Hi I’m Alyssa. This is Hailey
and this is our home. Our cargo trailer that we live in full time. Well, we started off traveling on
the road with just the pickup truck and then we actually had a truck camper on
top of it. It really wasn’t the right fit for us because they’re super top-heavy.
The cargo trailer you can build everything yourself, so there’s a lot
less stuff that’s gonna break, and for us that was a really big deal. It’s just
like keeping everything as simple as we could because we didn’t need all that
stuff. With a box you just put the things in it that you want. Luckily our pickup
truck has a solar panel on the roof so we’ve got power tools. We just built this
thing, living in the back of the pickup. So it’s been over a year and we just
finished it and if, you know it’s never done. You’re never like, “Oh it’s done.” It’s like no,
of course there’s projects still. The entire build has happened on public
lands pretty much. We did our countertops at a house so that was like
a place that we had shore power but besides that the entire thing was just
built on public land with our solar panel. This is Jess , the truck. This a 2000 Ford
F250 Super Duty. It has the 7.3 liter engine which is amazing. If you don’t know about
it you should look into it if you’re looking for a truck of any kind because
this truck is amazing, it’s bomb-proof. We did install a front hitch on it so we
have this rack. Really just for storage purposes most of the time when it’s up
here, but we can take it out and we can throw it on the back when we’re not
hitched up to the trailer and then we have extra storage when we’re just in
the truck, which is really nice. We’ve got 190 watts of solar. Right now I think
there’s 160 amp hours of battery storage. So we have a couple AGMs
back here and then we have 12 volt and we have 300 watt inverter and
so we can do like computer stuff from back here too. We built in some storage
in here, which is really nice, so we got that extra tall camper shell because we
wanted to be able to have storage and then sleep back here and we would still
fit comfortably and be able to sit up and all that. So this right now is just
where we keep our clothes. There’s a lot of times where you’re like, “Oh, I want to
go swimming and I don’t have my swimsuit”, well I do have my swimsuit. We have a crash pad
in here that just folds out. It’s like the three tier crash pad and so that’s our
bed which is really kind of nice to have things that are dual purposed. That’s huge
on the road to just have something that does a lot of different things for you.
It’s nice to have two different options like you can be like super comfortable
and fancy with the trailer and then you could also be like, “okay, let’s really,
really downsize and do some roughing it.” So this is our cargo trailer that
recently has been named, at least for me, I’m naming it The Beast because of what
it was capable of. I took the wrong road and ended up having to do stuff with
this that I wouldn’t have really even wanted to do with just the truck and
the cargo trailer did it. No popped tires. I am so grateful and this thing is a
beast so this is now The Beast. It’s a 7 by 12 foot cargo trailer, but the nose
actually makes it more like 14. We really like having dual axle. We think it’s
actually better for off-roading. We heard that it was not as good, but because you
have a second tire to be on the ground if the other ones not on the ground,
you kind of stabilize a lot better that way so for us it was good. The back
tire here is really close to the back end and so if you’re doing stuff where
you’re off road that back end is not gonna hit the ground as easily. Another really
big thing with this trailer is that they make them in like cool colors and like
black and like silver and all these things, but when you go inside of those
trailers (we were testing stuff out when it was really hot out) those trailers get
so hot like even silver it really makes a difference to have a white one in
terms of temperature control. On the top we have the Renergy 400 watt solar kit
and then we also just have an antenna that was like somebody, one of our
friends leftover antennas, and then we have a cell booster inside and so that
connects to a cell booster so if we’re in a place that doesn’t have great cell
reception we can still get a little bit. The car trailer itself, like empty, was
like 4,700 brand new a year and a half ago so they’re really not that expensive,
but the build out process was kind of expensive so I would say all-in we’re
probably just under 7,000. This was something that like I had to have for
the cargo trailer. I wanted a deck. So this is our house, welcome. We found
really cheap paint that was for like a garage floor and so we just bought that
and we’ve painted it like ten times with that bucket of paint. The kitchen. So we
have a little sink. I don’t eat meat at all so this makes things a lot easier,
but it’s really easy to clean stuff. What I do is just use a spray bottle with
regular water and like that mist like that is really efficient for cleaning
stuff and so I have just regular water and then this just has this much
Dr. Bronner’s in it or some type of castile soap and then the rest of it
is just water and then I can just spray that the same way and it’s amazing.
