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oh the tail’s all crunchy oh fish is so meaty we’ve been invited by a Malay family
into their village and into their home to collect food from their garden, cook
with them and eat a mouth-watering Malay lunch, you’ve got to check this out
I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate, we hope you’re hungry,
let’s eat this is going to be a really fun day because we’ve come to our friend Syaza’s kampung or village and we are going to be cooking a huge Malay
lunch and everyone is already in the house getting into the work so I reckon we
should head inside and see what everyone’s up to, the kitchen is a hive of activity
and everyone’s got a job, there are people cleaning the fish, tripe, I’m on onions for the kerabu or salad We’re actually at Syaza’s grandparent’s house and we’re heading
into the kebun or garden with Aunty to get some tapioca root or ubi let’s go
and see if we can dig some up to get the uni or the tapioca root you
just pull the whole tree out of the ground
you just yonk it out, the whole thing and it’s not a small tree, so amazing and now the roots have been whacked off that tree, the tree got discarded but it will
just grow back from the hole because there’s still some roots down there in
the hole so the whole tree will just grow back and now we’ve come to these huge barrels and we’re collecting freshwater fish time to harvest a coconut, you just twist it and the whole thing should just pop off eventually, oh you twist a lot, coconut! Wow it’s heavy! that’s the harvesting from the garden
complete and there’s so many hands working away in the kitchen to get this
meal together there is just so many amazing smells coming out of all the
things that are being cut and diced and blended Aunty is frying up some chilli peppers to
make chabai masak asam which us chilli peppers cooked in a tamarind water or
sauce and then there’s also some rebung soup with some papaya, so rebung
is a bamboo shoot it is all smelling so good so we’re making a kerabu umbut kelapa so this one is the paste with some belacan, chilli, ummm lemongrass and some onion so now I add this kerisik, kerisik is
toasted coconut and it smells so good oh the aroma ohhh so the kerabu is like a salad and what are we adding- tripe? Yep, tripe, so beef stomach and some coconut shoot, it’s going to be really flavoursome lunch is ready this beautiful table has
been set out on the front porch and it’s just laden with food so let me talk you
through the fruits of everyone’s labour we have kari kepala ikan which is a
fish head curry, we have a stingray which has been poached and then there’s this
sort of sambal on top so there’s red onion, tomato, almost like a salsa and then we’ve got this
soup which is made up of bamboo shoots and papaya, kerabu which Syaza was making and it’s got that tripe in it with coconut milk, the toasted coconut, herbs
it looks amazing and then we’ve got this really rich looking nangka masak lemak
which is a jackfruit coconut gravy dish and we also have some fried
fish and some ulam so a lot of different salads and vegetables to sort
of cleanse the palate and really go with this meal holy moly it looks
amazing. I have inadvertently ended up with the biggest plate in the history
of the world but I’m not complaining because there are so many delicious
looking dishes on this plate of rice so I’ve got this kerabu here that salad that was made up of the tripe,
the coconut and also the herbs, here is kari kepala ikan or the fish head curry you can see that it’s got some juicy tomatoes cooked in with
it, we’ve got some pucuk ubi which are freshly picked tapioca leaves and they’ve just been sort of steamed here is some pekasam which is a
fermented fish, we’ve got some sambal belacan which is a fermented shrimp
condiment and it’s a Thai style one so it’s got some lime and some chilli and
all sorts in there, I’ve got half a fried whole fish, some nangka gulai which is
the jackfruit coconut milk gravy dish and then this in the middle is some chilli
which has been cooked with tamarind water, what a feast, I’m gonna give that
kerabu a go so I’m gonna get a little bit of rice with that and then just pop
that in my gob, holy moly such a great flavour you can really taste
that coconut milk and that toasted grated coconut flavour and then there’s
ddaun selom in there which is a local herb sorta tastes a little bit like
celery so it gives it a real crisp sort of flavour, let’s try this fish head curry
