Careers on Vacation Review: From Travel Agency Owner Stephanie

Hey guys, Cyndi Williams here from the Travel Career Coach. I have my friend an amazing client
Stephanie with us today from Leaps and Bounds Travel, Stephanie, how are you this morning? Good, how are you? I am good sunny here in
Austin it’s been kind of cloudy lately so. How’s the weather in your part? It’s rainy and warm today but then we go back to the cold Well good, well let’s get started I you
know we were chatting you’re a recent graduate and if you don’t mind kind of
share with us where your business was before doing Careers on Vacation, because you’re an experienced agent which I love and where your business is now as a
result of going through the program Right so when they started I was doing
good but on my referrals all my leads came from word of mouth I didn’t do any
marketing and it slowly grew but I needed to do more because the leads
weren’t coming in fast enough. After the program doing the Facebook marketing and
all the other things that you taught us it has increased. Yes because today’s
market you’ve been at this a while and the marketplace is changing so fast when
the tech and the marketing and learning how to be an online marketing on top of
like you were already an experienced agent I didn’t have to teach you to be
an amazing travel agent so by the way she’s amazing so that we could we so we
were able to jump right into what your biggest issue was which was leads and
that that’s the biggest thing in today because you know back back when you
could refer on referrals rely on referrals and coming in and building
your business but if you want to scale faster right it’s full piece of like you
know you can sell you just need more leads coming through your door so that’s
amazing. What do you think has been your biggest win as a result of
going through the program? The biggest is the market and part of it it just I just
taught me how to do it yeah it was always my downfall I always I
didn’t know how to do it I don’t know and then the mindset with that I always
said I don’t know how so of course I don’t know how you taught me how and you gave
me the mindset to say I can do it yeah I think sometimes it’s just not knowing
the questions to even ask when it comes you know and you know we get really deep
into all optimizing all of them but just pulling Facebook as an example is one of
the most complicated things we train in terms of anyone can hit boost and add
results how do you optimize that how do you target how do you retarget I need do
all of those pieces that makes a difference and actually deliver a new
leads which is awesome and you mentioned the mindset I love that because this you
know you and I had kind of had a chat early on that this was a big piece that
was important to you how did the mindset work in the program impact either your
business or your life as a result of you know kind of learning those new tools? The mindset helps because you taught me to say to myself that I can do it not
say I can’t and the ego and all that negative it pushed it away and as far as
my life surrounding it really hasn’t changed except with me and my confidence. Yes, which is everything when you’re running your own business exactly you
were here in Austin yes and you did one of our workshops you went through the
program of course but you did one of our workshops to even drill down further on
that marketing the mindset piece you know we’ve kind of seen you go through
this evolution when you started and you shared early on like here’s the things
that I struggle it we all have struggles right every one of us has struggles and
learning how to keep them in check because it’s an ongoing process right
and it will be an ongoing process like that doesn’t go away, having kind of
those tools, it’s been beautiful to kind of see you open up by the end you go
because of your reserved in the program by the end
you’re giving advice to others which is the beautiful thing about when
you bring you know we work in a relatively small group right I only
allow a certain amount in the program every month for a reason so all you
can get individual support but as my students going through the program kind
of blossom you become almost mentors to the other ones to which you were like
hey you can do this and here’s what I’m doing, I was like, so your confidence is
amazing and you know encourage you to take that forward because that you you
have all the skills right we and we knew that early on it’s not just a matter of
one or two little broken pieces that all of us have in business and as things
change and grow it will be a continued thing that all of us work with so right
now you have the tools on the mindset to go just gotta figure it out once I
figure it out it’ll be fine right Exactly! I love that so when you found me or found Careers on Vacation was it hard for
you to kind of jump in and commit to the program what was that process like for
you on your individual journey? Not at all hard I saw a couple of your videos I spoke with I believe it was even Stephani in the office and we just
talked and I was like this is exactly what I need and I just did it I
committed and I did it. I love it I love it sometimes people are like oh I’ll sit
on that fence right for months and months but when you know you know anyone
as an entrepreneur you have to trust your instincts. And if I am not the one for you, that’s ok go find the one that is my my thing is I
want everyone to have an amazing successful business so after going so
knowing you jumped in knowing that your leads have improved and we’ve had this
great progress would you recommend the Careers on Vacation program to others
like you experienced agents you know what you’re doing you know why do they
need to reach out to us or would you recommend it for that for that group? I would absolutely recommend it for anyone then the beginner because you’re so
patient but also for the experience because there’s you don’t have the
perfect peace if we weren’t looking for you then we wouldn’t need you but are
they we’re looking for something experienced
agents would be looking for something so go for it I love it I love it so much he
and people told me I’m patient all the time I feel like I’m in gold
there’s my students I’ve been somewhat you know what someone else well you know
um Veronica she’s in she’s still in the program she was in with you yeah
graduating too and she on our last private call because you get those you
know private consultations with me she said you are a great teacher I’ve never
thought of myself like oh yeah I’ve been I really have been teaching since the
90s that was after I was a superstar agent I moved right into training I had
an amazing mentor that worked with me I mean I love people anyway but I have
patience for my students I don’t have patience that’s the important part
and supporting to helping you guys grow so Stephanie has been an amazing
pleasure having you in the program I wish you much success so much abundance
if you guys haven’t already checked out Leaps and Bounds Travel we’re gonna plug in Stephanie’s logo somewhere we’re gonna edit that in or plop it in
somewhere we edit the video and listen if you guys are struggling in your
travel business if you’re like Stephanie and maybe you’re an experienced agent
maybe you’re already bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars of
sales but you want to get to two million or three million whatever you want to
get to what are you waiting for reach out to us at Let’s roll up our sleeves and get your business super-sized I will put a
link below for the program and no matter what I wish everyone so much love and
abundance thank you for joining us today and learning about Stephanie’s amazing
story and working with you guys in the future thank you Stephanie!

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