Caravan (travel trailer) Project – Phase 1 (Gut & Replace) almost complete, onto Phase 2 (Refit) -C

So here is the caravan status Basically on to the refit now This is the new drawbar, there is the old one sitting, ah a a box that I’ve going to paint The windows put back in -still got to reseal the top I’ll just give you a better shot caravan from over here All right, I’m gonna have some fittings down in here for gas and water and electrical I’ve done other videos, which I hope to upload onto YouTube There’s the hatch Which I’ve put a little skylight in it that didn’t have it in before and then but a Perspex is go in – it’s a dark tinted see-through perspex Here’s the caravan, wallah! Just installed the desk Yesterday, I’ve still got (Here’s the kitchen) I still got much to do kitchen units not finished the bed is not finished microwave goes in here The drawer is going to be seven hundred milometers deep, the full depth, so that’s coming off And I’m putting a new drawer inset in there and it’s going to have drawers sliders like these sliders here So I’m going to have a big pullout drawer And this is going to be the cover of it once I cut that off that this was this was cut out from the desk area so breakfast stuff here and PC laptop and Maybe a printer. I don’t even know if I want to clutter it with printer will goes here Shoes can go down in here and on that side my cat can have his cat food in here So it’s all kind of tucked in out of the way, so I got rid of the dated looking Cupboard thing yeah, this is all going to be painted It’s all going to be painted, so I’m gonna put a skylight back in here our hatch Shortly, I’ve replaced all this wood. This is all me. This is a replace this would of this is all-new here I’ve got to clean up all this. It’s not a big deal, but it’s just time paint along here I may put some sort of splash back in here under the under here is going to have an extractive fan that just goes through the I’m gonna and I’m gonna have little LED spotlights and It’s going to be all da lead-up painted, so it looks really good so LED lights every where to light things up So I’m gonna have here (a gas cooker), it’s going to have a hot and cold tap and Of course it’s all going to be solarized with photovoltaic cells at the top and an inverter probably sitting down in here and batteries Yes, I under this draw is going to be a Slide-out Chopping board area Made of this sort of stuff. This is the bench top the type of wood that I’m going to have There’s a chap that works for a stair company, and they have off cuts that are about that long So they’ll go half way across, so I’ll use six of them to make a bench and I’ll have a nice routed beveled or whatever your call it on the edge here rounded edge on it and Here will be a little flat area with a little blue curtain Where I’ll have bits and pieces that I can reach for and just in here I have a spice rack and a nice little curved Wooden Thing to a wall to hold it So yeah, I’m gonna have blue curtains in here The only flyscreen I’ll use is this one here and this one here I’m gonna put a flyscreen back in the year, but I think I’ll leave the flyscreens off here. I won’t open these windows The airflow will just come in through here. At least that’s my current thinking see here we go So um there’s my clothes hook Now just install you won’t you just can’t really pump that when you walk through yeah It’s not a problem So yeah, this is my happy little home. It’s starting to feel like a home and I hope to be in here within a week. I’ve got quite a few things to do I’ve got a job to do. I’m gonna get my car. It’s being repaired so lots of things are happening Anyway, that’s all for now, and I’ll just leave a final shot of the Of this Yeah my desk The kitchen the bed By the way, this is a little Separator thing here, so this is going to lift up I’m gonna have it cut here and here so these can open separately and there To get it stuff on either side of the pull-out slide-out drawer, so those drawer sliders come out to about here So it’s quite a large deep drawer with lots of storage the vacuum cleaner is going to sit in it under here there’s plenty of room under there and I’ll have my clothes basket probably in there as well. Plenty of room for my feet and my legs. It’s quite a tall seat, but I can fit my legs in here and Comfortably spin around So yeah, alright, that’s all for now I’ll talk to you later. Bye

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