I can wash my entire three days worth of dishes with like five
tablespoons of water so if you’re looking for ways to conserve water and
not have to use so much water that’s a really good one. This is just like a
remnant from Walmart or whatever like they have those little like, “here, we’re
throwing this away. Take it.” and so I found this and installed it with
Velcro. This can also be used for water in the sink, but it’s actually meant to
be a shower. It’s stainless steal and so you can just throw it on some type of a
heat source and you can heat it up and then you have a pressurized shower. This
is a pump and then I just have it threaded through into
the sink and you have a nozzle. This is my Kombucha setup. Let’s talk about the
walls. I was probably reading Walden and
thinking, “I love this book so much, let’s just make it wallpaper”, and so this is
the entire book of Walden, which I now call Walden Paper. It really was
super easy to do. It was just a big tub of Elmer’s glue and sitting with a
little exacto knife and like cutting out the pages. So each chapter is contained
like you can read a full chapter from the wall. It’s put in places that are out
of order from the way that the book goes. So in this area like this is the Ponds
because this is our water area and then the Bean Field is up here and then this
area is kind of like, like I’m standing here a lot to be cooking and stuff, and
so this is Where I lived and What I Lived For, which is like my favorite
chapter of all. And then the sink is kind of interesting how it’s not holding up,
but I kind of love that. That it’s like deteriorating and it makes me really
happy. It’s like a fast paced version of what’s happening all the time. We
actually have two counter top heights because I am 5 foot 3, my husband is 6
foot 1 and so it’s nice to have a place where you’re both comfortable. And then
underneath here we just have a bunch of storage. It’s arts and crafts time for
the adults because this is all like not fancy like pretty, beautiful, like I’m not
a carpenter, but I can make it work, you know? So these are just like hand-built
drawers like this is all my bedtime stuff. So this is our heater. This is a
Wave 3, it’s like a catalytic heater, so it doesn’t produce as much carbon
monoxide as like a Mr. Buddy. So these ones will work really easily at any
altitude so that’s another really big positive with these is that if you’re up
in the mountains and whatnot they still work totally fine. And we have just a
Dometic fridge which it holds a ton of stuff, like it
really does. We had a fire in this trailer because of our own fault, really.
There were wires that were not fused and so we ended up having a fire. Dometic
heard about it and said, “can we do anything for you?”,
and they out of the kindness of their hearts just sent us a fridge. So not only
is this like an amazing fridge the company is an amazing company. Water
storage. This is just drinking water for me and for Hailey and coffee and tea
water. I would say with the amount of water that I can carry and the food I
can keep in here, having power wherever I go, I can probably be completely off grid
and not have to go to a grocery store or anything like that for about two weeks.
It’s just really pleasant. That’s a good experience to have if you have the
opportunity. It does a lot for you. This is kind of the garage area. This is kind
of like the crazy wire area of our solar system. Everything comes in. This
hole was already in the trailer. It’s like a vent because this trailer is
meant to be for like carrying things that usually run on gasoline like dirt
bikes and ATVs and that kind of stuff. This area is the office. We have like a
big monitor cuz I do work here and so this is my office and it’s really nice
to have a big screen to do work from like just makes it so much easier. I am a
consultant in the energy industry and the big picture of renewable energy systems
and saying, “okay, how do we take the resources that are available and connect
them all in a way where you could actually produce the type of power that
you want for a certain scenario?” So I have an outside light. If it’s dark out I
can turn that light on before I go outside. We’re in the desert a lot of
the time and places with coyotes. It’s really nice for me to be able to flip
the light on and say, “hey, is there a coyote out there? Can Hailey go play
outside right now or go pee?”, or whatever she needs to do. So this is bed, couch, and
also folds all the way up to the wall because we do have an ATV that we have
in storage right now, but travel with a lot and so
when that’s in here it takes up all of this space. It is a twin extra long and
we are two people and we do sleep on that and it’s actually pretty
comfortable. It just depends what your sleeping habits are like if you’re okay
cuddling all night then it’s good. If you need to like be sprawled out and crazy
then it would not be good because we also have a dog who sleeps in the bed
with us cause she’s kind of spoiled. We use a ratchet strap to hold in place
when it’s a couch and it works really well. Then when it’s a bed this just folds out and you
just kind of *kicks* and then underneath I just throw all of our blankets and stuff so
it’s really super multi-purpose for us. Fear is a place where we’re
scared we’re gonna be uncomfortable. That’s a natural reaction. I think that
we’re humans and being scared is part of what we are, we need that. The things that
we’re scared of are usually based on like how we’ve lived our lives and the
world that we’ve grown up in and holding ourselves accountable for our fear in a
negative way I think is very unhelpful but for me if I’m in a situation where I
need to be aware of my environment and that level of fear keeps me on edge to
keep my awareness like it’s okay for it to be there but to have the fear take
over everything means you’re gonna shut down and so if you let the fear take
over and you shut down you can’t move forward and so it’s this balancing act
of saying, “okay, it’s okay that I’m scared but that doesn’t mean that I need to let
it control everything.” That’s all you’ve got and you’ve got to keep your eyes on
what’s coming next and planning for the next thing and that’s the only things
you can think about. You cannot prioritize the fear or else that fear
will shut you down and you’re not as effective, but then there’s fear like, “I’m
not scared that your camera is going to come attack me”, or something, you know,
but I’m still scared so there’s a different way of dealing with that which
is just like, “okay, that’s a thing” moving on. And then it pops up again. It’s
like, “okay, that’s a thing”, moving on. Thanks for watching this week’s episode.
If you enjoyed it be sure to like comment and subscribe. And if you’re curious to follow along with my travels, and my husband, and our dog Hailey you can find us on Instagram @outdoors_is_free. Have a great week!

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