By the way, What If You Could TIME TRAVEL?

D: Today we’re gonna talk about time travel! D: Let’s say we had the ability to travel through time and even space you can be anywhere, at any time, any point, first question. D: Would you go to the past or go to the future? S: Okay. S: Well, first off can I interject by saying time and space travel are the same thing. You cannot travel through time without traveling through space. H: Uhh. One question what happens if I change something in the past and then the time paradox thing happens and then yeah? H: Is that a thing in this? D: Well, we’re the first people in the history of mankind that has ever gotten time travel so we don’t know yet. D: We’re gonna be finding out real soon. S: I would like to go to the past to test out this hypothesis cuz I do believe that S: Everything is streamlined and cannot diverge from the natural path S: I think of time is more like a stream which bends around objects that get in its way S: But it will always flow. If you try to go back and throw a rock in the river. It will just move around you S: I’m gonna go back and try to kill someone, Hitler seems like a good target. D: All right, Hosuh we’re gonna go to where Stephen wants first if we all get in that time travel bunker thing. D: We pressed a button to Hitler’s time. *TIME TRAVEL*
S: Love you, Hosuh. (Laughter) H: I feel like we’re all gonna disappear because of Stephen killing Hitler. [Laughter] D: Oh look it’s Hitler but he’s still a kid innocent. S: Oh, wow. The innocent ones were always defenseless stabby stab stab. H: *laughing* This is terrible, Dan. D: Wouldn’t you want to try to talk to him first D: Maybe maybe what you say could turn him to the good side. S: People don’t change, people are nothing but mindless robots already pre-programmed to live and die S: We’re all born to die!!! D: *laughing* As you stab child Hitler. (Laughter) D: All right, well now that we’re done with that. D: Hosuh, where do you want to go (Laughter) H: Let’s see, I want to see what happens in the future like, I’m actually curious of what life would be like in the future. H: Like what kind of technologies would we discover. Discover? Is that the word? H: Yeah, I think yeah, or invent. Like in the future, aren’t you curious? D: I am very curious. S: I’m using logic here if you know what’s gonna happen in the future. S: Why would you, why would you want to live in the past? Why wouldn’t you just stay there if it’s so much better? H: Yeah, maybe you’re gonna stay there. D: Yeah, Stephen, but you shouldn’t be living there. You’re breaking everything. D: You should your presence there is H: Oh, D: parable. H: Says the guy who killed Hitler. D: Mm-hmm. All right, let’s go to the future. S: Okeydoke. D: What year Hosuh? H: 3,000. D: 3,000. All right. *TIME TRAVEL* S: We go to the future we step out. D: You don’t recognize anything? What is this? There’s no more streets, D: The buildings don’t even look like buildings anymore. H: Hmm S: Yeah, why did you want to go to the future just to see the new sights, what new sights? S: Do you see Hosuh other than brimstone and fire because everyone’s gonna shoot each other because humans are inherently violent, S: But we can’t do anything about that. H: I think if we went to the future right now, H: We might have to wear some kind of a protective suit H: You know from the radiation or something. A world war has already happened and like there’s too much radiation. H: So everyone is like mandatorily. They need to wear this suit. S: Wow, Steven S: You’re so pessimistic for wanting to go back in time and kill Hitler. H: Yeah. H: But what if we die everything’s an AI. A human population have reduced to a hundred million. Yeah. D: Wow. Okay. H: Cuz no one needed to have any kid. Wanted to have any kids. H: AI is replacing, humans don’t have to work anymore H: What do you think would happen in the future? S: We’d pretty much kill ourselves with AI or with weapons just aimed at each other. S: We’re a violent species and we’re just gonna go towards more violence. I don’t think we can change it. S: I don’t think it’ll impact us in a positive way S: I don’t think that S: It wouldn’t be worth living through it would just be bleak *BANG* *BANG*(Gun shots) and terrible and Steven does not want to be part of that. D: And that’s all the time we have for today folks. Thank you so much for watching. Make sure you hit that like button, (Laughter) S: Everything’s dark and empty and cold. D: I hope this video made you happy like all of you guys always say that our videos somehow make you guys happy. And I hope that edginess of Steven has increased us the right amount for you guys to be continued to be satisfied. S: I have more edge than most bladed weapons.

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