Canadian Music Fest queer picks

LUCAS SILVEIRA>>Hiya folks. I’m here with
Cameron Wright who is the festival director at CMW this year. So as part of CMW this year
you guys sent out a memo talk about the queer presence. CAMERON WRIGHT>>Yeah. LUCAS SILVEIRA>>in the festival which is
what you’re here to talk about mainly. And I was looking at the list, I noticed that
there were people like Martha Wainwright and Dragonette listed who aren’t necessarily queer
acts, but they obviously have association to the queer community. But of these bands
there’s an element, a small element of people who are actually queer. CAMERON WRIGHT>>Yeah I mean we definitely
don’t ask acts if they’re gay. in being a music lover in the city and gay myself and
having friends that are all out watching music and telling me, coming back you know, they’re,
you know queer groups are following certain acts. LUCAS SILVEIRA>>So if you could see three
bands in the festival, who would you go see? CAMERON WRIGHT>>I’m must excited for… there’s
a band called The Rubberbandits out of Ireland. I go to Ireland often to different showcase
festivals and there’s an amazing event out there called electric picnic, and at electric
picnic they actually have a queer tent called pop-baby. And last year I saw this act called
The Rubberbandits, and it’s two guys who wear plastic bags over they’re faces and, you know,
they had all male backup dancers wearing these horse heads, and it’s just they’re this big
gay iconic thing in Ireland, and we’re lucky enough to get them over here. They’re playing
at Sneaky Dee’s Saturday night, at midnight, and then I’d want to see Passion Pit. I’m
very excited to see at the indie awards. CAMERON WRIGHT>>And I’m very excited to see
this band from Finland called Ewert and the Two Dragons. They’re really great, they’re
just… our festival coordinator went to Finland to an event, saw them, and was blown away,
and we’ve brought that here, and each one of their showcases they’ve done, they’ve already
sold out of their lot of tickets, and they’ve never been here and I think it’s going to,
I think they’re going to walk away with something really special. LUCAS SILVEIRA>>My last question is about
the PROUD FM showcase, thats happening on March 23rd at the Hoxton. CAMERON WRIGHT>>Friday, yes. LUCAS SILVEIRA>>Friday. Friday, you’re like
that day. So many bands, so little time. CAMERON WRIGHT>>Yes, Friday at the Hoxton. LUCAS SILVEIRA>>So, whats sort of the goal
of having this particular showcase? CAMERON WRIGHT>>We’ve held this showcase
every year, at least for the years that I’ve been in it. And you know, PROUD FM is the
sponsor of ours, and they, it’s important to them to host they’re own showcase, and
you know, present it to the queer community, and this year we’re lucky enough to get an
act like Dargonette because they’ve been nominated for radio awards so they’ll be in town. yeah,
so we stepped it up, it’s at the Hoxton, it’s going to be really great. Yeah, it’s going
to be packed. LUCAS SILVEIRA>>Thanks for coming Cameron
and congratulations on, you know, being an amazing person representing Canadian music. CAMERON WRIGHT>>Thank you. LUCAS SILVEIRA>>I think that’s awesome. Thanks
for being here. CAMERON WRIGHT>>Cheers. Thank you.

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