Careers on Vacation Review: Travel Agency Owner Kimberly

Hey everybody, good morning!I have Kim
here from Seashores Escapes Travel Kim good morning how are you today? Morning, how are you today Cyndi? I’m so good! Thank you for so much for being on the show and sharing a little bit about your story. You’re a recent graduate of our
Careers on Vacation Mastermind. Super excited for you and I just I love your
story, mostly because you worked full time through this process and some people are like “I dont have enough time” You made the time because thats important so I thought let’s share
Kim’s journey I think this would be amazing! So thank you for being here
today maybe let’s start by like just tell us a little bit about where your
business was before or where your idea of your business was before you found us
and where you are today? Well I actually started about three
years ago with another host agency and you know in any type of business you
hope that your business would be growing year after year after year and three
years into this I was stalled I wasn’t going anywhere
I wasn’t doing anything and my husband actually looked at me and said for as
much time as you’re trying to put into this you must go work at Burger King. Ya if you divide the hours youre are making minimum wage right so I decided that I
needed to do a major overhaul and a change so today where I’m at I’m so
excited I actually I left my host agency I have my own agency I’m in control so
excited and it’s when you have it your own you feel like it’s yours and you
invest in it more because it’s your baby and you wanted to grow so I am now on a
when you google oh my gosh when you google agents near me and you show up
you feel real. that’s alright because we taught you all those optimizing tricks right?! I love it great I love your point about
moving from that host environment to your own I mean obviously the number one
is like you make a hundred percent of your tuition right but also like feeling
like it’s your own baby and you can make decisions and you can change the logo
and you can do that and a lot what a lot of people don’t realize as owners as you
grow and you sell and you hit certain tiers you can be eligible for higher
Commission but also owners get a lot of bonuses free trips free invitations you
get to do more stuff with the business development managers when you hit those
certain levels right um so you’re gonna be getting all those soon to super
exciting what would you say has been your biggest win or celebrations when
starting the program? um it has been okay before I gave away my time a lot so you
taught us how to qualify our leads and get rid of those tire kickers so that is
a win to me so over this past twelve weeks and I sell cruises exclusively I
sold forty thousand dollars worth of cruises in 12 weeks and that is not
previous clients that is all new clients that you taught us how to get from
Facebook Instagram Google and then I know this is part is priceless you gave
me my confidence back hmm you can’t put a price on that because before I felt
like I was failing and now I’m succeeding that’s right it’s such a it’s
like a shift right and that’s where we get into kind of the mindset piece of
our program because that’s one of the things that what I really feel like is
the magic sauce of our program yes we give you how to optimize we teach you
all the tricks we give you all the insider info which gets you real
tangible results but if you can fix how you’re thinking about your business and
shift into this whole new world not only do you put it in place but you have
confidence to book that 40-plus thousand dollars in cruises in less than 12 weeks
with all new clients are you kidding and I love what you brought up about the
tire kickers because when we do you know we do a lot of discovery calls we do
free discovery calls to help people kind of on their journey whether they’re
working with us or not but one of the things we hear all the time is that from
experience agents is I’m just I’m burning the
candle at both ends I’m not I’m not how do I compete against the internet how do
I do this how do I do that and like you said I was giving away my time to people
who are never gonna book money is not your most important commodity I say that
all the time and you guys have already spent the money to be in the program but
I tell you like don’t waste your time you will never get that 3 hours back to
spend with your kids or your future grandbabies but you’ll never get that
time back in your life right right oh that I’m so glad to hear that you’ve
made that shift confidently in that time because it changes your world you have
more time back in your day and that’s more time you can spend on marketing and
doing all the other stuff we teach you so you can bring another $40,000 in
every single quarter plus right I love it so much At the beginning Kim when you
were you know how did you find us, how did you find me Well I found you on
Facebook okay I’m one of your sponsored ads love it love it and then I kind of
migrated over to YouTube and I actually spent two months watching every YouTube
video you possibly could have made love I kept going oh did you make a new one did she make a new one and I kept absorbing I could and then I’m going why am I
sitting on this couch watching her videos and my business is still not
going anywhere yeah what am i doing yep so and one of
those mastermind or not the mastermind on one of those calls you said you know
fill out the discovery call make that discovery and
going I’m going to do that today yeah that was my goal for the day and I did
it schedule a call easy-peasy I got the phone call your staff was amazing I
talked to them and at the end of it was like oh yeah what was I thinking of
waiting I’m ready for waiting for I love it it was not hard to jump it but that’s
a good point like watching all those those videos and having that moment of
like when am I gonna pull the trigger like what am I waiting for I love that
so much and you did in 12 weeks later here we are complete shift complete
shift I love that so much so would you what would you tell that person who’s
sitting on the fence they’ve been watching the videos they’ve been scoping
out in the shadows and you know kind of taking all the freebies stuff which we
get freebie stuff but they’re really juicy stuff like how to ABC follow it in
this order here’s exactly how you put it in place is in the mastermind so what
would you say to that person who is on the fence about they know they need to
grow but they’re just you know in that place of indecision definitely just do
it your course is for everybody for those who have a desire to do be a
travel planner and don’t even know where to start then you got people like me
