Cassette Toilet Review – What Is it? How Do You Use it? Where Do You Dump It?

what is a cassette toilet how does a
cassette toilet work how do you dump a cassette toilet these are questions we
get asked all the time about our cassette toilet system in our class b
campervan I’m Kait, I’m Joe and we’re the Russos we’ve been using the Thetford
cassette toilet system for over a year and in this video we’re gonna answer all
of those questions and share our experiences with the cassette toilet
let’s tackle the first question what is a cassette toilet essentially it is a
permanent toilet with a portable black tank our toilet is installed in our
camper van and this is the portable holding tank this one is made by
suffered and it is four point six gallons they do have other models but
this is the one that we have in our van cassette toilets have been used in
Europe for a very long time and they’re quite popular there they are becoming
more widely used in North America you might be wondering why use a cassette
toilet system over a traditional black tank that’s popular in RVs in North
America well for us it’s because it’s simple and easy to use but more
importantly we have more options in terms of dumping this cassette over a
traditional black tank in the RV when we took delivery of our van over a year ago
we weren’t so confident the idea of using a cassette toilet was a big
unknown the big question mark for me once we get moved into our camper van is
the cassette toilet situation how easy is it for them to dispose of their
cassette toilet and does it really give them the freedom of it they think it’s
going to I’m curious to see how long because that toilet is gonna last us and
how we’re gonna go about dumping I think that’s going to be interesting it’s time to dump the cassette Kate was
hesitant for her first dump but quickly learned that it was nothing to be afraid
of so how does a cassette toilet work well the system is actually fairly
simple and we’re gonna focus on the FET fir’d system that we have installed in
our Class B camper van there are three main components the toilet the black
water tank and a water source let’s go inside take a look at the toilet the
toilet bowl turns on its base to maximize the small space there is a
handle along the outside of the toilet bowl that will open and close the valve
with a waist holding tank below once the valve is open push the flush button and
close the valve after the water has drained the water is connected to our
freshwater tank next to the flush button a red light will indicate when the waste
tank is full to access the cassette there is a door on the side of the van
that you open up pull the cassette out now the door does have a lock on it but
we’ve never used a lock we’re really not worried about someone stealing our used
to cassette it would be kind of gross it’s really easy to pull open two tabs
open the door drop it down lift up the handle and then pull the cassette
straight out the cassette holds 4.6 gallons we never let the cassette get
completely full one of the reasons is because water is over 8 pounds per
gallon and if this were full it would be close to 40 pounds for this little guy
the nice thing is they do provide wheels and an extendable handle so you can put
it along the ground and drag it like a suitcase that’s why a lot of people
nickname these suitcases for the past year
kate has been the person dumping the cassette yes for the second year I’ve
taken over but I’m gonna let the expert explain how to take care of everything
that’s in this cassette all right here’s how you dump a cassette toilet to dump
the waste tank make sure the valve blade handle is in the closed position open
the cassette door outside and pull on the safety catch to pull out the tank
carry a roll the cassette to a dump station or a bathroom once you’re there
remove the spout on the tank and lift it over the dump hole once the spout is
pointing downwards press the event button hold the tank over the dump hole
until all the waste is emptied pour water into the waste tank gently swish
it around and empty the tank again until the liquid is clear and that’s how you
dump a cassette toilet now we are staying at a full hookup campsite at
narrows to a campground in Maine we don’t always stay at campgrounds a lot
of times we like to boondock so other options to dump this cassette is let’s
say a public park I’d take the cassette walk into the restroom and dump the
content directly into the toilet another option is porta-potties we preferred
this over the traditional black holding tank that was in our class a RV because
we were limited to going and finding specific RV dump stations to dump our
black holding tank here are some tips that we’ve learned after using a
cassette toilet for a year to save tank space and for easier rinse of the
cassette only use it for number one which is how we’ve been using it for
over a year now we have used it for number one and number two the cassette
works fine for number two we just choose not to use it for that plus it also
avoids the use of chemicals to keep any smell down now we’ve met fellow cassette
toilet users and they tend to follow the same rule it just makes life easier
another way to save tank space is we put the toilet paper in the trash can and we
followed this rule when we had the class a as well and another perk of doing that
you don’t have to worry about what kind of toilet paper to buy dump frequently
we like to dump every few days regardless of whether we’re full or not
the reason for this is it helps keep down odors and it gets us into a good
habit of dumping so that we don’t get fool in the middle of the night and have
to run outside to take care of the toilet well you don’t want is for that
red light indicator to come on in the middle of the night and you don’t have a
place to dump your coz that keep the lid down at certain times pressure can build
up inside of the cassette so by keeping the lid down you avoid any sort of
splash when you go to flush the toilet and trust me you don’t want to be in the
splash zone cleanliness really is next to godliness
keep your cassette clean to avoid any bad odors which leads us into an ounce
of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure make sure to read all the
directions on how to use the cassette properly with regards to cleaning and
maintenance the valve blade in particular does require maintenance so
that’s something you want to stay on top of one question we’ve been asked a lot
as well is what are we doing we’re boondocking we’re out in the middle of
nowhere and there isn’t a place to go dump the cassette well the answer for us
is pretty simple we go outside so we make sure to follow any rules about
wastes outside by either digging a hole or picking up after ourselves but we
find that to be a really good solution and we don’t have to worry about filling
up the cassette a lot of times what we’ll do especially if it’s really cold
outside is we’ll save the cassette for those moments during the middle of the
night or early in the morning when you don’t want to go run outside and then
the rest of the day we’ll spend going outside whenever we make that trip into
town then we’ll take the time to go dump the cassette clean it out and it will go
right back out boondocking so we haven’t had any problems in that regard what do
you think about the cassette toilet I like it and I think I’ve said in
multiple q and A’s that I would never go back to a black tank because I find it
so easy to use and so easy to dump yeah day to day life I find the cassette a
lot easier there was a little bit of adjustment
getting used to saying hey you know got to go in the morning let’s go find a
place to go to the bathroom if we’re not at a campground but once I got into that
routine I don’t miss having that old-school black tank I think as with
anything van life RV cassette toilet black tank
it’s not for everybody no and you sort of have to adapt to a
new way of life just as we adapted to living in a tiny space from a 1200
square foot home to a class-a our being now down to a van and we adjust it to
the cassette toilet it really works out well for us now and I don’t think we
would give it up so that is everything we’ve learned over the past year about
the cassette toilet how we use it how we dump it and it’s certainly not the
end-all be-all it’s just how we do it and it’s not for everyone but we enjoyed
the cassette toilet and you might find that a black tank is better suited for
you whatever you end up choosing at the end of the day hopefully you are getting
out on the road and exploring thanks for watching guys and we’ll see you on the
road you

