Crazy Aunt LuLu should use a Travel Agent!

So I’m going to send that passport
information to you so you’ll know exactly what to do. Yes. Yes, and thanks so much for booking. Aunt Lulu’s coming by you remember her right?
Yes. Okay I’ll talk to you later. Bye bye happy travels. Cyndi, Cyndi hun.
How are you? Aunt Lulu hi. Hey! How are you? I’m good, how are you doing? Oh girl i’ve been busy. You have? What’s been going on? Thanks for coming by by the way. Oh yeah I wanted to take you to lunch. That’s so sweet. I’ve been tannin as you can see. I see. It’s looking good. So why the tan first of all? I’m going on a trip. You’re going on a trip? I think I’m ready to go somewhere and just put my feet in the sand and just lay
back. That’s amazing! So, did you want me to book the trip for you? Oh honey, it’s just for me I went to
the library I’ve been online all night long. There are so many choices so I just
got me some books I was going to study. I didn’t want to trouble you.
Well first of all it’s no trouble especially your family. We take care of
lots of clients here and tripsy and we have specialists from all over the world. But I’m your niece why wouldn’t I help you? Well honey I didn’t know if you could
give me the family discount because you know I want to save my money for the trip maybe you know some adult beverages while I’m there. That’s always good. Well, Aunt Lulu
to use our travel agency it doesn’t cost you any money. Cyndi, do you need money? No wonder you’re looking the way you are. Honey do you
need a loan? No Aunt Lulu we don’t work for free. But how it works is we book
vacations for our clients, we can book your vacation, and the vendors pay us a
commission. So Disney can’t have 12,000 staff members to sell travel or sandals
or the cruise companies or whoever you might want to go with. So they pay
experts like me and my team to do the training we do site visits we know all
about the destinations most of us have traveled the world so we can help
clients make a decision on where they want to travel. Okay well it was just me, little ol’ me and I didn’t know and I didn’t want to bother you but,
if you can help me because this is a lot of reading. Yes let me take a look at
this real quick. Okay. So you found these online? Online and I went to the library.
Of course I don’t want to be where there’s tons of kids because you know I
might wanna you know have me a, I gotta date or something there you never know. Yes so we want, a couple of things on these
packages. This one looks like a good price but look at the fine print. They’re
making you pay all of it now and it’s completely non-refundable so what
happens if you or Fifi gets sick right before the trip? What’s gonna happen? Oh
don’t say that my Fifi. Yes. Yeah, so I need a back-up plan. And you don’t
want to lose you know this trip is $3,000 right here so you don’t want to
lose all that money if you can’t go. So you sell insurance? We do. For me or Fifi if we’re feeling under the weather. We have a couple different types of insurance
and one of them includes just if you change your mind and don’t want to
travel. You don’t even have to you know have an injury or something so. And I don’t have
to pay you wherever I go they pay you a little bit. Exactly. Okay because I don’t want to have to worry about those children of yours. Yes I… Aunt Lulu ain’t gonna have those kids go without. They’re very well cared for. Okay. And, so at any rate this
this is a lot of information. It’s too much if you can. Especially it is a lot it and you spent all these hours researching this. At least 12 and
I’m just so lost between Rui, and Sandals, and Hyatt, and you know I tell you what I
want Cyndi. Okay what do you want? I want the beach. Okay. I want to be five men to one
woman because I was thinking… Ratios. Well did you ever see that movie how Stella got her groove back? I did. Okay, so I’m kind of thinking Jamaica. Where I can
go get my groove back. And you know with all this going on I’m surely to get my groove back. I’m sure you will have lots of options. And we have great choices in
Jamaica. Okay. Um but some of these packages like this one here is
advertising sunsets on the beach. But let’s just look at the geography of this particular resort. It’s on the east side so if you have a
beachfront room you’re not going to see a sunset you’re going to see a sunrise.
So that’s a little thing. But if you’re working with a qualified travel agent
those are the little pitfalls that you’re not going to run into when you
show up on vacation. You’ve spent all this money and you have an idea what
it’s going to be and then you’re disappointed. Okay. Cyndiloo can I just turn it all over to you? Yes I’ll tell you… I want to think
about it until you say here’s your ticket. Now did I hear you say payment
plan? Yes and that’s another important one like a lot of these packages are
asking you to pay right now full price non-refundable because
they’re advertising what looks like a good price. With ours you can get a good
package that meets your needs put a deposit down now, pay overtime, and then
pay the balance either 45 or 60 days ahead of time whenever your package
requires it. Perfect. And then it’s all through a reputable company that’s
vetted through us here at the travel agency. And as you know we have a ton of specialists you can work with. Tana who’s one of our fun and sun specialists among
other areas. I heard she’s sweet. Nicky, I’m going to of course take care of you. I know you
have a lot of friends at the bridge club and they’re always traveling. Honey I
need cards let’s go to lunch let’s talk about it. Yes, we’ll go to lunch. I need your cards. I really just want, I can give you some money now and some money then I just
want. Well I’m going to make sure you have what you want first and then we’ll talk about deposits. I just need men and sun and some little of those little umbrella drinks. We are.
Don’t tell your mom. I wont tell mama. I wont tell mama. We’re going to get you taken
care of. But I want to take some of these to the bridge club it tells everyone
we’re a full-service travel agency we do all-inclusive vacations, Disney, we do
Europe, we do destination weddings, international. A little bit of everything so
take this these to the bridge club find out if we have some Tripsters there
and we will get em’ taken care of. Thank you! Alright let’s go to lunch. Alright.

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