I’ve been there for three years I’m not growing I’m stalled what do I do and
then you got those that it was in the group going there established and they
want to supersize themselves how do they get to the next level mastermind program
encompasses all of us and we felt like a family yeah
as we learned from you and grew each one of us took what we needed from you to
grow our business at the level that we are at exactly and that’s what that’s
why it can only work with so many people at a time because sometimes some ones
were like sorry were sold out were sold out or sold out right now we’re so we
have we right now we’re on a waitlist because we literally have to wait for
people to graduate we can invite one more but the beauty of
our program because we limit it to a size is we get a good mix of new people
people who are have some experience but they’re feeling that stalled place and
then we have some super agencies that have 10 15 20 30 agents and so you’re
giving advice and helping also with the younger ones and then you’re learning
from wow I can have 30 agents if I want to someday oh wow I can XYZ and you’re
hearing also the advice I’m giving the larger companies so it’s a beautiful
environment because it doesn’t really stop at the time you graduate either cuz
then you go into the grad group and all these friends that you’ve made you have
this community and I think you know cuz you’ve been in it 3 years like doesn’t
it feel like you’re by yourself in a silo sometimes oh definitely definitely
so to have this new community where you can reach out and go hey I forgot what
Cyndi said about how to optimize Facebook Ads you have you know over a
hundred people at this point in the other group that’ll say oh I know that
I’m gonna go to that question and the grad group is that great group of
friends that you know it’s not like 1984 we have a desk next to you where someone
is a more seasoned travel agent you ask a question so we virtually created that
environment and because all of our clients are hand-picked to participate
it’s a really really great group and a great mixture so well Kim I am so
excited for you you know last question would you
recommend the program to others? Definitely definitely definitely and
especially for those who were like we mentioned in my situation when we talked
about this earlier I still have a full-time job I literally walk out the
door at 11:30 in the morning and don’t come home until midnight and when I went
into this course I’m going how am I gonna do this
I am literally not physically available and during that mastermind call they
said you can do it it’s self-paced yep do it at your own pace you may not you
know we have all the foundations by the time we’re done in 12 weeks we may not
go do everything but we have that foundation you have a it for life and then
those mastermind calls they were golden yes and I’d gone back and watched those
and then that Facebook group you I never felt like I wasn’t I even though I never
participated on one life call I never felt like I was not a participant I
would get that group asking questions we were supporting each other we would ask
you a question and less than ten minutes you were answering us I can’t promise
that but yes I’m johnny-on-the-spot but you bring up a great point like and
we have a lot of college recent college grads we have people that are still
working full time but this is going to be their retirement plan we have people
that have kids and they have lives they if they can’t attend the live calls we
record them and give them to you to download so you now have how to set up
Facebook step by step how did you office – all the stuff we teach you in the
program you have like you said they’re gold we give them to you so you can keep
them and the modules are yours to keep forever because it’s a lot we try to
pack we’re like under-promise over-deliver right like we promised you
this but we’re gonna give you a whole bunch more stuff so as you start to do
shows you have you have resources there as you start to do all these other
things that we teach you you have those resources but first of all I applaud
anyone who’s working full-time and has kids but it is possible because the way
we’ve set it up in that self paced environment and then the you still
get a couple private calls which is amazing to keep you on task and it’s not
about like I always say on the last calls it’s not about having every t
cross and every I dotted where are you today and we’re gonna give you a strong
exit plan at the end at the beginning what how do we get you the strongest
entrance payment plan because of that limited amount of people we have we can
customize it your needs are not the needs of the next client or the next
client so the ability to customize but still have a self-paced I think this
part of why it works so well in guessing it’s the results the amazing results
that we are having all overs it’s just like every day I get emails and I’m like
this is amazing I just love to see how far we’re reaching I didn’t even know
before we got on this call about your 40k in sales while you were going
through this prime I mean you went through you were working full time you
were restructuring your whole business and you had those amazing sales as you
were doing all this other stuff so kudos to you oh you’re so welcome
you’re so welcome and you have that mindset to take with you for life now so
we teach it to you once you have it and it’s yours for years to come you can
grow and grow and grow so it’s all that good stuff but guys listen if you are
just like him and you’ve been stuck in your business or feeling like I’m
dealing with a bunch of tire kickers or maybe you’re just thinking about opening
opening your agency or maybe you’re a big agency that wants a super-sized
wherever you are in your journey we can help you at Careers on Vacation so do I
Kim did book that discovery call though to book a discovery call my amazing team will really get an
idea of what your goals are and if it’s a match to work together and apply soon
because we were running these waitlists especially going into summer and with
the new announcement of the TV show it has been insane so get your applications
in get those those calls booked and we would love to help you and wouldn’t you
love to be sitting in Kim’s spot a less than 12 weeks from now with amazing
sales and and having a new mindset and not wasting your time anymore that’s my
favorite one not wasting time anymore I love it well Kim thank you for being
here today and sharing your journey I just enjoyed having you in the
mastermind and we are going to look for big things

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  1. I really wish I could do your mastermind but with my income I have to save to afford it.

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