Buying an RV for the First Time | Outdoors RV 21RBS Travel Trailer

As you might be able to see right here,
we bought a trailer. It’s right behind us! It will be 12 months next week since
we first started researching buying an RV and since we first came across the
Outdoors RV brand. So that’s 12 months we’ve been researching this and really
building up to this moment. We visited several different RV shows to
see what’s out there. At first we looked at every possible rig but since we
already had a truck and we liked the ability to go off-road with it
we ruled out Class A and Class C motorhomes pretty quickly. We looked at
big 5th wheel, travel trailers, airstreams, truck campers and vans as well. The main
reason we were looking into rv-ing was because we wanted to spend more time
outdoors and visit the national parks therefore we needed to rig that’s small
enough to fit in most national and state parks, bonus points if it could reach
boondocking locations. Lifestyle wise we probably would be moving once or twice a
week and did not really need the city stealth camping. So we ruled out vans,
plus we wouldn’t be able to take as many toys like bicycles and skis with us. It
was just two of us, no kids, no pets, so no need for bunk beds.
We couldn’t find many 5th-wheels shorter than 30 feet or light enough for our
truck to tow, so we were all ruled out those as well. We’re left with travel
trailers. We had never stayed in an RV so they thought we should beta test
this lifestyle first. We rented three different size travel trailers, first via RVShare, and then via They’re like AirBnB for RVs, where you
can rent RVs from private owners. For the first trip we rented the biggest travel
trailer or truck could tow, which ended up being 27 feet long. To our surprise we
learned it was actually too big. There was a couch in the middle that we only
used to pile stuff on. It took up three feet of the usable space. We also learnt
we want a full queen-size bed not an RV queen, which is shorter. The second trip
was a weekend in Mendocino with a TAB teardrop trailer. It was a great little
trailer for a weekend of camping, but for full-time living a bathroom inside the
trailer is a must for us. The third trip was to try out boondocking.
We rented the 16-feet Airstream Bambi in the Lake Tahoe area. Boondocking was a
success and we confirmed that it is a lifestyle we want to live. As for the
Airstream, it is undeniably a beautiful trailer.
16 feet actually felt a decent size just for two of us, but for full-time
living, we would want a bed configuration where we don’t need to crawl over each
other to get in and out of the bed. So we concluded that we should look at trailers
with an interior length around 20 feet. Early during our research we came across
an e-book called Travel Trailer and Fifthwheel comparison guide by Randall Eaton
published by, which is a comprehensive rating guide for each manufacturer. It was over 250 pages long and contains tons of useful details. This is
where we discovered a brand called Outdoors RV, known for its build quality and four season capability. Next we headed to a dealership to check them out. Today we are on our way to buy our new trailer! Ideally, we are hoping today to change some options for a trailer that is coming from factory to the dealer to see if we can get that and change it to the exact options we can. Let’s talk about the trailer that we are looking at. Yeah, so the trailer we are looking at. It’s by a company called Outdoors RV. And Outdoors RV makes some really really good quality trailers. We’ve been super impressed with the build quality They got some great reviews online. They have a real focus on making trailers that are going to last, that are durable. So they got good insulation. They’ve got really solid, well built construction. And they are true four season trailers. Exactly. And for us and for what we want to do that’s super important. So Outdoors RV was a company that we found about a year ago, as we started our search. There were few others, companies like Arctic Fox also really well respected, good quality trailers. But Outdoors RV for us the more we researched, the more we looked into it just seemed to be the right fit I think the big feature, fairly big deciding factor was that it offers off-road trailers. Exactly. So, we’re not looking to do anything crazy off-road. We are not looking at the real off-road kind of class B’s and these
kind of things, the Sportsmobiles or something but we do want to a trailer that
we can boondock with that we can take down maybe some slightly rougher unpaved
roads or forest roads to get into some really cool places as we start boondocking. But on that as well we were also looking at a smaller trailer, right? Yes. So I think a lot of
people, especially when they are downsizing for the first time, from what we have read, a lot of people seem
to go straight into quite a big trailer we’re actually doing the opposite. So
we’re looking to downsize from a four bed house into a 21 foot trailer. And part of the reason for that is, you are always meant to be buying the trailer before you buy the truck. As you
can see, we already have the track so we didn’t really want to trade this in. It’s a
good truck, we like it, we’ve been pleased with it.
And that limited the size of the trailer. But also we want to be able to go to state parks and national parks which quite often have limits on the size of the rigs that you can bring in. Exactly, those narrow roads, those older state
parks, those older even some of the private parks as well, just means we can
really get that smaller trailer in much more easily. And the floorplan for this one
was really nice as well. So we are traveling alone, we don’t have any dogs, or any children or anything like that. So we didn’t need sleeping space for four. We
didn’t need a big sofa in there. We want something that’s just going to be a
really practical, really useful for us on our travels and the floor plan of this particular model we
really enjoyed it. It was something that gave us a lot of space on
a dinette, it gave us the good sized kitchen.
It had a bed you can walk around, a lot don’t have that, they have them pressed
up against the end and we did want one that was a little bit more comfortable
with the little side tables. It’s a travel trailer. Going back to the bed, it is a full size queen bed, not a short queen, or RV queen. Yes, so again, we are doing this full-time, we want something that’s going to be comfortable. It is a travel trailer like I said, so not a fifth-wheel. We just don’t
have the size of truck to tow a 5th wheel and I think they would be too big. Yeah. Initially we were looking at fifth-wheels right in the very beginning, but they were just too big. We could not find a small fifth-wheel. So the model that we’ve settled on is
the Outdoors RV 21 RBS. I think that’s Rear Bath and Slide and it’s a
great floor plan for us. It’s got the full size queen bed up front, it has the
big dinette in the slide-out. So I think it’s 84 by 51, so it’s a really big
dinette. It’s got a good size little kitchenette area, for the size of trailer
this it is. And then it has the the bathroom and the sort of closets and
things in the back. The closet is fairly big size. Good size storage closet. It’s also got a few other nice features
that we really like. The tanks on it are really large. So it’s got an 78 gallon , I think, freshwater tank. And both the gray and the black
and nearly 40 gallons each. We want to be able to boondock for extended periods so
that’s a great feature for us to have These are the largest tanks I think I have ever seen on any trailer. I think so. And certainly we did look at
some of the the Airstreams as well and these are much larger tanks than the Airstreams come with that was a big selling point for us. so we went to the dealer
and while we were thinking we were thinking of changing the options for the
incoming RV that will be coming in the next few weeks in March. But they also had some of the same model number on the lot. We saw those and when we looked through the differences between what options we would really want versus what’s already on the ones in the lot and what can be
installed afterwards we actually ended up buying the one that’s on the lot. We got a very good deal on it that we felt was fair for the unit on the lot. It had only be there 35 days and it was kind of further back of the
lot, so I didn’t receive as much food traffic as some of the other units. So we felt pretty good about that. Today we paid down the deposit and they are going to do the pre-delivery inspection, make sure everything is good, clean it, and then we will pick it up in three weeks. Yes we’ve got three weeks
to get everything ready to pick up the trailer. Yeah, I am excited! Very exciting! And then I suppose, weekend after that we could take it for a very short camping trip nearby home to make sure that everything works. Today we are going to pick up brand RV, and Outdoors RV 21RBS. After we pick up the RV we plan to take it to CAT scales. When buying a new RV when it’s completely empty,
that’s a good chance to take it to the scales and measure what’s the dry weight. The plan this weekend is to take the trailer home and tomorrow will put it in storage But then the next weekend, we will take it on our first maiden voyage. bring it all the way in sync, okay got it. Yup. There’s an LED light by each one of
those fuses and when that fuse goes out the light goes. Prefect . So you know which
one it is, which is real convenient.

