the funerary stone of the tomb of the priestess Ana May, who died on April 22, 1931 Church organ, with two keyboards and 23 registers on pneumatic system, was rebuilt by Karl Einschenk in 1909, after the old organ of Heinrich Maywald of 1842 The church is surrounded by a double enclosure wall, which for three centuries was built, expanded and provided with nine defense towers, of which only eight were kept. In 1792, instead of fortifications, the cemetery was arranged. Until 1899, on the inside of the wall of the first enclosure there were rooms with provisions, identical constructively to those in Prejmer. The gate tower has been transformed into a parish house.

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