Careers on Vacation Review: From Travel Agency Owner Michelle

Welcome everyone Cyndi Williams
Travel Career Coach. I am here with the amazing Michele Graham. Tell us the name
of your amazing travel agency. It is Be Our Guest. I love it, I love it, and you went through
our mastermind program right. I did indeed, yes! So tell me a little bit if
you would share where was your business before you started or where you were and
where it is now. Got it, so I was that person who decided that I could work from home and do something that I’m passionate about and help
people enjoy their life with no experience whatsoever I actually had
just gotten my business license on March 1st and I started your program mid March. Right and before you were like had the dream to kind of start where you’re like
where do I get start because you didn’t you had never been in the travel
industry before. Never, I knew absolutely nothing, so between what I could research and conversations and figuring out what associations could give me
training and all of a sudden here comes this opportunity right just a couple
weeks and I have no information and along comes Ms. Cyndi Williams with this
but your Career is on Vacation Mastermind program and I’m like okay
this is my in this is perfect! Yeah and twelve weeks later you have a fully functional business. I do, I know Twitter and Instagram and marketing and I was learning the importance of databases and you know reaching out to people
which and it was wonderful. How to set it up from A to Z and not only that but doing it right from the beginning because we have a lot of people in the
mastermind that they’ve been in the business five 10 20 years
and they’re like oh my god should’ve done this forever ago but you said I’m
new to it let me let me get let me get the scoop from the beginning right. Right you know, from a leader in the industry, how good is that Right at your beckon call as you setup your business at your service. Yes, that’s what we do so tell me what it has been obviously setting up
your business is a huge win right you snap your finger three months later you
have a business but what besides setting up your business getting off and running
getting your first vacations booked all that good stuff what’s been your biggest
win or celebration since you started the program? I was awarded last week best
travel agency in Rio Rancho New Mexico I was so excited, I couldn’t believe it. Albuquerque Journal does there poll and I was blessed, yes. I am still in shock! Which is amazing you kick off your business and because we teach you the
marketing piece but also people a lot of times people don’t know how to get media
and PR for their companies and doing some of the things we teach in the
program will help lead to Awards recognition PR media and now you’ve won
this award and they’re doing write-ups you told me they’re doing write-ups
right? Yes, I will have an article in the news paper and a part of a glossy magazine that will go to 20,000 homes so I I’m waiting with bated breath to
see exactly what will come of that yeah Super exciting things for being first
quarter in right? So Michele another thing we do in our program is we we
focus on having an entrepreneurial mindset what it takes to run a business
the challenges that are gonna come across your desk what it means to kind
of run your business from home and being a solopreneur for, I hate that word and I love that word, but basically you’re the kind of on
an island right from home and you some challenges come up in the program so
with the mind which is normal we all have time and regular stuff but you had
some above and be and stuff and still by the way had a
full-time job and got everything done on top of some of your challenges but how
did that mindset work support your impact areas of your business or life? I’ve always been a proponent of positive thinking and so that has helped me
through but in your program I got to take that a step further and the the
focus and getting up in the morning and setting my intentions and I found that
that helped me in the middle of the day or in the evening when you know my my
brains saying did I do enough have I done that if I I took that and I focused
on that then it helped me kind of find my rhythm and so that’s kind of been a
blessing so not only think positively but the habit the the actual doing has
supported me as I’ve gone through some of those times and I do believe that
that has made a difference because it’s kept that goal in front of
me it’s kept that vision in front of me and
it’s obviously doing something because I just won this award and you know my
businesses is growing and it’s becoming known and yeah Be Our Guest is a
tangible entity now! Tangible business and I think what you said about
getting clear and setting those intentions is really important because a
lot of times people will come to us and go oh I’m just too busy I’m too busy
to be successful, its one of those things, and sometimes with the older agencies it’s just a matter of
getting them automated properly and getting them adjusted and some of those
but having the mindset of work smarter not harder you can still have a hugely
abundant business and do it in a way that you don’t compromise family time
you don’t compromise You took a big trip in the middle right? 17 Days, 6300 miles. What did we do were like hey while you’re doing that do
do-right for your marketing so yeah and that’s the other thing like if you’re
going on vacation like we get that we’re a vacation company we’re gonna work not
only are we gonna work with you on that but also understand every time you take
a vacation let’s figure out how to maximize that journey and turn it into
an opportunity to monetize it for your business so I love that the clarity the
setting the intention having that that mindset of an entrepreneur it just it
makes a difference and then as you go forward and you’re graduating you’re
like I can do this and when I come up against a challenge here here are the
tools that I need to kind of move past that so that’s awesome and congrats to
