China’s order on travel agencies to stop selling tour packages to Korea takes effect

China’s order to stop selling group tour packages
to South Korea is set to come into force today. The policy from Beijing comes hot on the heels
of a stream of economic retaliation against Seoul’s decision to deploy a U.S. anti-missile
system on South Korean soil. Lee Unshin has more. The nation’s biggest airlines,… Korean Air and Asiana Airlines,… have announced
the cancellation of nearly one-hundred flights each between Korea and China for the period
covering mid-March to April, following a slump in bookings from China. And numerous cruise ships departing China
said Wednesday that they’re now skipping Korean ports, despite previous plans to stop by. Korea’s been seeing the number of Chinese
visitors plunge for weeks now… following Beijing’s series of economic orders to limit
spending in Korea. And starting on March 15th, no more group
vacation packages to Korea will be found at Chinese travel agencies.. be it brick and
mortar stores or online,… as a policy to stop selling the tours comes into effect. According to reports, China’s tourism administration
has also issued a statement, saying companies not following the rules are liable to be fined
or have their licenses revoked. “The measure came sooner than we expected. I suppose we’ll have to focus on accommodating
individual Chinese tourists for the time being.” Beijing has been strongly against Seoul’s
decision to deploy the U.S. missile defense system known as THAAD.., claiming the system’s
technology could be used to spy on its military. It has focused its protests on the cultural
and economic fronts,… by pulling the plug on Korean events, and even banning shipments
of cosmetics from Korea. There are reports even more unofficial measures
are in the works as well. As of now,… numerous local companies long
reliant on Chinese tourist dollars,… are hoping to weather the storm by marketing more
travel products for visitors from Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Lee Unshin, Arirang News.

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