16 Replies to “Buying an RV for the First Time | Outdoors RV 21RBS Travel Trailer

  1. Congratulations! You did the ONE thing necessary to get a quality RV…….RESEARCH! My research led me to Outdoors RV also.

  2. I loved the HUGE closet, pantry and drawers at the back… these features, plus the front closets make the 21RBS a perfect small rig for longer trips / full time living.

  3. Awesome rig and video! We wish we had seen these before we got ours….but, it is what it is. We like ours but some features (off road tires, and some construction elements, and the dinette) are better in yours. We opted for the two recliners instead of the dinette and now wish we had not. It's a learning experience for sure!! See you on the road!

  4. We just bought a 2018 Creekside 21 RBS – Titanium, for all the same reasons you discussed. We researched long and hard and for two of us boondocking in the National Forest and on BLM property it just made perfect sense. We have only spent two nights in it so far but looking forward to fun and adventure.

  5. Howdy… I just found your channel, and subscribed. We looked at this SAME trailer setup last weekend at the local RV show, and thought it would fit our needs too !! We're a couple years away from hitting the road, (Almost retired!) and plan to boon dock as often as possible. I'm fascinated by your accents… My ancestry is spread over 4 European countries. I'm guessing UK for Matt, and Eastern Europe for Diana? Am I close? Keep up the great videos!

  6. I am curious to know with a limited number of RV dealers selling this brand where from whom did you buy it? It is such an awesome rig we are really considering one. Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Congratulations!!! What engine do you have in your Ford F150 and do you have any problem pulling it with a half-ton truck? Thank you.

  8. I am a former Northwood owner. I would just caution you that the RV industry dramatically overstates their "4-season" capabiity, including Outdoors, so be careful with it if you get into northern-type cold weather (around 15 degs. F or below). They don't use any thermal break between the aluminum framing and the interior wall like DRV or Canadian and industrial-quality trailers do for use in cold temperatures, so if you have water lines running under a tub / shower or in a chase against the interior wall as one owner discovered this winter, the aluminum will transmit the cold right past the insulation, frost the inside of the wall at those points, and freeze your lines if given the chance.

  9. We have a class C. If I would ever change it would have been the Artic Fox, but now it looks like it could be the Outdoors. Looking forward to your solar install.

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