Character Journey: Janet – The Good Place

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  1. Please put subtitles in Portuguese Brazil I love this series so much but I don't know English
    Note: I used google translate to write this

  2. Personally started watching The Good Place because of Eleanor, but became a huge fan because of Janet… Forking love her!!

  3. Truth is. This is a combination of first class writing, direction, casting, and acting.

    When this show was being put together, there were only two Stars. Now each of the other actors has had the chance to show off how deserving they are of a national spotlight.

    The brilliance of the creation that is Janet isn't just one or two of the things I mentioned, but an amalgamation of all of those factors – combined with playing to the strengths of each performer.

    It honestly makes me very sad that this show is going to be ending soon. I don't doubt it will wrap up just dandy, with me sobbing loudly into my living room, holding my beloved Hubby close… But I don't want it to end.

    Nope. Not an ending.

  4. Mid Season finale has me crying.
    When Janet kissed her friend Chidi on the cheek before he got his memory wiped I was like "my not girl and not robot is showing her feelings in such a human way!"

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