Camden Market London Travel Guide

– [Announcer] Yellow Productions presents. – A travel guide for
visiting Camden Market in London, in the United Kingdom. I’m Chris, this is Yellow Productions, I do travel guides that
are fun, informative, entertaining and in this video I’m gonna be telling you
everything you need to know to explore this market,
this is part of my series on London, I’ve got a few
other videos on London, including things to know
before you go to London, cheap eats on London, but in this one we’ll just
be exploring this market. If you want to check
out those other videos, you’ll find the link in the description or at the end of this video. The first thing you need
to know about visiting Camden Market, it’s really not just one, but it’s a bunch of different
markets strung together, that compose a thousand different shops, so together Camden Market is
London’s largest street market. It’s a big extravaganza, some
of the best times to come here Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. That is if you like crowds. That’s when it’s gonna be the busiest, that’s gonna be when
all the shops are open. If you don’t like crowds,
then come on a weekday and not on the weekend. Getting here it’s pretty
easy you just take the tube the London underground
you can take it to the Camden Town Station, it
is just 10 minutes outside of central London. You can take the northern line from the Charing Cross
Station and in 10 minutes you’ll get out, From the tube station
Camden Town, head out, make a right hand turn
and then you’ll be at one of the first Camden markets. The first market that you’ll come across as you come out of the
tube it’s the one that has this green sign, it’s
called The Camden Market. That’s not the whole market, this one’s the Camden Buck Market. Why’s it the Camden Buck Market? Well, because it’s on the corner
of Buck Street right there. So let’s go ahead inside
and check this one out. This market has a bunch
of pretty small vendors lined up in narrow alleys, in here it’s mostly
clothing, jewelry, shoes, if you’re looking for a
London souvenir t-shirt and if you’re looking for a
sweatshirt with Homer Simpson on it, this is certainly
the place to find it. Once you’re done exploring
the Camden Bon Market, there’s the Inverness Street
Market right back here. On Inverness Street. And it’s a line of
vendors down this street. Once you finish exploring
those two markets, continue your walk up the main
street for about two blocks until you get to the canal. I’ll catch up with you at the canal for the Camden Lock Market. I should mention the street
that you’re walking down has a lot of very interesting
decorations on the top of your shops, but I
wouldn’t waste too much time in these either, they are
mainly to capture the tourists as they walk to the main market, tacky souvenirs, that sort of stuff. Okay, so in about two blocks,
you’ll make it to this bridge, which passes over the canal. And if you just turn to
the left, you will see the Camden Lock, the
Camden Lock is pretty neat, because this is used so that boats can go up and down river, that’s
still operated manually by a couple of different
people, they open it by hand and they close it by hand. So if you see some boats coming
by, definitely take a look. But right behind the Camden
Lock is the Camden Lock Market. This is the original market
where it all started, it’s in these old brick warehouses, there’s some stalls that are outside, there are some stalls that
are in the main market hall. There is the curb food market that’s here, there 34 different food
vendors in the food market, they’re all delicious,
but there’s food vendors all throughout this
thing, so spend some time exploring this one where
the Camden Markets started. For more info about the food market here, watch my video on London’s
best food markets. Also point out now, it
should be fairly obvious after watching these
boats go through the lock, is another way to get to
Camden Market is to take one of these little canal boats. But my favorite part of the market though, is the Horse Stables Market. This one is just behind the Camden Lock, this is where the largest
collection of shops are. It’s got two sections, this
one it’s the more open section right here, it’s about three
different levels in this area, kind of the open courtyard. This one has a lot of food vendors here, so if you’re looking for
food and didn’t find anything tasty at Curb, then come over here. Also I like the shops better on this side, because they’re more like
eclectic and not just cheap, touristy souvenir crap. The shops here are much more
artsy, unique kinds of things. I mean there’s a shop that
has an Incredible Hulk in it. You can’t go wrong with
the Incredible Hulk. There’s a Moomin shop, which
is a Swedish character. And one of the most interesting
shops is called Cyberdog, you can pick up all of your rave supplies to go to your next rave
in there, everything there lights up, shoes, backpacks,
I mean that store is amazing. Next to the courtyard
there’s a section that’s under the railroad tracks and
you can really tell that these things were stables there,
because these shops are tiny. And the trains, they still roll overhead, over some of these shops, so make sure you don’t just
end up at some of those first touristy things, I mean
those are all pretty touristy. But do make sure you make it back here to the Stables Market, in particular to the big
open area in the back. There’s also an Amy
Winehouse statue back there, to commemorate Amy Winehouse. And then down there there’s
the cereal killer cafe. Not for y’know axe murderers, but the cafe specializes in cereal. You can get cereal,
cereal flavored ice cream, a lot of unique treats. This is down in some of the lower stables, in the Stables Market. There aren’t any real horses here anymore, but there are some kind
of like statues of horses. And as you walk around
you can see this place is pretty trippy looking and I mean, it’s a range of goods,
from hats over here, to antiques to military backpacks. And if we swing around this way, you can see these are
some of the old stables, where there were horses, there are now things for you to buy. Okay, this is weird. These are toilet paper tissue holders that are themed to look like Coke cans. The other thing I like
about the Horse Stables part of the market is the
layout is kind of meandering up and down, multi-level,
easy ramps, really encourages to explore, I feel like
I’m like a mouse that’s looking for the cheese
at the end or I’m finding the leprechaun at the end of the rainbow. I never know what shops are
gonna be at the next turn, or what goodies I might find. And I found it, the treasure at the end. The wall of pink flamingos. If you wanna get away from
some of the hustle and bustle after you visit the markets, well take a stroll along
the region’s canal. It is serene, peaceful,
and if you’re looking for an attraction to do after you walk, well you can walk to the London Zoo. Just a half mile down this canal and you’ll be at the famous London Zoo. So if your travels bring you to London, make sure to check out the Camden Market for some unique shopping
and some interesting eats. Well we hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please consider subscribing. We publish new videos at
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  1. Never understood the tourist predisposition to visit Camden… it’s a tourist rip off. Terrible

    And the food is not all delicious.. it bloody shit too !! RIP off poor quality. The pub on the canal isn’t bad. The restaurant in the middle. Isn’t bad but twice the price it should be.

    There used to be a good pie and mash place in. Camden which was real London experience… but that’s gone, tourists prefer tourist food to real British grub

  2. hey cool, I just uploaded my own Camden market video – I'm not really keen on crowds so I went there early on a Monday morning, and the shops were all still closed or just opening up. It was relatively quiet and peaceful so I was able to just walk around with complete impunity and vlog wherever I wanted. Unfortunately I had to meet someone in another part of town so I had to leave before I could get a chance to enjoy a meal or otherwise explore the place more, but I was able to buy some nice things, a Camden Town magnet, a beautiful watch and a bowler hat which was originally £20 but being an American I haggled and was able to get it for £19 – is haggling a thing in Camden Market? I wasn't sure

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  14. This was my neighbourhood when I lived in London. You can also take the 24 bus from the West End directly to the proper Camden Lock Market (not Buck St or Inverness St), and see a lot more along the route. I used to drive the 24 bus back in the 1980s and crews were always frustrated by the delays to the schedule caused by the busy market at weekends. Buck St is more down market clothing, and Inverness St used to be a grocery market. Camden always was a busy place especially at weekends, but is much more so now.

  15. I've been there, very bad products with very expensive prices . my advice, just visit and enjoy your time but don't buy anything

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