100 Replies to “Cassette Toilet Review – What Is it? How Do You Use it? Where Do You Dump It?

  1. i live in europe. we have only casette here…not black tank.In my RV I have two casettes (one plus a rezerve). we do everything inside RV's toilet/bathroom with no problem..and we have 4 day autonomi…with thouse 16L x2 casette.(family of four).So hearing you that you go outside for doing your is unimaginable for a european guy.I sugest you to mount an outside cassete suport for the second one…and go ahead to feel 100% in confort in your mobile home.👍

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  6. Thetford created a device in Europe that emptied and cleaned your cassette for you. About the size of a vending machine, they were placed at campsites for use with a nominal fee. A good idea I thought, however I believe the service has been discontinued for various reasons.

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  10. We have one in our narrowboat in the UK we use an eco friendly chemical called eslan green and can put any toilet paper down which just dissolves. Also we have a second cassette, the boat is 63ft long so no problem with space, and find it will last us about 5 days each one. Want to find out more about narrowboat look up cruising the cut.

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  15. Cassette toilets are the norm in Europe and they are for both liquids and solids, the biodegradable chemicals used in them break down the solids and eliminate any smell. All campsites have a place to empty them and it takes just a few minutes.

    Most campsite will allow you to empty your cassette even if you aren’t staying there, sometimes for a small fee. Plus you can just empty them down a normal toilet pan.

  16. Bucket, Cassette, Black Tank… I prefer the bucket system, can dispose of it just about anywhere. I've been traveling up and down the coast, where you can't have enough privacy to just run outside and do it in a random hole. I find that there are waste bins everywhere and easy to just toss a small bag of waste daily. No chemicals, don't have to worry about toilet paper (if your gonna dump the used toilet paper (your halfway there to a bucket system)). Of course your not going to pee in the bucket it's for poop only. But one could put a small amount of kitty litter if that was a concern. Stinky black tanks, hoses, chemicals and trying to find dump stations isn't for me.

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  21. It's easier for you because you're only using it for urine so basically you're only doing half of what the toilet is designed to do, it's not convenient at all or pretty much misleading because you can't use it like a regular toilet in the reference of going number 1 and 2

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  24. Guys the green elsan fluid is bio friendly, can be used in sceptic tank systems and you only need that , it serves As tank and flush , it breaks waste down and really doesn’t smell when emptied ,because it’s already doing its job and broken the waste down , also dose not as chemically strong as the traditional blue and red fluids, so one fluid also means less cost. In the UK and Europe nearly all campers , motorhomes and Caravans have used this system for decades, even the portable thetford porta potti Range which can be used in tents boats or anywhere (there are even frames for elderly or low mobility people to use in a bedroom) I think only the US and Canada build with mostly black tanks, also only use elsan toilet paper and you will be fine ,use normal toilet paper and you’re asking for problems and probably for the camp ground back waste disposal system as it causes blockages in both, the vent button makes emptying very quick, in Europe the emptying points are designed to minimise splashback, in a lot of posh Campsites are service points we are starting to see special automated emptying and cleaning machines for a small charge (they look a bit like a vending machine) for a completely hands free experience

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