you for getting through everything that you did in that time period. What would you say Michelle – at the beginning like what was it hard for you
to jump in and get started after you kind of did some research on the program
did you have to overcome any hurdles before you began? Structure for me it was
difficult making those adjustments to go from what I’ve been doing for 13 years
right getting up at 7 leaving the house at 8:30 working my nine-to-five job
coming home and making the time in the morning to sit in review for the day
have those happy thoughts about what I want to accomplish if it did take a
little bit because it was awkward it felt weird it wasn’t what I was used to
but you know I trusted the program and I told myself I’m in it to win it so let’s
follow the process it’s obviously something that has been proven to work
and let’s just do it and it took a few weeks but you know after that like I
said those thoughts became my go-to you know having a moment so let me go back
to this and it kind of put me in a good place so yeah I mean it was very strange
to make that change but worth it. An what did you like and one of the things I
think is so powerful about one you mentioned having access to me but to
being in a mastermind group where you’re seeing other people already
what you’re about to do right so we have people on the mastermind was did you
feel like that was supportive when you came up against those moments where you
were like I’m having a moment did you like did you reflect back on
so-and-so said this or so-and-so went through this it was a helpful that was
one of my favorite parts yeah you know getting into that group and seeing all
the other people in various stages of their business going through the same
things having the same fears having the same questions having the same oh my
goodness this is my third time asking this question or even having the
conversations with those ladies and their suggestions and their support and
the hey I’ve been there and I’ve done this and not just in our meetings but
the resources that we had on the internet those made a big difference
because yeah I you know it may be an island because I’m here in my own home
but I’m not on an island you know it afforded me the tools to reach out Yeah and we have this, I always say our
community within the travel industry is amazing I mean there’s I don’t talk
about other groups I only you know me I’m super positive so I’m all
high-energy but there are some groups out there where they look down on new
agents so they’re like if you’re gonna be in this industry you should know this
but guess what all of y’all had to start somewhere right so right like you are
but guess what I bet I bet you know 5 out of 10 or if more of those people
would love to have a best of their city award for a travel agency and you’re 12
weeks out newbie showing all of those companies up right so and but that’s not
my thing we support each other like you can choose to support each other into
abundance or you know and that’s one of those things where in our advocacy work
we focus on that and some of the free trainings we do but in our mastermind
having the the combination of the community that supports you being able
to ask questions through the process that it’s such a beautiful thing because
now that everyone goes into the grad group and you don’t lose those
relationships you’re part of that community for life I know you’re coming
out for a VIP day to work on your your program next year and all that good
stuff but whether you’re doing a retreat or you’re just taking advantage of the
free grad group that comes after the program you still have those
relationships and those supportive people that go
what were those you know if you have to ask them the question a fourth time which by the way is so normal because in
our industry the secret I tell people is like you you’re not a travel agent like
yes your travel agent of course that’s the service that you deliver you are the
owner of an online business an online marketing business really you have to
approach your business with that mindset if you want to compete in today’s
marketplace and of course not everyone’s an Instagram expert or a Facebook expert
SEO expert or sales expert all those those different things they’re running
the business hat right over here business is separate from learning to be
a travel agent so you have to kind of combine and marry those together if
everything is going to kind of come together at the end if that makes sense
so having that support I think is is a beautiful thing so I’m glad and I think
that you know that’s why I put the group together the way I did because yes it’s
great to work with me one on one but when you get that in that additional
community you still get the one-on-one plus you get this amazing you know
camaraderie sisterhood Brotherhood whatever you want to call it of support
right exactly and you’re and you’re able to reach out and get you know take
advantage I know the persons exposure and experiences and you know things that
are other people may not have come across that they’ve you don’t have to
deal with and they can say hey here’s my advice or you know here’s a resource for
you and you know I love reading reading the boards and you know I love turning
on my notifications for this post if there’s something that comes up that
truly interest me and you know I admire those people who have started where I am
and have got the way I want to be and then other people in the middle of the
process as well because every day they’re doing it and you follow the
program you the steps you get your mindset and
you’re gonna get yeah are you sure well No doubt! Right, would you recommend
Careers on Vacation to others who are kind of in the same place you are either
they have never started an agency or you worked with a lot of people that were
agents for a long time would you recommend it to other people On a scale of 1 – 10 i’d give it 1000 I love it, i’ve never had that answer before Yes, I would, yes I would, and it’s because
they touches on all the elements it does touch on your person yourself your your
