Building a New Type of Travel Agency – Anna Korpi, Sun Tours

[MUSIC PLAYING] ANNA KORPI: The most exciting
part for me is that we’re actually building
a travel agency. That’s something that we don’t
have at the Finnish market, nor have we noted that we would
have the similar type in Europe either. So it’s a combining of the
charter business– OTA, Online Travel Agency– and the [? tailored ?] group. And the maximum share of that
has usually been using the traditional channels. So the online travel agencies
have been the ones using the new media, optimizing it
and putting it to use. So now we have the old part of
a travel trait that we are introducing to the
new digital side. So I think that’s enough for me
to get up in the mornings and really look forward to
taking the actions that I’ve learned from the online travel
site to the more traditional charter business. What worries me, maybe not at
night, but throughout the days at times, is will we have
enough people of enough knowledge, the right type of
knowledge, to work in the online atmosphere and online
digital landscape. That it wouldn’t be just
marketing mumbo-jumbo, talking about the digitalism. That it would be really
something that’s integrated into the strategy, and
it’s integrated in the daily actions. And how are the partners
coping with these media offices, marketing offices. Digital offices are coming up,
but still, you have to have the whole spectrum. So that worries me at times,
whether or not we’ll find the right persons, and how will the
partners keep up with the changing business.

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