that Aunty was making, the fish is just so it’s on the bone obviously, I’m
just gonna pull a bit of the meat off and then get a little bit of rice ohh it’s still really warm okay give that a go mmmm oh the fish is so meaty it just melts in your mouth oh and the flavour is really quite mild so you can
really taste those spices like fenugreek, cumin, all sorts in there and then that gravy’s just mixed in with that rice and it’s so good, let’s
try the fish here so it’s the whole fried fish just gonna peel a little bit off
and have it with this sambal belacan which is Thai style so it’s got lots of
really pungent flavours in it, gonna get a little bit of rice, oh that bite was really
garlicky so it’s got a really strong garlic flavour, there’s chilli, the chilies are
like dancing all over my mouth on the tip of my tongue really hot and that lime is so
strong this is such a delicious spread this has been so fun watching and
helping all of this food get made so I have a very similar plate to Sheena all
the same sort of things I think I might start by trying this peksama it’s
something we have had once before in KL so it’s a fermented fish so you can see
here there’s like a half little fish and then there’s some fried onions on top
and there’s also some dried, fried chillies being dumped on top of there so
let’s try this fish, so it’s salted and then covered in like a cooked rice and
then it sits for a week or two to become the fermented fish and I loved this
dish last time we had it so I’m just gonna try, I’ll grab a little bit of
rice and the fish Wow!! Wow the flavour, that fermented flavour,
that’s unreal that is much stronger than the last one we had it just bursts, it’s
like having a fermented drink because it’s so, so like tingly so it’s got a
bitterness because of the fermentation but it’s more of a tingle so down the
sides of my tongue they’re just alive with flavour, oh that’s so good and then the onions on top gave some crunch and a little bit of
sweetness whoa amazing that is an incredible first mouthful, that’s the
sort of first mouthful you could just stop like that could be the end of the
meal cos it’s so happy but I’m not going to it because how fulll is this plate of
good stuff, I think maybe we’ll stick with a seafood theme like let’s try this
stingray, so the wings were just cut off so you can see this is the wing on the
edge there and it was covered in some red onions, some chillies, some tomatoes,
all just fresh this time let’s give it a go and the stingray was just, just
boiled in some water so it’s really soft, right so I got that big wing
of the stingray there’s some chilli on there and some, some onion it’s so soft, it’s such a mild flavour
it has a sort of a fishy, seafood flavour but it’s very mild and having the
fresh onions and those I got a little bit of tomato was hiding underneath they
just add a burst of sweetness and crunch this is so good, I’m gonna try next one of my favourite things and that is nangka or jackfruit so in this case I love it fresh but in this
case it’s cooked in a masak lemak so there is a coconut gulai or like a gravy
so we’ve got a big piece of the jackfruit here, grab some nasi, some rice so it’s gone all soft it’s the texture
of like a boiled potato an over boiled potato almost so really soft
that coconut gravy has got turmeric and what not in it so it’s it’s just a nice rounded gulai or gravy it’s really good this meal is just incredible, these flavours, I’ve got these different gravies from a few of the dishes, there’s the fish head that we haven’t
even eaten yet, there’s that masak lemak from the the nangka that I just
had, those flavours are coming together unreal, what a spread time to try this pucuk ubi or tapioca leaf, I’m gonna grab some and then dip it in that freshly
made sambal belacan, that chilli condiment and then just try it like that so good, really fresh and it doesn’t get much fresher than this, what’s really cool is that we’ve been in the garden grabbed all the stuff to make
this meal, it’s been so much fun cooking with our friends here and I’ve got to try this chilli which has been cooked in the tamarind water, let’s give that a go,
the chilli seems to have gone really soft in the cooking process, it’s really sweet wow this is just honestly such amazing food and really really cool as an experience to
be able to cook some of this Malay food that we love so much and that we’ve been