thinking. It touches on running the business right it touches on being an
agent it touches just you know dream big and being part of and creating something
and having faith that it will happen for you and I have a big ol binder with you
know all of our lessons in there and I start again and again and I have had to do that several times over my experience due to some situations but that’s been my rock and it has not let me down, you know, not at all Here I am best travel
agency in Rio Rancho their inaugural year 2018 being brand new it works it absolutely
works and I think absolutely take the opportunity and it’s not a chance
it truly is an opportunity to be yourself and your business some good. I just wrote a post recently and I said notice I didn’t use the word spend it’s
an when you’re spending money when you’re investing in yourself and in your
business it’s an event it’s an investment not an expenditure so you’re
not buying a fancy pair of shoes right you get this like you said you have your
binder you have this great toolbox now forever that when you come across this
problem boom it’s on page 73 with the process you
have that tool I mean the other piece I think is like this is why I have a email
that goes out and I’m like I’m sorry but I’m not sorry
like people yes we have wait lists and yes we sell the program every month but
I’m not changing it because I’m only one person I can only work with so many
people and make sure they’re being successful right we’re not selling a
fish dinner we’re teaching you how to fish we’re giving you that toolbox so
keeping the group and the process the way it is is really important to me to
make sure people are having the results that they want to get out of the program
and you know that it’s a it’s a beautiful thing because it’s not how
many port like I asked people all the time like how many programs you have on
your computer right now you’ve never even opened up you bought them somewhere or books that you bought and they’re paddling up in your office like I always
say it’s a hobby to buy stuff like kinda like crafts like like one hobby is going
to Michaels and buying the craft stuff how many useless things you have on your
computer that you bought or thought would be good and you’re trying to duct
tape all this crap together like get the comprehensive a-to-z either how to grow
or how to start whatever but that’s the toolbox that I think is so powerful and
when we engage it in having direct access to me as an industry expert you
don’t I can’t I couldn’t offer that to a thousand people a month I can offer it
to ten so it’s one of those things where it’s like you don’t work-life balance
I’m sorry but not sorry it because it works right I would rather impact ten
people in a really beautiful way than just have this mass thing that that’s
not gonna you know it’s gonna be on your laptop and you’re not going to do
anything with it exactly and I think that speaks to the integrity of the
program yep like I’m not about to sell 2,000 people
I’m out to help a hundred people do fabulous things with their life and you
know I on a personal note I do appreciate that and I have to tell you
that I felt that throughout because it was not it wasn’t wrote you know
was very personal and it was very I’m gonna connect with you it’s not about me
just getting it out there and getting you through the program so I can put you
know more people in there it truly was you are a human being and I’m a human
being and we work this together and we’re gonna do great things and so again
I do think that that speaks to the integrity of the program well thank you
and everyone’s goals are different so your goals were different from the next
person so working with people on what they want to accomplish some people just
want more times some people want this huge business they
want to be workaholics and that’s fine too but you have to take that custom
approach because people all have different goals right last question what
do you want to say to that person who’s been watching all these freakin
testimonials sitting on the fence, what do you want to say out of love and kindness to that person to help them in their
journey? Just do it, believe in yourself, believe in the program, take it from somebody who has started from Ground Zero and has now
gotten my foot through the door where I’ve got these huge opportunities coming
my way believe in yourself and this program I’ll take you wherever you want
to go. I love it, you heard it from Michelle guys you
heard it from her first. well I’m so proud of all your progress in the
program it’s such a beautiful thing to go from not working a day in your life
in the travel industry to having the best travel agency in your local area!
Hello, so that’s a beautiful thing and just a testament to your hard work
because you showed up you did the work you were committed and it works if you work It sure does! Guys follow Michelle she’s amazing so we’re gonna link her information below
so you can follow her on social media and all that good stuff
and listen if you are struggling in your travel business you’ve been stuck or at
a plateau or you’ve never been in travel and you’re like oh I could never do that
look at Michelle’s story zero to a hundred in twelve weeks right you can do
this let’s roll up our sleeves get the job done. Click the link
below to schedule a discovery call and apply for the program or just do the
discovery call to have your clarity session to get clear on your goals and
next steps to really crystallize what you want to accomplish with your
business we’ll help you with that that’s so helpful!
So, Michelle again thank you for joining us today and sharing your amazing
journey I’m so happy and happy graduation! Thank you thank you! You guys really need to do this! Ms. Cyndi thank you, I have been blessed! Oh my gosh you are so welcome
and I will see you in Austin soon or to retreat or something like that and in
the grad group we’ll see you tomorrow in the group Bye, thanks for joining us Michelle!

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