Carolyn Leibowitz – Mom and Work from Home Travel Agent

I’m married with two kids. And I’ve had the pleasure of seeing my boys grow up. I just had one graduate from high school. One will be a junior. And I have been able to be there for everything
that they’ve done. Both my sons are big football players. So, I work everyday and then if I have to leave to go to a game at 3 o’clock. I leave the office. You can have people call you on your cell phone. You have your cell phone with you
on your business card. And you’re away in a football game,
and you answer your phone. It’s enabled me to just do everything. I mean. I basically don’t miss anything. I’ve seen everything that my kids have gone through. And I’ve never had to say: ugh! I’ve to work 9 to 5. And I can’t get a Tuesday off. And I can’t go to this, and I can’t go to that. I’m my own boss, I work when I want.

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