China’s travel agencies continue to sell tour packages to S. Korea: Global Times

China’s ban on group tour packages to South
Korea. After some signs of thaw in Seoul-Beijing
relations it seemed to be partially lifted, then there were reports of the restriction
being back in place again. The latest comes from China’s Global Times…
that it’s been reversed again. Ji Myung-kil helps us get a clearer grasp
of what’s going on. China’s Global Times has confirmed on Friday
that group tour packages to South Korea will still be for sale in January. The paper also said the China International
Travel Service is selling six different types of package tours bound for South Korea and
that the travel service had not been told to re-impose the ban. China’s CYTS Tours also said while they don’t
have any group tour programs scheduled for South Korea at the moment,… they do plan
to re-introduce them at some point. Back in March… Beijing slapped a comprehensive ban on local
tour agencies from selling tour packages to South Korea in apparent retaliation against
Seoul’s decision to deploy the U.S. missile defense system… THAAD. The ban was lifted in late November as a follow-up
to the two countries agreement to put the row over THAAD behind then. China requires its nationals to get approval
for group tours. The Bank of Korea said earlier this month
that South Korea has suffered a loss of over 4-point-5 billion U.S. dollars this year due
to the decline in Chinese tourists. Last year, tourists from China accounted for
nearly half of the 17 million foreigners who visited South Korea. Ji Myung-kil, Arirang News.

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