Cheap & Free Things To Do in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

Vacations can get pretty expensive but today
in Lahaina, I’m on a mission to find the best free and cheap things in town. This is Ululani’s
famous Hawaiian Save Ice. Now by the looks of this line I think there’s something really
good at
the end. So I think I’m gonna do the combination of Guava, pineapple and passion fruit. Thanks!
Ok, my very first Ululani’s Shave Ice, let’s see! Mmm! Wow, it’s surprisingly creamy for
an ice. A sweet and cheap treat. Lahaina is home to one of the biggest banyan trees in
the world. When you ask the locals where to eat on the cheap they may send you here to
Ohana Taco for their famous Ono Fish Tacos. Enjoy! Thanks! Wow, I can see why this place
is so popular. You get two huge fish tacos with chunks of ono, rice and beans. I’m digging
in! Can I have a Mai Tai? Thank you, wow this is so pretty! You know happy hours are long
here in Lahaina, this one at the Royal Lahaina Resort lasts from 2-6pm and drinks like this
Mai Tai are about six bucks. Perfect price and no extra charge for the view! And just
as the sun sets head to Kaanaapali Beach for their famous torch lighting ceremony on Black

23 Replies to “Cheap & Free Things To Do in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

  1. If you really want to vacation cheaply try visiting any of the all inclusive resorts in Cancun,Mexico. It also has exotic islands nearby!

  2. If visiting Maui, I recommend this travel guide:

  3. Don't go to ohana tacos. The tacos were bad and the service to match. Went there this past July per this review. Horrible recommendation.

  4. Hahaha she dont know what shes talking about ohana Fish tacos sucks shit, worst Mexican food in Lahaina , you want good food go next door to okazuya deli lahaina that shit is bomb.

  5. Aloha guys. Great job. I also own a youtube channel and would love to contribute to your channel as well with footage and video productions. Let me know if you are interested. Mahalo and have a blessed day

  6. Just got home from a week in Lahaina. The banyan tree sucks. You can't sit and enjoy it because of the millions of flies and crazy homeless people sleeping all over the benches. Front Street is full of face cream sales people luring tourists into their store by handing them free samples of their over priced facial creams. Front Street is a tourist trap and I advise anyone going there to have your guard up at all times and refuse anything anyone tries to hand you for "free". You're welcome.

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