Can time travel save a bad date? | Quantum Love with James Beacham

Meghan, Melanie, Kate, Kate, Hi! Katheryne, hi! Katheryne, yes, I just sorry sorry that I was being late I’m always late you know. You already
get your drink, right? Yeah yeah yeah, just got it. Let me get you another round, right? Hi! Hello, what can I get for you? I need just two shots of something strong That I can do. So how is the date going? I just might say that by things like I was very very good with her. I wish I
could travel back in time. Why can’t you go back in time? If you think about it we can go forward and backward in space. So why can’t we go forward or backward
in time. However you would probably have to take an entire star collapse it into
a wormhole somehow arrange to keep that wormhole open whatever that means and
then somehow travel inside that wormhole and go through the other side and
somehow arrange another to spit you out exactly back to that moment and try to
redo that do you know how to collapse a star? No Neither do I. You could instead
go forward in time own up to what you did and try to create and construct a
better future for both you and the gorgeous woman over there at the table So, Katheryne, right? Yes Okay so you work as a consultant right? Yeah Okey, How you like it?

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