Christmas in New York City I Travel Vlog (Home Alone 2 inspired)

Here we are, after 9 hours flight, getting closer to NYC. Going to the hotel now Heart beating like crazy Finally in my city again. I’m home, everything’s great… What a city! There are cities, and then there is New York. First and foremost that I did when I got out the cab was to take a deep breath of NY air This is it! This is worth living for… Man… Have you seen a more beautiful scene than this?! First night in NYC. Of course I had to come here to see this. What a feeling! Walking down the Park Avenue. Bloomingdale’s is here The sun is out Moving forward Trying to move while the crowd of people passing by Are you ready? Quick look on the left side And then take a look on the right… What a feeling, right?! Worth every penny The best feeling ever! Fairytale! Such a fairytale! But one of the best things, beside squirrel… So, one of the best things, well, beside the squirrel and the Central Park, is that… …the lights are slowly starting to turn on. Beautiful sight to see Just wait for it… 3, 2, 1… Right behind me is the Plaza hotel I don’t think I ever saw something as beautiful If you remember one of the places from our favourite movie Home Alone The place behind me is Wollman rink And that’s the place where Marv & Harry, when they first arrived in New York City went for ice-skating and where Marv stole a scarf, hat and gloves, and where they decided what they gonna rob. I used to have this place as a background on my computer, when I was a kid, for years… until the first time I got here, two years ago, when I first visited New York City And that moment when you finally come to the place that you had as a computer background for years and years… Priceless! This is without a doubt, along with the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, one of my favourite places… in the world! Not just in NYC. I’ve been here for a while now… it’s getting really cold. Well, for tomorrow they say we gonna be getting the first snow flurries… and that would be a dream come true. A snowy Central Park. But this already feels like a dream, too. Amazing! My favourite place to be. If only I know how to ice-skate… It’s so cold tonight I don’t feel my toes anymore I should have put my thermal socks on and the long johns, for sure. But… Now I’m getting to one of the most beautiful spots for taking photos not only in central Park, but in the whole City, I guess. 3,2,1… The only thing I see on my camera, is that my nose is so red But look at this… I don’t believe that perfection exist, but if it does, then I guess this view is very close to the definition of it. Too bad they are doing some renovations But just a quick look Does it look familiar to you? The Wolf of Wall Street There is something special about walking the NYC streets at night especially when it’s raining and while you eating gummy bears. Awesome! A great way to spend a rainy night. Holiday Market in Union Square I don’t think I know many Holidays Markets in Nyc One on Columbus Circle, one here, and yeah, the Bryant Park one. Let’s move forward. Smells good… Mulled Wine. So cool! The only thing I wished for… to happen on my second visit to NYC was to get some snow! The first time I was here, there wasn’t any snow. This time now… the feeling is amazing! Happy as a kid on Christmas morning! Well, me on Christmas morning! Well, this is definitely one of the Home Alone moments It’s snowing… we’re walking near Central Park soon arriving to the Plaza Hotel. Right below the Plaza Hotel while it’s snowing. Yep, very Home Alone! It’s cool that since it’s snowing, there aren’t many people around Only the bravest lol And of course… 🎄 Bryant Park’s Winter Village It’s definitely one of the coldest days here Well, you could have guessed by the clothes I wear And one of the best things to do in Bryant Park, beside Holiday Market… is to admire the view of… the Empire State Building. Please subscribe to my channel and follow me on Instagram! ♥️

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  2. Tocno bi mi trebao neki takav zaludenik s New Yorkom da s njim putujem tamo 😂😂
    Jednom cu i ja onako udahnut "cist" zrak 😅🙈

  3. Sve je tako prelepo,sija šljašti ko da si u nekoj bajci .Samo najlepše svetlo i lepotu svega tamo,videla sam u tebi.U tebi i tvom oduševljenju što si u svojim snovima iz detinstva💙

  4. Predivan video! Meni jako emotivan jer obožavam New York i idem tamo sama po prvi puta u prosincu ove 2019. I isto je najveći razlog to drvce, atmosfera Home Alone-a i meni najdraže vjeverice! Ako smijem pitati koju si kameru koristio za video i fotke?

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