eating whilst we’ve been all over Malaysia how good is this spread it’s just, what a plate of food it’s crazy but this pekasam the first thing I ate
is just blowing my mind I’m gonna have a little bit more of that because look at
that little bit of fish tail I’ve got there, onions I’ll get some rice, let’s get that down the hatch, the tail’s all crunchy cos
it was fried so it’s been fermented but I didn’t mention it was fried so it gets fermented then fried just before it’s eaten oh the flavour is so strong that is incredible, incredible but
everything is so incredible it all goes so well together and sitting here with a
family at their house eating like this is such a treat it’s dessert time
and we’re now prepping the ubi kayu or the tapioca root that we
pulled out of the ground before so here we’re just peeling away the outer skin
and then soaking the root in water We’ve come out to the front porch to
enjoy our dessert because it’s a lot cooler, so dessert is this boiled tapioca,
coconut and some cane sugar so the tapioca was peeled like you saw before
and then it’s been boiled in water until it’s tender so it’s nice and soft and
basically what you do is just you grab a bit of this hot tapioca ooo it is, it’s
boiling, dip it in that sugar and then just grab a little bit of the coconut, the
tapioca is quite sticky so it all just sticks to it and then just eat it like that, let’s give it a go mmmm the tapioca’s just really soft and sticky, almost like sweet potato, I’m gonna try the more yellow one and see if it tastes different at all, so just the tapioca by itself so just really sticky tastes a little bit like a
boiled potato crossed with a sweet potato crossed with a yam, so it has a tiny bit of natural sweetness but once you dip it in that cane sugar and that coconut it just transforms it into the most delicious bite wow it’s so simple but so tasty and then we’ve got some black kopi to wash it all down with what a lunch, what a day
we’ve learnt so much, we’ve eaten the most incredible food, so good! That was
amazing,! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much to Syaza and her family for
welcoming us into their home it was an unforgettable experience, terima kasih banyak terima kasih banyak. Sama sama! Thank you so much for watching we hope you enjoyed this one remember to give it a big
thumbs up and subscribe for more food adventures because we’re gonna be
travelling around Perlis, Kedah and Perak so more content coming up soon,
thank you so much for watching we’ll see you next time, jumpa lagi

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  1. Hi guys, this is a pretty special video. A huge terima kasih to Syaza and her family for welcoming us into their home with such generosity. We had the most amazing time in Perlis because of you all and getting to cook and eat a Malay lunch was such a cool experience. Make sure you’ve subscribed to our channel so you don’t miss out on heaps more Perlis, Kedah and Perak content: Our goal is to get to 20k by Christmas 💪It would be awesome if you could share this video! Terima kasih!! Cheers,Thomas & Sheena

  2. +Chasing a Plate      Malay Words of the Day/Malay 101: Today we will talk about ingredients:   1) Tepung – Flour. Tepung gandum is wheat flour. Tepung Jagung/Tepung ubi is corn starch/tapioca starch. Tepung is something powdery. However, there is a kueh name Tepung Pelita which is not powdery at all…  2) Mentega – Butter. As in Butter Prawn…   3) Minyak – Oil. Minyak is general name for all kind of oils, including fuels like petrol or diesel. Minyak masak is cooking oil…  4) Gula/Garam/Lada sulah or lada hitam – Sugar/Salt/Pepper. In case you need shakers…  5) Madu – Honey. As in honey-glazed chicken wings. But honeydew is timun susu, although timun is cucumber, dew is embun, and susu is milk…  6) Halia – Ginger. As in Teh ‘O’ Halia… 7) Kunyit – Turmeric. Lots of it used for ayam goreng… 8) Lengkuas – Galangal. For natural food colouring like in Ikan Singgang dish you’ll find in Terengganu… 9) Asam jawa – Tamarind. Like the chilli cooked in tamarind sauce in this video… 10) Bawang putih/bawang merah/bawang besar – Garlic/Onion (the small one)/Onion (Hollandaise or Bombay). Bawang is a generic name for either garlic or onion. A clove of garlic is “seulas bawang putih”. You should try pickled GARLIC if you haven't done so yet… In next lessons we might do vegetables/fruits/plant stuffs… RM1 of everything

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