Cheap Flights, Packing Lists, & Suitcase Hacks: 21 ESSENTIAL Travel Tips!

Hey guys. So traveling can feel like kind
of an intimidating process. Planning. Packing. Possibly boarding a steel cylinder to scream
through the upper atmosphere. Now, any of these topics could be its own
video, and if you’d like us to expand on them in the future, just let us know in the comments.
But for now, let’s do a quick overview of how to travel. Part One: Way before the trip. For many people, traveling begins with booking
an airline ticket. According to several studies, to get the best price on a domestic flight,
you should book 57 days in advance. For international flights, the number is about 171 days. There are a couple notable exceptions. For
Thanksgiving, you should book on October 10th, and for Christmas you should book on October
8th. Now, it doesn’t have to be exact. So what
is the best day of the week to book your ticket? Traditionally, experts said that you should
book on a Tuesday, because usually airlines release their special deals on a Monday. But
according to a recent piece in The Wall Street Journal, the best day of the week is now Sunday.
During the work week, Tuesday is still the cheapest day, and also, if you would like
to pick a day to travel, it seems usually that Tuesday is that day also. A couple ticket-buying tips. You can use sites
like to search for the best prices. These sites also usually offer some kind of
ticket price tracking tool to tell you whether you should book now or wait. And you can usually
also sign up for low fare email alerts. And here’s one little-known ticket-buying
hack that kind of freaked me out, to be honest. If you’re going to be booking tickets online,
put your browser into private mode, because the sites will track whether you’ve been there
before, and if you have, the prices will be a little bit higher. [Off-screen voice says,
Oh no!] Part Two: Before the trip. There are many awesome packing checklists
online to make sure you don’t forget anything important, and we will link to some in the
dooblydoo. Generally, we advise packing as lightly as
possible, and, if it is practical, not checking any baggage. By only having a carry-on, you’ll
save money and you’ll also avoid the chance of your luggage getting lost, like Stinky
Pete in Toy Story 2. He deserved it, but you don’t. Okay? I’m glad we had this talk. To save space and avoid wrinkles, you can
roll your clothes rather than folding them. I have tried this, it really does work. You
can also use sneaky tricks like putting your socks into your shoes. If you do have to check bags, consider doing
it online before you get there, because they’ll usually give you a break on the fees. Put address tags on the outside and inside
of your bags, because they can sometimes get torn off. Don’t put wrapped gifts into your checked
bags because TSA might have to open them. Make sure you take everything you really need
in your carry-on. If you’ve got a long flight, you might also want to consider taking a sleep
mask or earplugs. I also like to bring snacks and an empty water bottle, which you can refill
after you get past security. Now, to make sure you’ve got all your travel
info in one place, you might want to take pictures of them and email them to yourself.
And also, just in case your phone dies or something like that, I personally recommend
bringing printed copies. In America, the TSA requires anyone over the
age of 18 to bring a state or federally-issued photo identification and give it to them at
security. According to USA Today, minors are typically not required to have a form of ID
when they travel. That said, some airlines do encourage young travelers to bring some
kind of ID to verify their age. Part Three: Day of the trip. Firstly, charge your devices. Before you actually head out, be sure to check
the status of your flights either online or through an app or by calling your airline. If you’ve got someone who can drive you to
the airport, it’s definitely worth it. You may also want to consider a car driving service
such as a taxi or Uber or Lyft. Airport parking can be expensive, and the prices often go
up during the holidays. If you do park at the airport, make sure that you take a picture
of your spot so that when you return you’ll know where your car is. However you’re getting to the airport, please
be sure to leave early. Always assume there are going to be delays getting there. The
typical recommendation for domestic flights is to be there 75 minutes before your flight.
Also, you have to be checked in 30 minutes prior to departure. However, during the holidays,
in order to, like, avoid running through the airport like the McCallister family, plan
to be there about 2 hours early. Now, if you’ve forgotten or lost your ID,
please don’t despair. Don’t give up. The TSA might be able to get you on your flight by
using publicly searchable databases. And as you’re traveling, be sure to drink
water, bring vitamin C. Remember that caffeine, stress, dry airplane air and a changed sleep
schedule can weaken your immune system. And that’s it from us today. If you guys have
any tips or tricks for traveling, please let us know in the comment section below. We would
love to hear from you. In the meantime, we are approaching our cruising
altitude, and once we reach it, you’ll be safe to move about the catchphrase.

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  1. Don't put your address on luggage tags, it lets potential criminals know where you live, and that you're going to be gone for a while. Put an email address/phone number.

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  3. I AM A DIABETIC and am traveling to Baja for a short time. I would like to make my trip through Security and I understand a TSA Notification Card may make the screening quicker and easier. How can I obtain a notification card?

  4. Don't fly through Newark if you can avoid it! You will never get out. When I was coming back to the US from Canada, we were delayed from 9 PM until 3PM the next day. On a separate occasion when my cousin was traveling to Ireland, she was delayed until the middle of the night. Just don't do it. See if you can get your flight through LaGuardia or JFK. Once you get in Newark, you won't get out. Ever.

  5. Also, while I realize that this video is older and this comment may not be seen, I would love it if you could make a video on how to book a flight from start to finish. Thank you!!

  6. I got this tip from John Green: if you get to your gate early, look for a nearby gate that doesn't have a plane leaving from it soon and sit there. You'll still be able to hear any announcements, and you can easily get a seat next to the power outlets.

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