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[music playing] Everybody knows that New York
City has some amazing views. But did you know that some of
the best and cheapest panoramas can be had by using
New York City’s public transportation system? I didn’t either. [music playing] So you can skip the
pricey rooftop views and get yourself onto the
Roosevelt Island Tramway. Built in 1976, the
tram connects Roosevelt Island to Midtown Manhattan. I can’t wait. I’m super excited. I’ve never taken
the tram before. And I think it’s going to
be a really cool experience. The day is gorgeous. [music playing] For the low, low price
of just one ride, you can get stunning aerial
shots of New York City. OK. So my selfie game
is super strong. And this is the
perfect backdrop. And next up on our adventure,
the Governor’s Island Ferry. So while the ride is cheap
and the views are amazing, you should totally spend some
time on Governor’s Island. We’re here. Can’t wait to see what’s
on the other side. Governor’s Island is a 172
acre oasis in the heart of the New York Harbor. The views are absolutely unreal. New York, you’re
showing off today. Gosh. So I am absolutely
loving Governor’s Island. It’s just so pretty. I’m totally digging it. And I can’t stop taking photos. Oh my goodness,
there are hammocks. So if you need to get out of
the city for a little while, Governor’s Island is
the perfect getaway. So the best thing about
the Governor’s Island Ferry is not only the stunning views,
but also the fact that it is only $2 round trip, folks. Staten Island
Ferry, you’re next. So you could pay a
boatload of money to go see the Statue
of Liberty or you can see it from the Staten
Island Ferry for free. Hey, girl, hey. So few stats about the
Staten Island Ferry. Haha. It’s a 5-mile, 25-minute ride. It transports 70,000
passengers a day. Which probably means
you need to get on early if you want a seat. All of this, guys, for free. It really doesn’t
get better than this. [music playing]

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