Colombia’s Most Romantic City, Cartagena | Let’s Roam Colombia with Avianca

My Colombian adventure is really takign flight.
Avianca’s next stop, Cartagena. Come along with me, Let’s Roam Colombia. In a word, the
walled city of Cartagena, Colombia is enchanting. The wall — created in the 16th century and
fortified many times throughout the Colonial era, did a fine job of keep intruders out
and allowing the city within to grow rich with palaces, convents and monasteries. And
now the very same wall is now what lures romantics from all corners of the world in. Inside the wall, you can’t help but fall in
love. But why? Is it the colorful and cultural mix of people who live and work together?
Is it the perfect balance of old and new, where convents are restored to modern boutique
hotels, and fine dining mixes with age-old recipes? Is it the relaxed way of life, where
the click clack of the carriage rides keep the day ticking on. Where a bike can get you
everywhere you want to go. Local Cartageneros no a thing or two about the romance here in
Cartagena, so Gerardo, what do you think the secret is? The wall, of Cartagena, well, nothing can
be more romantic than that! Since I was kid I always went there to make out with my girlfriend,
and people still do it. It’s been a tradition. That wall, where people flock just as the
sun sets, for that magic hour, those views, that ocean breeze. So whatever brings you
here, I dare you to visit and not fall in love!

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  1. Fall in love with #Cartagena, #Colombia's most romantic city in this week's #letsroamcolombia webisode. In the comments, tell us if you've been there & what part is your favorite!
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  2. Never been – would SO love to go!
    'enchanting' is too little a word 🙂

  3. I love Cartagena but the street/beach vendors were out of control when I was there.  The city needs to have a cool place where they can sell their things, like a market or something and let tourists roam without being constantly harassed to buy some crap. 

  4. Enchanting is the word. I went there about 3 months ago and absolutely loved it. The history, the people, the food, the diversity, the tourist, the colors, the climate, etc! Colombia es pasion! <3

  5. I couldn't believe how the media can distort your mind about a certian country and its people ..when I was a kid, I used to be scared when I hear news about Colombia and my idea about this beautiful country became worse when I saw the movie La virgen de los sicarios ..I am glad those days are gone and Colombia regained its beauty and peace.Saludos desde el Cairo

  6. Cartagena is a insafe city and corrupt government is a nasty city!!!! ……..Colombia is an insecure country full of drugs

  7. Hey guys, I want to go to Cartagena in October. Is that a good time of year to go? Also, my best mate and I want to party while we are there, both single good looking lads from Australia (clearly that's not me in the profile pic haha). Is the night life any good?

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